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Sandy Love in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Sandy Love - My Friend's Hot Mom

Sandy Love is trying to get her son up to go to class, but she finds his friend instead. She also finds a big morning wood that she can't resist. With not another soul in sight, she gets a morning delight by wrapping her hands around that big dick and shoving it in her wet pussy.

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Sandy Love in 'Browse In My Store I'll Fuck You BOTH!'

Sandy Love - Browse In My Store I'll Fuck You BOTH!

Sexy clothing store employee Sandy Love is super fucking horny. First, she sneakily watches porn in the middle of the store. When that's not enough, she starts seducing other customers. First, she gets some of Oliver Flynn's big dick right out by the clothes racks! Once Oliver's finished with her, she moves on to fucking James Angel in the changing rooms. The sex-crazed sneak gets caught with a load of cum on her face!

Sandy Love in 'Dildo or Stepson'

Sandy Love - Dildo or Stepson

Sandy Love just found out her husband wasn't coming home again tonight. She didn't have sex in 3 months!!! Luckily she had this pink dildo that could help out. It had a suction cup which sucked best to the kitchen table. She put some oil on herself and the dildo and started to ride it. Just when she was about to come Johnny came home. Her stepson always had the best timing. When he saw his stepmom, Johnny quickly ran out again. Sandy followed him and pulled him back to the house. She explained she didn't have sex in 3 months. Johnny showed her in pantomime language what he would do if he was his dad. Sandy liked it. She wanted him to show her again. It turned her on. She dragged him back to the kitchen and asked him to spread oil on her butt. Then to play with her pussy. She sucked his dick. Finally they fucked. She was leaning on the kitchen counter while Johnny did her doggy. Then they went down on the floor and she was riding him. In the end Johnny s**t is cum into her face.

Sandy Love in 'Quick Cash, Quick Clean'

Sandy Love - Quick Cash, Quick Clean

Sandy Love is here to clean Johnny's house, but when he notices her perfect body, he knows he needs more than just a house cleaning. He offers her some money to clean naked for him, at first she's hesitant but she agrees and slowly strips off her clothes, revealing an AMAZING booty and perfect tits. She continues to clean while Johnny watches her beautiful body scrub all the nooks and cranny's around his crib. He starts masturbating and offers her some more money to help him out. She gets on her knees and gives him an amazing blowjob before he fucks her in multiple positions and pops a huge load all over her.

Sandy Love in 'Saving Dancer Sandy'

Sandy Love - Saving Dancer Sandy

Sandy Love was on the way to her dance studio when some stranger was harassing her. Luckily the bus was just driving by the and the guys offered her a ride. She felt much safer with the boys. Especially since they were so good at talking and making