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Madison Summers in 'Neighbor Affair'

Madison Summers - Neighbor Affair

Madison Summers was stopping by her parent's house to pay a surprise visit, but unfortunately they are out of town. Madison's dad recommends she hang out with the neighbor, Michael, in the mean time. Michael welcomes Madison when she tells him her little issue and allows her to crash at his place. While hanging out, Madison starts talking about how much her feet hurt. Well Michael loves feet so he volunteers to give her feet a little massage. Madison can see the boner growing in Michael's pants as he rubs her feet so when Michael goes to take a shower Madison joins him and lets him play with a lot more than just her feet.

Madison Summers in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Madison Summers - My Sister's Hot Friend

Madison Summers was studying at her friend's house when her friend ditches her to hang out with her boyfriend instead. Madison decides to stick around in her friend's room to finish up some studying. That's when her friend's brother, Cody, comes home and finds Madison's fine ass in his sister's room. Cody is a bit of a mac and always ends up banging his sister's friends. Today is no different and Cody is able to pull Madison away from her books long enough to give her a good pounding on his sister's bed.

Cadence Lux in 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Cadence Lux - My Wife's Hot Friend

Cadence Lux, Madison Summers, and Cadence's husband (Ryan) are celebrating New Year's Eve together when Cadence gets a naughty idea. Since both her and her husband find Madison attractive she decides to have a little fun by starting a threesome in a more private area of the party they are at. Cadence starts by making out with Madison before inviting Ryan to fuck both of them before dropping that new years jizz on them.

Madison Summers in 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Madison Summers - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Madison Summers loves the view at her new job. The job that her friend's dad got her. She can't let a view like that go to waste, so she takes some nude pics in front of it. Her friend's dad walks in and catches her in the act though. He has to fire her for her unprofessional behavior, but Madison really needs the job and would do anything to keep it, even if it means fucking her friend's dad while looking out at that view.

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Madison Summers in 'Stuck Plug'

Madison Summers - Stuck Plug

Madison comes up with a plan to fulfill her medical fetish. She visits the doctor to have him remove a 'stuck' butt plug and tricks him into a very stimulating anal exam. Before long, the docktor is probing her ass with his big cock.

Anya Olsen in 'First Cut'

Anya Olsen - First Cut

Madison is in for a treat: a special sneak preview of Anya's new movie. She wasn't expecting it to be so erotic... or to like it so much, and want to live the fantasy for herself.

Madison Summers in 'Finishing Touch 2'

Madison Summers - Finishing Touch 2

When Madison signs off on a deal, she has a celebratory ritual: fucking in her client's house. This time, the ink might not dry before she tears her dress off.

Francesca Le in 'Anal Hazing Threesome'

Francesca Le - Anal Hazing Threesome

Young blonde Madison Summers' slutty bathing suit infuriates dominant MILF Francesca Le. Hot, busty Francesca punishes the young girl with a resounding spanking, soon discovering the butt plug wedged in saucy Madison's sphincter. Aroused, Francesca fondles Madison's perky natural tits and rubs her shaved snatch as they share a passionate lesbian kiss. Francesca feeds Madison the plug ass-to-mouth; they enjoy dildo fucking and vibrator masturbation. Francesca's husband, Mark Wood, makes it a perverse threesome, stuffing his big cock into Madison's mouth for a sloppy, deepthroat blowjob. The ladies suck Mark's meat and lap his balls. A doggie-style anal railing leaves Madison's anus gaping. She slurps his pole with ass-to-mouth submission! Francesca slaps Madison's tits and beats her bare gash as the chick bounces on Mark's boner. Madison eats Francesca's hairy cunt. Mark uncorks a cum facial, coating the pretty, smiling lass' mouth and cheeks in messy semen.

Madison Summers in 'Stepdad's Sex Dungeon'

Madison Summers - Stepdad's Sex Dungeon

Madison finds her stepdad's sex dungeon and asks him to use it on her.

Madison Summers in 'Hard Drive'

Madison Summers - Hard Drive

Madison always thought her boss was boring, until she discovered the secret stash on his hard drive. Now this personal assistant is out to prove she's compelling enough to add to his collection.

