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Sophia Locke in 'Naughty Office'

Sophia Locke - Naughty Office

Sophia Locke is working on the weekend and the IT guy, Cody, just so happens to be working as well. Sophia can use a break and some good dick to relieve some stress so she whips Cody's cock out and has him fuck her nice and hard until his jizz explodes all over her massive tits.

Skylar Snow in 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

Skylar Snow - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Super hot detective, Skylar Snow, has her friend's boyfriend in the interrogation room because he got busted. All the evidence points to Cody. Obviously he wants a get-out-of-jail free card but Skylar wants him to stay away from her friend for good! Now that she got him alone, she wants to make him leave the state and never come back but there is something that Cody needs to do first -- he needs to pleaser her and if he gets her to cum, he is a free man!

Lexi Luna in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Lexi Luna - My Friend's Hot Mom

Lexi Luna and her son's friend, Cody, are fucking each other, but Lexi has made it clear that they are not to fuck in her house anymore after they were almost caught last time. So Lexi is more than upset when she finds Cody in her bedroom. Cody has a good reason though, he couldn't find his shoes and figure he might of left them there. Since he's already there and no one is home, Lexi decides to take that cock for one more spin in her bed.

Xxlayna Marie in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Xxlayna Marie - My Sister's Hot Friend

Xxlayna Marie is in desperate need of some college homework. She calls her friend and gets referred to her brother. See her friend's brother is well known for having all the test scores and also sells them to failing students like Xxlayna. She doesn't seem to have that much money but she does have a cute smile and a tight wet pussy to give in exchange.

Bailey Brooke in 'My Girlfriend's Busty Friend'

Bailey Brooke - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Bailey Brooke has been staying at her friend's house and has been secretly masturbating to her and her boyfriend having sex. She finally catches him alone and just thinking about it she feels she needs the real thing.

Kay Lovely in 'gets to finally hook up with her friend's brother'

Kay Lovely - My Sister's Hot Friend

Kay Lovely and Codey just came back from the fair but Codey's sister couldn't go with them, so Kay got her a present from the fair, just for her best friend. Once in the house they confess that they are both in to each other but Cody's sister is not there so now they can get it on!

Madison Summers in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Madison Summers - My Sister's Hot Friend

Madison Summers was studying at her friend's house when her friend ditches her to hang out with her boyfriend instead. Madison decides to stick around in her friend's room to finish up some studying. That's when her friend's brother, Cody, comes home and finds Madison's fine ass in his sister's room. Cody is a bit of a mac and always ends up banging his sister's friends. Today is no different and Cody is able to pull Madison away from her books long enough to give her a good pounding on his sister's bed.

Alexia Anders in 'Naughty Bookworms'

Alexia Anders - Naughty Bookworms

Alexia Anders is one Asian hottie, but she's been having trouble in school. The janitor walks in on her trying to solve a math problem and gives her a hand. Alexia is surprised that this janitor knows so much and realizes what a mistake she's made judging him by his career choice. So instead, she decides to judge him by his looks... and his looks make her wet. So wet that Alexia has him fuck her right over the math work that's been fucking her all semester.

Blake Blossom in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Blake Blossom - My Sister's Hot Friend

It's Halloween night and Cody is on a mission to take her sister's friend Blake Blossom to the Halloween party and the only way to do this is by conjuring her and animating the life of a doll with her soul. Looks like conjured babe is extremely horny wanting some dick before going to the party.

Audrey Madison in 'My First Sex Teacher'

Audrey Madison - My First Sex Teacher

Prof. Audrey Madison gets a visit from her old student Cody, who can't stop thinking about the classroom sex they used to have. She relocated to avoid any issues, but he tracked her down to fuck and suck on her nice big titties and give her more of his warm cum!

Crystal Rush in 'Dirty Wives Club'

Crystal Rush - Dirty Wives Club

Crystal Rush's husband recommended a club to her. It's not just any club though, it's a sex club. Crystal had already sucked one big dick and had been doubled teamed when she calls her husband to brag about all the fun she's having. Her husband loves hearing about it, so Crystal hangs up and heads back to find one more cock to fuck and one more story to tell her husband.

