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Natalie Heart in 'and Dane Cross in My Sisters Hot Friend'

Natalie Heart - My Sisters Hot Friend

Dane asks his sister's friend Natalie Heart for some advice on women, specifically how he can get what he wants from them. When she tells him that he needs to assert himself and exude confidence, Dane tries to figure it out and decides it may be best to try it on her! Natalie has no problem with that, letting Dane suck on her nice natural titties and grab at her undercarriage! He asserts himself to the best of his ability by stripping his sister's sexy friend naked and fucking her hot pussy.

Natalie Heart in 'and Levi Cash in My Sisters Hot Friend'

Natalie Heart - My Sisters Hot Friend

Natalie Heart needs to pour her heart out to her friend after her boyfriend breaks up with her via a nasty text message, so she goes to her friend's home only to learn ... she's not home. But her friend's brother Levi is home, and since the poor bastard is in the right place at the wrong time, he's got to listen to his sister's friend's sob story and try to console her. But it ends up benefiting him, because the sexy brunette is so turned on that he's helping her that she takes immediate advantage of her newfound status and let's her friend's brother suck on her natural tits and fuck her like she's single.

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Cassie Laine in 'fucking in the bedroom with her small tits'

Cassie Laine - fucking in the bedroom with her small tits

Jaslene Jade is enjoying her lovely afternoon masturbating on her bed when she's interrupted by a knock at her door. Flustered, she answers the door and finds a beautiful brunette standing before her, Cassie Laine. Cassie lives in the dorm next door, and asks Jaslene if she's got any sugar she can use. Jaslene, hot and bothered, gives Cassie what she wants, but only if Cassie will reciprocate with her own form of sugar ! by licking Jaslene's wet pussy!

Natalie Heart in 'fucking in the bedroom with her small tits'

Natalie Heart - fucking in the bedroom with her small tits

Jaslene Jade is frustrated. She's going away for a few days to see her grandmother, but her boyfriend can't go with he because he has to work. Furthermore, he can't even take her to the airport because of his shift, so he's employed his buddy James to pick her up and take her. Even furthermore, she's horny as fuck and her man is late for work, so he can't satisfy her before she leaves. Even further, furthermore, when James arrives at her place, he hears and sees her masturbating outside her window, which makes him horny. Even further, further, furthermore, Jaslene still has at least an hour before she needs to be at the airport. You do the math.

Natalie Heart in 'Stripper Experience'

Natalie Heart - Stripper Experience

We are back, motherfuckers! And guess what? The BIG COCK machine is revved up and ready to PULVERIZE some tight white pussy. You know how we fucking roll! The perfectly slim and adorable Natalie Heart is up in this week's POV episode, and you goddamn know what's about to go down! We gonna feed this nymphomaniac some BIG WHITE DICK! Natalie Heart sweet little pink cunt gets SMASHED, and her throat gets the big dick....Enjoy this update!

Natalie Heart in 'School Girl POV 9'

Natalie Heart - School Girl POV 9

Super school slut Natalie Heart is spreading her pussy juice around to make it nice and easy to slide in our huge cock into her hot tight teen hole. Natalie ran home after school for some good fucking and started sucking our meat before filling her insides with our pole as we let her gives us all the point of view of tearing up a tight teen pink pussy for us all to explode our load all over her young fresh pink cock holster.

Natalie Heart in 'Getting Ready'

Natalie Heart - Getting Ready

Natalie Heart is at home getting ready for a night out with a new boy. She's doing her make up and getting her dress on when she receives a text from her best friend warning her to play with her cute little pussy before the date or else she will go crazy tonight! Natalie goes back into the bedroom and positions herself on the bed, removing her dress once again revealing her soft breasts and her lacy black panties. Natalie shows her curves. She peels off the panties and bends down on her knees to reach her shaved pussy with both her soft caressing hands. As if instantly, her fingers are inside her, rubbing the inside of her elastic pussy. She keeps a rhythm up while rubbing herself. Again she thrusts two fingers deep inside herself. She's moaning louder now, as the pleasure gets better with every push against her soft shaved pussy.She turns over to lay back onto her pillows. With one hand on her soft breast, and two fingers deep inside her, she continues to palm, rub and finger the wet cavern. She lifts her hips higher faster and faster to meet her fingers as they are penetrating her. The moaning persists as she gets closer to cumming and with a chain of held breaths and louder cries of pleasure she finally cums and every muscle in her entire body tenses up before a great release of tension. The young lass is now ready for everything the new boy has to throw at her, even if he arrives earlier than expected! She quickly gets dressed in fear that she wont be ready for when he turns up.

