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Brandi Edwards in 'American Daydreams'

Brandi Edwards - American Daydreams

What better way to live out your fantasy of the girl with the pretty blue eyes than to shoot your big cum load in her eye? That's exactly what Ram is thinking as he lives the dream of the janitor who fucks the hottest chick in the building, the beautiful Angeline Marie.

Marie McCray in 'Naughty Bookworms'

Marie McCray - Naughty Bookworms

Marie McCray is excited because she's graduating. But she was caught plagiarizing her senior thesis and Professor Ram won't let her graduate. She may have handed in someone else's work, but she can still give him an authentic Marie blowjob!

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Morgan Ray in 'Wife Morgan Ray fucking in the living room with her tattoos'

Morgan Ray - Wife Morgan Ray fucking in the living room with her tattoos

Morgan Ray is pissed that her husband keeps bringing home junk instead of jewelry. Instead of pretending she likes her gifts, she decides to enjoy his spunk on her face!!

Brenda James in 'Wife Brenda James fucking in the couch with her tits'

Brenda James - Wife Brenda James fucking in the couch with her tits

Business is slow for Brenda James and her husband. While they wait for customers at their body shop, Brenda remembers how they used to fuck in public. Even though the shop is slow, Brenda's tight body is built for speed...

Mrs. Jewell in 'fucking in the living room with her big ass'

Mrs. Jewell - fucking in the living room with her big ass

Mrs. Jewell has a special way of reconnecting with old acquaintances. Instead of harping on the past, she looks to the future. And in the very near future, she and her son's friend are going to engage in some very adult behavior.

Ashli Orion in 'fucking in the office with her natural tits'

Ashli Orion - fucking in the office with her natural tits

Alex Dupuis and Ashli Orion are trouble-makers. They were caught copying each other's term papers and ran out of excuses. They may have study buddies before but they'll have to become the dean's fuck buddies to make the grade!!!

Brynn Tyler in 'Petite Brynn Tyler fucking in the desk with her small tits'

Brynn Tyler - Petite Brynn Tyler fucking in the desk with her small tits

Brynn Tyler is busted. Her professor just discovered she's a smoker. Brynn wants to quit, but she can't get over her oral fixation. There is one way for her to quit: put down the cigarettes and pick up his cock!

Marie McCray in 'fucking in the desk with her natural tits'

Marie McCray - fucking in the desk with her natural tits

Marie McCray is excited because she's graduating. But she was caught plagiarizing her senior thesis and Professor Ram won't let her graduate. She may have handed in someone else's work, but she can still give him an authentic Marie blowjob!

Lexi Leigh in 'Student Lexi Leigh fucking in the desk with her glasses'

Lexi Leigh - Student Lexi Leigh fucking in the desk with her glasses

When Professor Ram catches Lexi Leigh dipping her paws into the school paper's fundraiser box, she quickly works her way out of it by wrapping her paws around his cock and making a pussy payment.

Bebe Minx in 'College girl Bebe Minx fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Bebe Minx - College girl Bebe Minx fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Roxie West heard of an easy way to "ace" Professor Ram's sucking his dick! Maybe last semester, this semester she'll have to ride that cock if she has any chance of getting an easy "A".

Jordana James in 'fucking in the classroom with her natural tits'

Jordana James - fucking in the classroom with her natural tits

Jordana James really wants to transfer out of Professor Ram's class...because his "perma-erection" is distracting. Well, she'll just have to get over her "Phallophobia" and become one with all the hard cocks of the world!

Sabrina Lewis in 'Brunette Sabrina Lewis fucking in the desk with her big ass'

Sabrina Lewis - Brunette Sabrina Lewis fucking in the desk with her big ass

Sabrina Lewis is disputing her last test score. There's no disputing her "score" with Professor Ram as he rams his tongue and cock in and out of her nerdy little snatch!

Vixen in 'fucking in the desk with her tattoos'

Vixen - fucking in the desk with her tattoos

Vixen does a lot for Professor Ram's class but she just isn't satisfied with her letter-grade. One would think that cleaning chalkboards and collating paperwork would definitely earn you an A?!? Looks like Vixen is gonna' need some s-extra credit!