Jazmin Luv in 'wants a strangers cock'

Jazmin Luv - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Jazmin Luv has her security installed by a hot stranger. She's been having some stalker issues and calls him back over because her alarm is going off once again. She realizes what a nice guy he is and wants to find out how nice his cock is.

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Kaiia Eve in 'in Cock Gagger and Asshole Eaters'

Kaiia Eve - in Cock Gagger and Asshole Eaters

I?m back it?s Kaiia Eve here! Lets get right into it, no fucking interview, no dumb ass role playing, none of that stuff. Just myself and Cody Carter in bed, naked and ready for action. When you start to play this video you will see what I?m talking about. I get right to it by gagging on Cody?s nice dick. Then getting into the 69 position with him, followed by some great fucking and asshole eating! Is that nasty enough for you? Well there is a bit more, watch has Cody fucks me spread eagle, then proceeds to shoot a big hot cum load all over my belly and tits!

Sully Savage in 'in Threesome Cat Burglars'

Sully Savage - in Threesome Cat Burglars

So these 2 thieves, Cody Carter and Dirty Dan have been hitting the neighborhood again, stealing flat-screen TV?s and seems as though, on this night, I was to be the next fucking victim! I happened to be home when Dan and his sidekick robber, Cody, made their way into my house, I guess they thought it was a good idea to rob a house while it was pouring rain outside, bad I idea fuckers, why would a person want to travel out, leaving their house in the pouring rain, plus all my fucking lights were on, definitely a couple of amateur thief?s! So yes I was home and ready for them! Just as they were trying to leave with my flat-screen TV, I meowed at them, stopping them dead in their tracks! Dirty Dan tried to say this isn?t what you think it is, LOL ya right! When I came out from the other room, needless to say, I shocked them both! Now I?m calling the cops, fuck this! What?s that, you want to work it out somehow? Ok, I have a fun idea, go sit your asses on the couch! What can we do you say, I don?t know you tell me, you wouldn?t want me to call the cops would you? Hurry up, let?s see what you got? Oh look at that, your both already hard, this can work for sure, I need a couple of hard cocks tonight. After I have had my fill, both of these criminals can get the fuck out of my house! Hurry up before I call the cops! Oh and btw I got something valuable out of all this and these 2 thieves left empty-handed! 2 Cat burglars should never try to steal from another Cat Burglar! MEOW LOL

Slate Steele in 'Jailhouse Cock'

Slate Steele - Jailhouse Cock

Life is hard on the inside. That's why Cody Carter has made friends with the prisoner in the next cell, Slate Steele. They've been locked up next to each other for a couple weeks now and worked up a pretty decent rapport. Sometimes when it's quiet Cody can hear Slate jerking his cock. This afternoon, Cody has a plan.When Cody hears Slate tugging his meat over there, Cody decides to fatten up his own dick. Then he calls over to see if Slate would like to take a look at some porn Cody's had stashed away. Of course, Slate can't wait to feast his eyes on some explicit magazines. Cody tells Slate about more dirty mags he wants to show Slate. Good thing Cody has a secret key they use so Slate can join Cody in his cell! They just need to keep watch for guards. As Slate looks at one of the porns, Cody pulls off his underwear. Before Slate can protest much, Cody is grabbing Slate by the back of the head, burying his face in cock, telling him to 'take it!' Slate gives in and indeed does take Cody's growing erection into his mouth. Once it goes in, Slate remembers the last time he tasted dick. It's a memory he's been dying to relive. Cody can't believe how good Slate's lips feel locked around his throbbing member. Then, when Slate's not expecting it, Cody wrestles Slate against the cell bars and jams his hard cock into Slate's ass! Slate was NOT ready to be fucked, but it's too late now. And it feels too good! Watch Cody and Slate make the most of their time in the clink in this hot, jailhouse romp.Enjoy!