Madison Summers in 'Stripping Cheer '

Madison Summers - Stripping Cheer

Cheerleader starts stripping and masturbates while showing off her cheer routine.

Madison Summers in 'Caught By Stepbro'

Madison Summers - Caught By Stepbro

Stepbro catches his stepsis masturbating to VR porn.

Madison Summers in 'Fucks At First Sight'

Madison Summers - Fucks At First Sight

Beautiful blonde babe, Madison Summers, can't hide her excitement because Jovan Jordan finally invites her over to his house after a long time of chatting. She wears the sexiest outfit she owns to impress her date. The sight of the all-natural blonde quickly makes Jovan hard and horny. Without wasting any time, he makes out with Madison. The horny couple then strips out of their clothes. Jovan licks Madison's pink pussy before letting her deepthroat his cock. Madison can't help but moan while riding Jovan's cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The horny lad tirelessly fucks the blonde hottie in doggystyle, spoon, and missionary before unloading his warm and sticky cum all over her face. Madison happily cleans Jovan's cock with her mouth while his cum drips down her face.

Hime Marie in 'Tantric Yoga turns into a deeply sensual foursome banger'

Hime Marie - Tantric Yoga turns into a deeply sensual foursome banger

Cute babes Hime Marie, Madison Summers, and Ryan Reid are enjoying their tantric yoga session very much when things start to heat up. The girls start to get turned on so much that they just have to have the yoga instructor's cock.

Madison Summers in 'Impulses'

Madison Summers - Impulses

She might seem soft and sweet, but Bunny likes to be bad. This blonde is full of tricks to tease you with, whether it be floral lingerie or no underwear at all. What other tricks might Bunny have up her sleeve?

Madison Summers in 'Stepsisters Walk Of Shame - S19:E10'

Madison Summers - Stepsisters Walk Of Shame - S19:E10

Madison Summers has been hooking up with her stepbrother's best friend. Joshua Lewis isn't exactly in the dark. He tries to let Madison know that he knows when he catches her early in the morning doing the walk of shame, but Madison takes the easy way out and claims she has to go to bed. She feels badly about it, though, so later that day she corners Joshua in his room so she can come clean to him. Her idea of an apology is to describe her sexcapades with Joshua's best friend in as much detail as she spreads her thighs and masturbates in Joshua's face.Joshua keeps on trying to cut Madison's strange apology short, but she insists on continuing to the end. Things take a strange turn when she concludes by saying that her fuck fest with Joshua's friend felt really wrong because she's been crushing on Joshua. Surprised, Joshua tries to get Madison to step it back, but she's coming on really hard and she's super hot. When Madison strips down to her thong and tugs her stepbrother's pants down to offer him a blowjob, Joshua's resistance melts away. He's instantly glad he gave in since Madison is a hot freak with her mouth.Since she's already got Joshua on his back, it's simple for Madison to shimmy out of her thong and swing one leg over Josh's hips to straddle him. Sliding down, she fills herself full of her stepbro's cock and starts riding. He's committed to seeing it through when Madison gets on her hands and knees, so he gives it to her nice and hard in doggy. When Madison flips onto her back, Joshua licks her clean of their shared juices and then slams back in to make his stepsister moan. She's so hot that Joshua can't keep from popping, too. Pulling out, he busts a nut all over Madison's belly for her to run her fingers through and sample.

Madison Summers in 'Cosplay Spinner'

Madison Summers - Cosplay Spinner

Madison dresses up in a sexy costume and toys her pussy before getting fucked by a big dick and facialed.

Madison Summers in 'Purity Club'

Madison Summers - Purity Club

Madison tries her best to resist temptation but can't help herself when she meets David. She lets him use her pussy and cum all over her face.

