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Rachel Love in 'and Dane Cross in My Friends Hot Mom'

Rachel Love - My Friends Hot Mom

Rachel Love is sunning near the pool when her son's friend Dane comes strolling up to her. He's looking for her son so they can go to a party, but Ms. Love says that he's out with his girlfriend. Dane's upset because he didn't even know his buddy was dating someone, but Ms. Love cheers him up with a party of her own when she pulls out her big tits and tells him that she wants to fuck!

Rachel Love in 'and Rocco Reed in My Friends Hot Mom'

Rachel Love - My Friends Hot Mom

With Rachel's son's away at college, she's asked his friend Rocco to give her hand moving things out of her storage space. Problem is that she had told him it was only a few things, and when they show up at the place it turns out there is a ton of stuff, much of which will require two guys to move it. Couches, filing cabinets, boxes, the place is a mess, and everything is filthy. When Rocco tries to beg off from getting his hands dirty, and Rachel realizes it's not going to happen, she convinces him that there's another way for both of them to get down and dirty.

Rachel Love in 'and Aaron Wilcoxxx in My Friends Hot Mom'

Rachel Love - My Friends Hot Mom

Mrs. Love was doing some spring cleaning and threw out Aaron's collection of valuable cards. He thought they'd be safe at his friend's house but Mrs. Love got to them first. Mrs. Love tells Aaron not to get distraught because she'll pay him back and puts his mind to rest between her big beautiful tits!!!

Rachel Love in 'and Tony DeSergio in Housewife 1 on 1'

Rachel Love - Housewife 1 on 1

Rachel thinks that her husband lost his job again and she starts freaking out on him. But when she lets him respond for a minute, he lets her know he did not lose his job and that he's just home for lunch. Since they're both off the clock they decide to crawl all over each other!!!

Rachel Love in 'and Charles Dera in My Wife's Hot Friend'

Rachel Love - My Wife's Hot Friend

Rachel is a starving artist staying at a beautiful mansion for free. Charles is just sick of it and kicks her out of the house but Rachel's titys have this affect that even married man can't resist. some tity fucking should give her about a month's worth of rent.

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Lee Stone in 'White Kong Dong 28'

Lee Stone - White Kong Dong 28

While working out in Venice Beach, CA  Rachel hears about a local stud named Lee Stone, she can't help herself, she has to find out if all the rumors are true... is Lee Stone the muscle man with the 10 inch dick or is it just an urban legend.....? So after a half hour or so of sweet talking him, she asked him out on a date that night and promises him he wont be disappointed! Later that night she finds out Lee Stone is not an urban legend!! But he does not have a 10inch dick... Rachel told her friends she measured it! and its just under 12 inches WOW!

Rachel Love in 'Love and hot sex'

Rachel Love - Love and hot sex

I've had a hard spot in my pants and a soft spot in my heart for short-but-stacked Rachel Love and her little-girl voice since the first time I met her at a porn video convention in 1995. She started off with a bang, appearing in V-mag several times and making fuck videos. Then the bubbly, natural-titted blonde dropped out of sight for years until briefly resurfacing in 2003 and then going back to real estate sales until 2008, when she brought her big boobs and cock-gripping pussy back into porn for the DVD Mamazon and stand-alone XXX videos like this one.

Rachel Love in 'Rachel's Rack Job'

Rachel Love - Rachel's Rack Job

Rachel Love is as hot as a taco purchased from a lunch wagon in Mexico City. What can you say after Rachel says, "I love the taste of pussy. I especially like the taste of my own pussy." Male brain power is diminished after this and takes a while to reboot.

Rachel Love in 'California Girl Turned Mamazon'

Rachel Love - California Girl Turned Mamazon

I met Rachel Love in person for the first time in 1996 at an adult video convention in Las Vegas. This was a time when the adult expos were for business people only. Today, they've become fan events like car shows and sporting events. I still have a few photos of her in my files.

Rachel Love in 'Keep The Noise Down  and  Your Cock Up'

Rachel Love - Keep The Noise Down and Your Cock Up

Rachel is trying to spend a relaxing afternoon home alone,trying to get off, but her biker neighbor is making too much noise for her to concentrate. She goes see him and rudely explains that the noise is keeping her from enjoying a good masturbation session. Keiran immediately challenges her to drop her sex toys and have a go with the real thing.

Rachel Love in 'Tits From Down Under'

Rachel Love - Tits From Down Under

Welcome back for another exciting installment of Big Tits, Round Asses!! Our favorite busty MILF Rachel Love is back so we can show her tits some lovin. Man, this one hot vixen! Watching her suck dick and get her wet pussy stretched out was only a few of the highlights of this steamy scene. Steve Holmes does what he does best and works that pussy into submission and then cums all over her gorgeous massive boobs. Enjoy! I know I did!

Rachel Love in 'Prescription for Pleasure'

Rachel Love - Prescription for Pleasure

Jordan visits the nearest clinic in hope to find a condom large enough to fit on his cock but when he tells the pharmacist, Rachel, she doesn't believe him. In order to prescribe him with the appropriate size she needs to see it first, but when she does she cant help but stick it down her throat and bounce all over it.

Rachel Love in 'Bed and Breakfast part 2'

Rachel Love - Bed and Breakfast part 2

Charles and Mickey?s road trip is ruined when their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Luckily for them, Rachel happened to be driving in the area and decides to give them a ride to her bed and breakfast until their car gets fixed. Rachel sends her daughter Britney to show Charles his room while Rachel goes to the kitchen with Mickey who offers to help make supper. In the kitchen, Mickey realizes that what this milf really wants is for him to toss her salad?