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Sonny McKinley in 'My Wife's Hot Friend'

Sonny McKinley - My Wife's Hot Friend

Kyle and his pals spend some time at the strip club where his wife's friend, Sonny McKinley, works at. Kyle realizes his mistake and runs over to Sonny's house the next morning and begs her not to tell his wife that he was at a strip club. Sonny thinks there's a deal that they can work out. See, Kyle's wife is always bragging about his big cock and Sonny wants a piece of it. So as long as Kyle gives Sonny the D, Sonny won't spill the beans on Kyle's shenanigans. A deal Kyle can't say no to.

Sonny McKinley in 'Naughty Office'

Sonny McKinley - Naughty Office

Sonny McKinley is at her therapist office because she can't stand her boyfriend and doesn't even know why she is with the guy. He treats her like shit but Kyle knows why she is still with her deadbeat boyfriend. it's because she likes to be spanked and fucked rough to satisfy her naughty needs.

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Sonny Mckinley in 'Sonny McKinley Swallows The Hard-Earned, Thick Cum'

Sonny Mckinley - Sonny McKinley Swallows The Hard-Earned, Thick Cum

Sonny McKinley is a gorgeous blonde who can deceive anyone with her innocent face. This tattooed babe is wearing a fishnet outfit over her white lingerie. Sonny's ensemble makes her natural tits and round ass stand out and look even sexier. The beauty shows off her hot physique to make the man hard before delivering a sensual and deepthroating blowjob to the throbbing cock. After watching the naughty lady drench his length with her spit, the lucky guy fucks the hottie's shaved pussy in doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, and sideways missionary. Nearing his climax, the man pulls out and proceeds to facefuck Sonny and then pump his rod while she sucks his cock. She waits for the man to dump his load in her mouth before swallowing it.

Sonny McKinley in 'Cuckold Sessions'

Sonny McKinley - Cuckold Sessions

Fuck Buck works at a local shipment warehouse. His girlfriend, Sonny McKinley, got him the job when his streaming career took a nosedive. One day while working at the warehouse he gets to talk with a new guy on the job named Jonathan Jordan. They chat about work, other companies and eventually about Sonny. Jonathan jokes about how hot she is and how Buck should keep an eye on her or another man might end up fucking her. As if on cue Sonny walks in and tells him about a shipment coming in from the other side of the warehouse. While he is gone, she makes a pass at Jonathan stating how she hasn't had a good fuck in a while and really wants to take the opportunity to get laid right then and there since they are all alone. Jonathan obliges her and the two get down to it. She rips off his pants and shoves his cock deep in her throat reveling in how long and thick it is when it makes her gag. Within minutes they are both naked with Jonathan pounding her from behind and Sonny mewling in ecstasy. Buck walks in on the two and is obviously upset. Sonny gives him the ultimatum of either watching and enjoying the show or they are breaking up. Buck complies and watches the two of them banging it out while he sneakily jerks his cock. Eventually Buck cums all over himself from watching the two which only makes them fuck even harder. Withing moments of the energetic fucking Jonathan pulls out and blasts cum all over Sonny's face to her delight. She laps it up and tells Buck there will be more in the future and he should get used to their new relationship dynamic.

Penelope Kay in 'Summer fucking by the pool with Penelope Kay and Sonny McKinley'

Penelope Kay - Summer fucking by the pool with Penelope Kay and Sonny McKinley

It is Summer and business is booming! You have been getting calls to clean up pools and today you are at the best place at the best time... at Sonny McKinley's house, working on her pool, and she has one of her best friends there with her, Penelope Kay. They have been checking you out the entire time. Penelope finally approaches you and asks if you want to have a threesome with them, and who would say no to a threesome with two hot girls in their bikinis?

Sonny Mckinley in 'To Day Shalt Thou Be With Me In Paradise'

Sonny Mckinley - To Day Shalt Thou Be With Me In Paradise

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Welcome to a place where all your fantasies come true. A place where your cock will never become flaccid. A place where you can change your past the way you've dreamed it a hundred times before. There is only one rule here: no rules, but only time. So just remember: the more you love what you imagined, the sooner you'll have to say goodbye to it. Take a deep breath and take off your underpants...