Madison Summers in 'Sharing My Stepbrothers Sperm - S7:E2'

Madison Summers - Sharing My Stepbrothers Sperm - S7:E2

Rosalyn Sphinx has been trying to get pregnant by fucking her stepdad. She invites her two BFFs Madison Summers and Maya Woulfe over to see the results of her latest pregnancy test as a trio. When it comes back negative, Maya suggests that Rosalyn try her stepbrother, Jay Romero, instead. Maya even offers that she and Madison will come along to help get all Jay's cum out. Fortunately for them, Jay comes out just then to see what all the commotion is about. That's the perfect moment for the three girls to put their plan into action.Cornering Jay, the girls inform him that he's going to give Rosalyn all his cum. They push him down onto the couch, inform him that it's not a game, and encourage him to kiss his stepsister. Next, Jay is told to touch Rosalyn's boobs. Rosalyn confesses she's already wet as she encourages Jay to find out for himself. That's when Madison and Maya move in to make it clear this is a foursome, not a twosome. Taking Jay's hand, the girls guide him to the bedroom and throw him down onto the bed to have their naughty way with him. They peel off Jay's pants so they can share his cock in a triple blowjob that gets him nice and hard. Maya leads the way with the sex, swinging her leg over Jay's thighs and riding him in cowgirl as Madison settles onto Jay's face to ride his tongue. Madison gets the next cowgirl ride with her BFFs squeezing her ass and fondling her titties. When Rosalyn goes for a ride, Jay gives it to her but can't quite give her his cum yet. Maya has an idea to milk the jizz from Jay. She instructs Madison to lay down and Rosalyn to get on her knees on top of Madison. Jay gives both girls some due diligence with his tongue, then indulges in the double pussy stack. When Jay finally gives Rosalyn the creampie the girls have been waiting for, Maya uses her fingers to take some cum deposit into Madison's pussy and then her own so that perhaps all three of them might get pregnant at once.

Madison Summers in 'Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift - S7:E1'

Madison Summers - Stepsisters Valentines Day Free Use Gift - S7:E1

Tristan Summers and her friend Madison Summers are just chilling in Tristan's room and enjoying themselves reading all the Valentine's cards they've each received. When Kyle Mason, Tristan's stepbrother, comes in to give both girls his own Valentine's gifts, Madison is just floored. She really wishes she had a brother that would be that nice to her. Tristan has been noticing how much Kyle dotes on her and she has come up with an idea that she thinks Madison might like. Working together, the girls make up a "Free Use" coupon that Madison then gives to Kyle as a Valentine's gift. She tells Kyle he has to cash it in within the week, though.Kyle hangs on to his gift for a few days, then waits until Madison is over hanging out with Tristan again. The girls are just making popcorn to watch a movie when Kyle approaches Tristan with the card. Tristan is happy to comply. Kyle begins by asking if he can get his hands on Tristan's big tits, which she happily allows. Madison is initially happy to eat some popcorn and watch the show as Kyle gets the green light to go lower and tug his stepsister's thong aside so he can rub her pussy. When Kyle makes a move to whip the D out to fuck Tristan, though, she makes him pause just long enough to lead him to the couch and make it clear he has to pleasure Madison as part of the deal, too. How could Kyle say no to that?At first, Tristan keeps Kyle all to herself as she licks him like her favorite lollipop. Eventually, though, she beckons for Madison to join her. The girls share beautifully in a double BJ, but Tristan is the first to get to climb aboard for a stiffie ride as Madison lays back and masturbates as she watches. The girls swap spots, with Madison going for it in reverse cowgirl as Tristan diddles her clit. Getting on her knees, Madison mewls with delight as Kyle does her in doggy. She eventually muffles her moans by feasting on her busty BFF's dripping twat. Already on her back, Tristan easily slides forward so that Madison can cradle her shoulders and watch as Kyle fucks her in missionary and then gluts her with a holiday creampie.

Madison Summers in 'Sparkling Summers'

Madison Summers - Sparkling Summers

Madison gets covered in oil and fucked to a facial.

Madison Summers in 'Horny Cheerleader'

Madison Summers - Horny Cheerleader

Horny cheerleader starts getting naked and masturbates while practicing her cheer routine.

Madison Summers in 'Hot Girl Summers'

Madison Summers - Hot Girl Summers

Madison Summers gives nasty and sloppy head. She likes to be dominated and loves when a man takes control. Mick Blue gives Madison a proper throat fucking in this hot scene.