Stephanie Wylde in 'MILF Stephanie Wylde fucking in the couch with her piercings'

Stephanie Wylde - MILF Stephanie Wylde fucking in the couch with her piercings

Stephanie Wylde's excited for her friend's wedding and even more excited to show off her date, Ram. When he showed up wearing jeans and sneakers she was so angry that she whipped out his cock and let him pound her so he wouldn't whine about having to get dressed up!

Amber Rayne in 'Wife Amber Rayne fucking in the bedroom with her piercings'

Amber Rayne - Wife Amber Rayne fucking in the bedroom with her piercings

Lucky Ram. His sexy wife Amber Rayne is one horny housewife who could make a career as a professional cock sucker. She doesn't work outside the home, but taking care of her husband is a full-time job, and one of the perks is she loves to take it in the ass!

Niya Yu in 'fucking in the living room with her small tits'

Niya Yu - fucking in the living room with her small tits

Niya Yu is so glad her man came over because she is busy and on a very tight schedule, and he's glad he came over, too, because not only is her schedule tight, her pussy is, too.

Ariel Alexus in 'Black Ariel Alexus fucking in the bed with her big ass'

Ariel Alexus - Black Ariel Alexus fucking in the bed with her big ass

Ariel Alexus has a nice and ripe rump - ripe for fucking! Check her back that ass up for a nice, hard pussy pounding as Ram gives her his ramrod Ass Masterpiece style

Lena Lang in 'Wife Lena Lang fucking in the living room with her piercings'

Lena Lang - Wife Lena Lang fucking in the living room with her piercings

Lena Lang has feng shuied her living room and is in the mood for love. She thinks the new positive energy could work on her as well, so she begs her husband to fuck her senseless and feng shui her face with his man juice.

Danni Daire in 'fucking in the couch with her natural tits'

Danni Daire - fucking in the couch with her natural tits

Ram likes to read comics and even buys into those gimmicks and give-a-aways you always see in the back. This week he tries a pair of XXX-Ray Glasses in hopes of catching a peek of his personal shopper, Danni Daire's titties and snatch ... maybe even get down and dirty!?!

Lexi Williams in 'Shaved Lexi Williams fucking in the bedroom with her petite'

Lexi Williams - Shaved Lexi Williams fucking in the bedroom with her petite

Lexi Williams' "Mamasan" found her birth control, and coming from a very traditional Asian family, she was asked to leave the house. Having nowhere to turn, she's invaded a family friends' place but lucky for him, "she so horny" and gonna' fuck him "all night long"!

RAM in 'Blonde Czech Slut Gets Fucked In The ASS In Budapest'

RAM - Blonde Czech Slut Gets Fucked In The ASS In Budapest

Luca Bella is a beautiful petite BDSM Slut. Her blonde hair and blue eyes may make this tiny beauty seem innocent but she has a deep anal craving. This slut wants to be taken hard and fucked deep in her tight holes. She loves brutal bondage and hard corporal punishment. Lucky for her Steve Holmes is here to take her out on the town. In a slutty dress, she is bound in leather cuff bondage and paraded around like a dog. This blonde bitch is shown off to the public, her shaved pussy and ass exposed. Her tits for everyone to view. Finally she is taken to a rowdy club and stripped fully naked. Her mouth hole is used first by huge cocks. The public even whips out their dicks! A dick on a stick is rammed down her throat until she gags hard. Luca needs to be restrained and luckily Cherry Kiss has the right person for this. Luca is tied up in tight restrictive rope bondage and her asshole is prepared for penetration. Cherry takes the dildo on a stick and rams it up Luca's tight asshole. It's not ready for Steve Holme's giant cock. He fucks that slut silly and she screams in orgasm. Cherry Kiss is getting turned on by all this ass fucking and she demands Steve service her anal hole as well. Steve obliges and deep fucks Cherry in her gorgeous asshole and she screams in pleasure. Later while Steve's cock is getting serviced by a beautiful blonde at the bar, het thinks it would be a good idea to shove two cocks in Luca Bella's ass. Steve and RAM get both their hard-ons in Luca's ass which is what they needed to explode huge thick cumshots all over this sluts gorgeous face.

