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Madison Summers in 'Naughty America' - My Sister's Hot Friend (My Sister's Hot Friend)

Madison Summers was studying at her friend's house when her friend ditches her to hang out with her boyfriend instead. Madison decides to stick around in her friend's room to finish up some studying. That's when her friend's brother, Cody, comes home and finds Madison's fine ass in his sister's room. Cody is a bit of a mac and always ends up banging his sister's friends. Today is no different and Cody is able to pull Madison away from her books long enough to give her a good pounding on his sister's bed.

Released : January 3rd, 2022
Tags : American,   Blonde,   Blow Job,   Caucasian,   Cum in Mouth,   Medium Natural Tits,   Medium Tits,   My Sister's Hot Friend,   Natural Tits,   Petite,   Shaved,   Short Hair,   Straight,   Tattoos
Male Models : Cody Carter

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Jason is just getting down with some hot stepsister porn when his own stepsister, Madison Summers, walks in on him. Jason tries to hide his meat, but Madison wants to watch, too. She insists it's not weird as she unzips her shorts and slides her hand down to diddle herself. When Jason asks if Madison will pop her titties out, she happily shows them off. Then she takes her shorts off because they're just too tight. Down to just her socks and shirt, Madison eventually agrees to make her stepbrother fantasies real by fucking Jason.Crawling across the couch, Madison takes Jason's stiffie, into her mouth and proves that she knows just how to deliver a hot blowjob. She deep throats and works the balls, which makes Jason absolutely certain that he wants to take this further. When Madison adjusts her position so she can take her stepbrother's hardon deep in her tight little pussy, they both groan in delight. Her bouncing stiffie ride gets even hotter when she turns around so Jason can enjoy her firm titties bouncing in time with her thrusts.Relocating to the bedroom, the stepsibs really get wild. Madison entices Jason back inside as she rolls her knees to her shoulders to really open herself up. When she gets on her belly, Jason doesn't hesitate to tap that once again. Madison takes another ride on the D with Jason spanking and squeezing that ass, then gets back on her hands and knees so Jason can bring them both home. Jason holds nothing back as Madison spreads her ass cheeks to give him a full anal view. When Jason pulls out, he takes aim for that bottom and manages to cover Madison's anus with his cum shot.

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Madison had a hankering for a hamburger but accidentally started a grease fire. Oh no - in dire fear that her house could burn down she calls 911. Immediately the fire department responds and two hunky sexy black stud firefighters show up and immediately douse the fire. Feeling bad that they brought out their big hoses for such a small fire Madison offers to help them release some of that built up testosterone they must have built up rushing to a fire. After all Madison has a fire between her legs she needs put out. Soon enough she has a couple of black meat hoses choking her hungry throat. Ahhh, all is right with the world now. Black cock is so much better than hamburger and never starts grease fires. Madisons pussy is dripping wet and her hole is swelling wide open in anticipation of being fed massive black cock. These firefighters do not disappoint as they take turns servicing her love canal with their county registered fire poles. Pounding Madison's sweet honey pie our heroes soon expelled their love juices all over Madison's hungry mug. Happy and satiated that's how a 911 call should end.

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Codey Steele's new stepsister, Madison Summers, just loves to tease him. Today, Madison has decided to bring her yoga equipment into the living room because she knows Codey will be there and it'll make him uncomfortable. When Codey gets nervous, Madison escalates the situation by pointing it out to him. She doesn't let Codey off easily by allowing him to leave, either. Instead, she insists that Codey help her out with additional positions that are increasingly sexual in nature. As Codey continues to be an uncomfortable participant, Madison finagles it so she pops her bangin' titties out and then grinds her pussy against his crotch. Eventually, it's too much and Codey is so wound up that he pops in his pants. Humiliated, Codey runs away.Later, Madison continues her campaign to make her stepbrother uncomfortable by sneaking into his bed and peeling off her clothes. Codey doesn't see his naked sis as he gets into bed, so he freaks the hell out when he bumps into her. Madison has Codey right where she wants him! She climbs on top of him and plops her naked body onto Codey's waist so she can feel his hard cock. Grinding against him, Madison teases Codey about his previous premature ejaculation. This time, Codey hangs in there even as Madison pulls his fuck stick out and keeps on grinding on him without any clothing at all between them. When Codey manages not to cum from that, Madison lifts her hips and guides his erection into her juicy twat.Riding Codey is just as much fun as Madison figured it would be! Hopping off the D, she sucks her own juices from Codey's hardon and then gets on her knees to invite him back inside. Codey is no fool. He dives deep into Madison's cooch while she rocks back to meet every stroke. Her enthusiasm continues as she rolls onto her back with her thighs wide open to let Codey reenter her. The best part of that position for Madison is that she can wait until Codey is about to blow his load. When he tries to pull out, she wraps her ankles around his ass to keep him buried inside. Codey is helpless to do anything but give his stepsister the creampie she's been angling for all this time.