Madison Summers in 'Rub in the Tub - 9 Orgasms'

Madison Summers - Rub in the Tub - 9 Orgasms

Madison Summer masturbates in the tub and gets fucked to multiple orgasms.

Madison Summers in 'When She Cums'

Madison Summers - When She Cums

Looking oh so fun in her short skirt and thong underneath, Madison Summers can't stop smiling because this horny hottie knows she's about to get naked. She would love you to cum on over and help her out by suckling those hard puffy nipples before turning your mouth lower to her meaty bare twat.

Madison Summers in 'Tiny Toy Play'

Madison Summers - Tiny Toy Play

An itty bitty bikini hugs the lush curves that Madison Summers is so proud of. Do you want to see her big areolas and hard nipples? What about the loveliness of her bare twat? As she gets warmed up, Madison grabs a vibrator and uses it to bring her tight twat to climax.

Madison Summers in 'Sweet Touch'

Madison Summers - Sweet Touch

If you passed blonde babe Madison Summers on the street, you'd never know that she's a cum loving coed who can't wait to get naked. You'll want to pay close attention as she strips slowly and shows you all the buttons she wants pushed, whether it's squeezing her nipples or thumbing her tender clit until she's moaning.

Madison Summers in 'Restless'

Madison Summers - Restless

Blonde-haired blue-eyed temptress Madison looks like an angel in her pink dress, but she seduces with the skill of a femme fatale. Ride along with Madison and find out if she's worth the trouble.

Madison Summers in 'Pleasing My Pussy'

Madison Summers - Pleasing My Pussy

Cute blonde Madison Summers has worked hard to make herself tight and lovely, clothed or naked. Her puffy nipples with their big areolas are your first stop on her pleasure tour, but soon you'll move on to her plump ass and then to watching her bring herself to orgasm with a vibrating toy.

Madison Summers in 'Anal Xmas'

Madison Summers - Anal Xmas

Madison celebrates Christmas with anal sex and creampies.

Madison Summers in 'Deepthroat, Slam-Fuck'

Madison Summers - Deepthroat, Slam-Fuck

Longhaired blonde Madison Summers shows up on porn hipster Bryan Gozzling's doorstep. The petite cutie wears a string bikini top, retro hot pants and a chain belt fastened with toy handcuffs. Dominant Bryan carefully explains the house rules for female conduct, and she joins him inside. He fondles the cheeks of her tiny bubble butt. He gently kisses her torso and sucks on her sweet, li'l natural tits. They're nice handfuls! Bryan pulls down her drawers and shows her fat pussy lips. He rubs her shaved pussy as she groans in ecstasy. She sloppily serves a drooling blowjob, and Bryan fucks her mouth. Stunning Madison deepthroats his pole. He slam-fucks her slit and probes her asshole with his pervy finger. Madison takes a face-down, doggie-style twat reaming! She licks his ball sack, taint and butthole. Bryan erupts, blasting the sweet, young girl with a thick cum facial.

Coco Lovelock in 'Blonde Cuties'

Coco Lovelock - Blonde Cuties

Watch as blonde cuties Coco Lovelock and Madison Summers lick and scissor each other's wet pussy!

Madison Summers in 'Slutty Summer'

Madison Summers - Slutty Summer

Madison Summers is a sweet, slutty, SEXY women. Watch as this self-described slut gets dominated by Ramon Nomar in this fantastic anal scene.

Madison Summers in 'Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11'

Madison Summers - Stepsis Makes Her Move - S20:E11

Jason is just getting down with some hot stepsister porn when his own stepsister, Madison Summers, walks in on him. Jason tries to hide his meat, but Madison wants to watch, too. She insists it's not weird as she unzips her shorts and slides her hand down to diddle herself. When Jason asks if Madison will pop her titties out, she happily shows them off. Then she takes her shorts off because they're just too tight. Down to just her socks and shirt, Madison eventually agrees to make her stepbrother fantasies real by fucking Jason.Crawling across the couch, Madison takes Jason's stiffie, into her mouth and proves that she knows just how to deliver a hot blowjob. She deep throats and works the balls, which makes Jason absolutely certain that he wants to take this further. When Madison adjusts her position so she can take her stepbrother's hardon deep in her tight little pussy, they both groan in delight. Her bouncing stiffie ride gets even hotter when she turns around so Jason can enjoy her firm titties bouncing in time with her thrusts.Relocating to the bedroom, the stepsibs really get wild. Madison entices Jason back inside as she rolls her knees to her shoulders to really open herself up. When she gets on her belly, Jason doesn't hesitate to tap that once again. Madison takes another ride on the D with Jason spanking and squeezing that ass, then gets back on her hands and knees so Jason can bring them both home. Jason holds nothing back as Madison spreads her ass cheeks to give him a full anal view. When Jason pulls out, he takes aim for that bottom and manages to cover Madison's anus with his cum shot.