Cherry Kiss in 'Dolly Diore's All Out Public Fuckfest'

Cherry Kiss - Dolly Diore's All Out Public Fuckfest

Dolly Diore is a sexy long legged slender brunette from Budapest who normally is the dominant one in a scene but today she submits to Cherry Kiss and Steve Holmes in an all out public fuck-fest. Steve starts by getting his shoes shined outside on a public sidewalk by the lovely Dolly using only her mouth gag with a brush attached to it. After that, Steve and Cherry Kiss take Dolly to the crowded streets with her natural perky tits exposed to the public. They make their way to another crowded bar and a now fully naked Dolly Diore struts in and gets her ass slapped by multiple patrons. She stands bent over with her hands braced against a bench so Steve and Cherry can take turns flogging her ass. Steve wraps his hand around her neck and applies pressure as his other hand swats her pussy. Cherry takes a seat in the middle of the room and lifts up her dress with her legs spread and buries Dolly's face in her pussy and Dolly gives Cherry a huge orgasm using only her tongue. Next, while Cherry recovers from cumming so hard, Steve and Ram whip out their cocks and while still on her knees, Dolly sucks them both. Cherry then shows them how a pro does it and slides Steve's cock all the way down her throat. This turns on a customer so much that she stands in the middle of the room hypnotized, fingering her own pussy. Steve notices and gives her a hand and then she drops to her knees to suck him off. After that, Dolly stands bent over a booth and Steve shoves his fat cock into her pussy and pounds it deep and hard and Ram on the opposite side gets his dick sucked while a customer lets him play with her tits. Cherry puts a vibrator onto Dolly's clit while she gets fucked sending Dolly into a mega orgasm leaving her body trembling.

RAM in 'Interrogation Of A Thief: Angel Spice, Ram'

RAM - Interrogation Of A Thief: Angel Spice, Ram

Bizarre Video's "You're In The Army Now" features tender, young girls experiencing the harsh reality of war, capture, and Military life. It's no picnic for these girls!

Angelina Wild in 'Best Fucking Friends'

Angelina Wild - Best Fucking Friends

Angelina Wild and Nasty Khalifa are two hot Hungarian sluts that were previously on Public Disgrace as extras. These two nymphos couldn't stand not being the center of attention so here they are in their own scene. Nasty Khalifa starts at the shore of the Danube with Steve Holmes where he commands Nasty to crawl on her hands and knees and woof like a dog with a tail sticking out of her ass for everyone to see. Angelina Wild is at the top of Gellert Hill with Ram where he's showing her perfect tits and spanking her ass for all of the tourists watching. The two make their way toward each other to an underground bar where the two get caned and flogged by everyone there until their asses are covered in welts. Angelina Wild and Nasty Khalifa get their pussies pounded and faces fucked until they're both covered in cum.

Sandra Romain in 'Nervous Newbie Naomi Gets Fucked in her Neighborhood'

Sandra Romain - Nervous Newbie Naomi Gets Fucked in her Neighborhood

Naomi is a brand new pain slut from Budapest who has never been naked in public before. Steve Holmes, Sandra Romain, and Ram bring Naomi to Gellert Hill to be face fucked and flogged on a woodsy bike trail while passerbys cant help but stare. Later, Naomi tries hard to cover her tits and pussy after having her clothes cut off, walking through the busy city and at a nearby bar, Steve and Ram fuck Naomi deep and hard while all the patrons take turns using whips and paddles.

Nikki Thorne in 'Nikki Thorn Rammed in Public'

Nikki Thorne - Nikki Thorn Rammed in Public

It's Nikki Thorn's turn to be publicly embarrassed, walking through the streets with her ass on display lead by Tina Kay and Ram to a nearby bar where the two meet Steve Holmes. Nikki Thorn begs for all of her holes to be fucked and takes them all deep and hard. Nearby patrons smack Nikki's ass beet red as she gets ass fucked, face-fucked, and double penetrated until she's ultimately covered in filth.