Amber Cox in 'Teasing Fingers'

Amber Cox - Teasing Fingers

When you have something good, you have to take your time and really savor it. Amber Cox and Natalie Heart are celebrating another anniversary in bed. No need to go out, when they've got everything they need in each other's arms. Natalie's deft touch teases Amber's flawless pussy until she can barely handle the flood of longing between her legs. After receiving so much pleasure, Amber takes her turn and flicks her tongue over Natalie's sweet spots until she cums again and again.

Natalie Heart in 'My Kind Of Girl'

Natalie Heart - My Kind Of Girl

Petite Blonde girl Chloe Foster is home alone cooking some noodles. Natalie Heart is a pretty brunette, almost equally small and she can't decide what to get her boyfriend for his birthday. Chloe decides she'll help out and Natalie is suspiciously excited for the help. The two girls wrap the gift together on the couch and Natalie receives a text from her boyfriend who wants a threesome for his birthday. Natalie, who has been planning the threesome the whole time begins caressing her suspicious but curious best friend's shoulder and back.Chloe flips over onto her back and Natalie reaches in for a kiss. Chloe's inhibitions are quickly dropped when she savours the taste of her best friend's soft mouth. Natalie begins to undress Chloe stopping at her soft breast. Natalie reaches in for a kiss on the petite blonde's nipple. Now it's Chloe's turn and she rips off Natalie's top. Chloe knows how to suck a nipple! Natalie is enjoying the pleasant sucking and kissing. She rips off Chloe's top and puts Chloe's mouth back to her tempted nipple. Chloe and Natalie take off each other's panties. Now, both fully exposed the two girls lie down on the couch stretching their two soft young bodies close together. Natalie spreads Chloe's legs and begins to lick her pink clit. Chloe is overwhelmed by the sensation. Natalie moves into a pose where Chloe can access her own shaved pussy and Chloe begins to return the favor whilst sliding her finger back and forth across her own. The two young girls continue to eat each other's pussies out until the pleasure reaches a climax and they both cum. But that's not the end of the story. Natalie's boyfriend just got home for his birthday present. It's Chloe and Natalie caressing each other in their post-coital bliss. What will happen next?

Natalie Heart in 'Take A Hike'

Natalie Heart - Take A Hike

Teen lesbian couple, Zoey Paige and Natalie Heart are taking a warm afternoon hike in the woods when they decide to stop and rest a bit for a picnic. Spreading out the blanket, Natalie unpacks some sweet strawberries to share with her gorgeous blonde girlfriend. After feeding each other some sweet fruit, the girls begin to hunger for something else. Stripping out of their clothes the girls take turns hungrily sucking and licking each other's sweet flesh, the little buds of their nipples, and slowly drinking each other's bodies. It's not long before Natalie begins to go to work on what she truly desires to eat, the yummy shaved pussy of her beautiful blonde girlfriend. As Zoey watches her dark haired darling girlfriend lick her up and down, paying special attention to her clit, she gently pinches and plays with her small teen breasts and their ever hardening nipples. Placing her on her knees, Natalie doesn't take long to bring her girlfriend to orgasm, the intense pleasure of her insistent tongue finally driving her over the edge, Zoey's ass pushing back and her sweet wet hole swallowing Natalie's tongue. Now Zoey wants to return the favor, laying on her back, she has Natalie straddle her face and lower her tight teen shaved lips down directly onto her waiting tongue. Natalie begins to gently finger Zoey's still pulsing pleasure hole while her lover licks every inch of her wet slit. Natalie rides her face, bucking her hips and gently fucking her lesbian girlfriend's mouth. Gripping Zoey's milky white thighs, Natalie begins to cum, sweet juices dripping out of her pussy and down over her girlfriends lips. Young teen pussy is surely the best thing to bring along for a picnic.

Natalie Heart in 'Natalie's best inside massage.'