Madison Summers in '- Blacks On Blondes'

Madison Summers - Blacks On Blondes

Madison had a hankering for a hamburger but accidentally started a grease fire. Oh no - in dire fear that her house could burn down she calls 911. Immediately the fire department responds and two hunky sexy black stud firefighters show up and immediately douse the fire. Feeling bad that they brought out their big hoses for such a small fire Madison offers to help them release some of that built up testosterone they must have built up rushing to a fire. After all Madison has a fire between her legs she needs put out. Soon enough she has a couple of black meat hoses choking her hungry throat. Ahhh, all is right with the world now. Black cock is so much better than hamburger and never starts grease fires. Madisons pussy is dripping wet and her hole is swelling wide open in anticipation of being fed massive black cock. These firefighters do not disappoint as they take turns servicing her love canal with their county registered fire poles. Pounding Madison's sweet honey pie our heroes soon expelled their love juices all over Madison's hungry mug. Happy and satiated that's how a 911 call should end.

Madison Summers in 'Finishing Touch'

Madison Summers - Finishing Touch

Madison can barely keep things appropriate around her older colleague, Manuel. He's always so stiff, but maybe this hotheaded blonde can show him how today's young professionals loosen up.

Madison Summers in 'Bang Bus Strip Club'

Madison Summers - Bang Bus Strip Club

Madison Summers was trying to decide which book to borrow next when the bang bus stopped next to her. To cut a long story short the boys quickly figured out that she was a stripper, they declared the bus as their private club and hired her to come in, strip and

Madison Summers in 'Step Brother Cums In His Pants - S6:E6'

Madison Summers - Step Brother Cums In His Pants - S6:E6

Codey Steele's new stepsister, Madison Summers, just loves to tease him. Today, Madison has decided to bring her yoga equipment into the living room because she knows Codey will be there and it'll make him uncomfortable. When Codey gets nervous, Madison escalates the situation by pointing it out to him. She doesn't let Codey off easily by allowing him to leave, either. Instead, she insists that Codey help her out with additional positions that are increasingly sexual in nature. As Codey continues to be an uncomfortable participant, Madison finagles it so she pops her bangin' titties out and then grinds her pussy against his crotch. Eventually, it's too much and Codey is so wound up that he pops in his pants. Humiliated, Codey runs away.Later, Madison continues her campaign to make her stepbrother uncomfortable by sneaking into his bed and peeling off her clothes. Codey doesn't see his naked sis as he gets into bed, so he freaks the hell out when he bumps into her. Madison has Codey right where she wants him! She climbs on top of him and plops her naked body onto Codey's waist so she can feel his hard cock. Grinding against him, Madison teases Codey about his previous premature ejaculation. This time, Codey hangs in there even as Madison pulls his fuck stick out and keeps on grinding on him without any clothing at all between them. When Codey manages not to cum from that, Madison lifts her hips and guides his erection into her juicy twat.Riding Codey is just as much fun as Madison figured it would be! Hopping off the D, she sucks her own juices from Codey's hardon and then gets on her knees to invite him back inside. Codey is no fool. He dives deep into Madison's cooch while she rocks back to meet every stroke. Her enthusiasm continues as she rolls onto her back with her thighs wide open to let Codey reenter her. The best part of that position for Madison is that she can wait until Codey is about to blow his load. When he tries to pull out, she wraps her ankles around his ass to keep him buried inside. Codey is helpless to do anything but give his stepsister the creampie she's been angling for all this time.