Tina Kay in 'Cock Thirsty in Hungary'

Tina Kay - Cock Thirsty in Hungary

Tina Kay buys two Hungarian whores, Lia and Laurita, for Steve Holmes do do with what he pleases. Steve and Tina lead them both by leash and collar through a sketchy neighborhood in the hot weather to then get face fucked on their knees in the gravel down by the river. Later at a bar, these two sluts have the patrons speechless as they work up a sweat getting fucked every which way, and get hot loads in the hot sticky weather.

Fetish Liza in 'Alexa Wild's Double Vaginal Public Humiliation'

Fetish Liza - Alexa Wild's Double Vaginal Public Humiliation

Perky blonde slave girl Alexa Wild's first time on Public Disgrace! This gorgeous slut was hand picked to service the streets and bars of Budapest. First things first with this whore is a brutal corporal punishment and electric play with zappers. Then we parade this bright red ass and perfect tits around a crowded public park for all to gawk at and photograph! After the cops show up we take this eager hole to a crowded pub and let the patrons have at her. She takes it in all her holes and even offers up an epic DOUBLE VAGINAL after being FISTED! This horny slut then gets drenched in cum.

Fetish Liza in 'Slut with No Manners Gets the Cops Called While Sucking Dicks Outside'

Fetish Liza - Slut with No Manners Gets the Cops Called While Sucking Dicks Outside

Nomi Melone has no manners! This perky whore doesn't have a single clue on how to serve her masters in public. She is punished by having her sexy panties stripped off her tight body and pulled down past her high heels, then stuffed down her slut throat. Even that wasn't enough so she was handcuffed and left in public, for her pussy to be shown to all. Legendary Steve Holmes then puts a dog collar and leash on this bitch and has her crawl on her hands and knees through the dirty streets all the way to an outdoor bar! This party slut then takes all the cocks while serving the horny patrons. She drew such a huge crowd the cops were called and shut it down! Steve drags her back to his place with some friends and fucks every hole while she performs boot service. Every hole gets fucked on this tiny whore and covered in cum.

Tina Kay in 'Budapest Babe Gets Bound and Brutalized'

Tina Kay - Budapest Babe Gets Bound and Brutalized

There is something about the Budapest heat that drives tight ass nymphos crazy. On this extremely hot day Tina Kay takes her disobedient slut on a cock hunt through the streets. Doing her best to please her dominant, Bella Beretta kneels on the filthy ground and opens her whore mouth for pleasure. Disappointed in Bella's performance, Tina presents her slut's holes to a cafe full of horny dudes. This disgusting bitch acts as a human bidet and licks Tina's sweaty ass and cunt clean while being pumped full of strange cock. Patrons humiliate Bella by taking pictures of her while she is blasted in the face by multiple loads of cum. Finally, after Bella completely used up Tina is able to relax with a cool and refreshing drink as her whore is left on the floor.

Fetish Liza in 'Stuffed Fuck Pet for Dessert'

Fetish Liza - Stuffed Fuck Pet for Dessert

Just a normal day in Budapest for Fetish Liza. Taking her pathetic fuck pet out for a walk, exposing her perky tits to the tourists passing by. Liza gets off on stripping away her submissive's humanity by bending her over so the public can see the tail shoved in her ass. Fetish Liza drags her humiliated slave to a bistro where she feeds her pet all the cock, pussy and cum the patrons had to give. Todays fuck pet menu consists of corporal punishment for an appetizer, double penetration for the main course and huge mouth full of cum for desert. This was a lunch the unsuspecting crowd will never forget.

RAM in 'Anal Whore Services all the Shoes'

RAM - Anal Whore Services all the Shoes

Proxy Page begs to service everyone she passes on the street. This pathetic slut exposes her huge ass and perky tits to anyone who will give her the attention she craves. After being humiliated in public she is dragged into a bar where she takes cock after cock in her gaping asshole. She begs her dominant to fill her mouth and soak her from head to toe. Opening her ass up she takes double anal and still wants more. Finally, after this pathetic slave is completely used up she is brutally fisted and drenched in cum.