Natalie Heart - Natalie's best inside massage.

Natalie Heart needs a massage bad! BangBros sends the finest. Dewrrick knows how to work his hands. Massaging pussy is his expertise, but first he give Natalie Heart a whole body rub-down. Relaxing every muscle in her body. Once her body is calm. Out comes the dick and it's time to massage the pussy. After Derrick was done. Natalie Heart looked peaceful. Enjoy!

Natalie Heart in 'Sexy Amateur Brunette Gets A Face full Of Cum'

Natalie Heart - Sexy Amateur Brunette Gets A Face full Of Cum

We have the lovely Natalie Heart with us today, and she's about to try out a glory hole for the first time. She was pretty excited, and she started sucking on that white dick to get it nice and hard so it would slide nicely into her pussy. She stripped off her clothes and started rubbing her clit, getting nice and wet before pushing her ass up against the wall and fucking that dick. She loved that dick, and let out some moans before she jerked it off all over her tits and face.

Natalie Heart in 'Pounding Heart'

Natalie Heart - Pounding Heart

Natalie Heart is out on a fun, romantic date with Ryan. They spend the day staring at scenery, playing on a bridge and making out. Once the sun sets, the two decide that it's time to go home. Since they've been sweating in the sun all day, they figure it'd be nice to hop in the shower and fuck until Ryan fills Natalie's pussy...

Natalie Heart in 'Belles de jour'

Natalie Heart - Belles de jour

There's nothing quite like two beautiful girlfriends spending some womanly bonding time together.

Natalie Heart in 'College pussy licked and played with by other college lesbians'

Natalie Heart - College pussy licked and played with by other college lesbians

This is a PartyOfThree, but the more the merrier!. Yes! You heard it right. Let's make this a party. Ashley Stone, Cadence Lux, Natalie Heart, and Roxxi Silver came here to do one thing. That's to have a lesbian fuck-fest. Out came the dildos and a lot of pussy licking. These girls don't play hen it comes to pleasuring pussy. Come see for yourself.

Natalie Heart in 'Lesbian finger each other, eat some pussy and play with dildos'

Natalie Heart - Lesbian finger each other, eat some pussy and play with dildos

Lesbians make my dick hard. We here love watching girls make out. Pussy licking, tit-sucking and dildo pounding. Now that's an update. Natalie Heart, Nina Dove, and Lexi Lee got those sheets drenched with pussy juice. Enjoy!

Zoey Paige in 'Two girls come in to get their mouths filled with cum'

Zoey Paige - Two girls come in to get their mouths filled with cum

Here on bigmouthfuls we got Natalie Heart & Zoey Paige. These two ladies fuck the shit out of Brick Danger and he believe me he lets them have it. You guys are gonna really enjoy seeing this nice sex update. Not to mention these fine little things are 19 years old.

Natalie Heart in 'Cute girl does her first facial and we film it'

Natalie Heart - Cute girl does her first facial and we film it

A young white girl stop by the casting couch today to get an idea of what porn is all about. Tony slowly breaks her in, examining her nice shaved pussy. She shows off her nice perky tits, and gets to work on his dick. She may have never done porn before, but can easily swallow a dick all the way. She gets it nice and wet before sliding in her tight pussy and riding it, moaning the whole time all the way till she gets a nice hot major load in her face. Enjoy it!

Natalie Heart in 'Prim and Proper'

Natalie Heart - Prim and Proper

A Woman in front of a mirror is compelled to check out her assets, it's only natural to want to know if you're still as hot as ever. Pleased by what she sees, Natalie continues getting ready for the big date. First let's shave the legs...all the way up. Next the bath. 'Gosh the water feels so sexy and the soap makes me so slippery, she thinks.' Hmm, seems her bath may take a little longer than expected. Watch to find out why.

Mercedes Lynn in 'Three sexy lesbians get naked in the shower and eat pussy'

Mercedes Lynn - Three sexy lesbians get naked in the shower and eat pussy

Hey people. We have another fantastic update of party of 3. This week joining us is Zoey Paige and Natalie Heart. These two little sex hounds get wrangled up in a lesbian love circle with Mercedes Lynn. It's a real casual time! Hope you all enjoy this lesbian sex fest.