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Natalia Nix in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Natalia Nix - My Sister's Hot Friend

Natalia Nix is hanging out at her friend's house taking some pics of herself when her friend's brother, Apollo, arrives. Apollo convinces Natalia to let him shoot the photos. Natalia agrees and Apollo is soon snapping pics of her with her top off. Natalia doesn't think it's fair for her to be the only nude person covered in oil, so she helps Apollo undress, oils him up, and bounces on his dick.

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Natalia Nix in 'Oiled And Filled'

Natalia Nix - Oiled And Filled

Natalia oils up her body and gets her pussy filled with BBC and cum.

Kenzie Anne in 'The boss, Kenzie Anne, wants some of that Thundercock her employees, Natalia Nix and Octavia Red, have been getting'

Kenzie Anne - The boss, Kenzie Anne, wants some of that Thundercock her employees, Natalia Nix and Octavia Red, have been getting

Kenzie Anne questions her employees, Natalia Nix and Octavia Red, why there reports have been lackluster. Turns out the ladies have been busy and preoccupied banging the new guy around the office. Kenzie is intrigued and wants some of that cock for herself, too! She calls him into her office and together with Natalia and Octavia, they take turns riding and sucking his big dick.

Natalia Nix in 'Nutting Inside Natalia'

Natalia Nix - Nutting Inside Natalia

I met a new neighbor today. She is here from Puerto Rico and wow, is she gorgeous! She actually asked for my number so I knew she was going to be fun! When she got to my place, she wasted no time stripping out of her sexy bikini and pleasing my cock. She wanted my hot load so I gave it to her!

Natalia Nix in 'Skinny All-Natural Babe Natalia Nix Passionate Bedroom Sex'

Natalia Nix - Skinny All-Natural Babe Natalia Nix Passionate Bedroom Sex

Skinny tattooed hottie, Natalia Nix, can't control her lust any longer. She wants to have sex with her man, Jessy Jones, as soon as possible. Natalia is quick to take off her clothes to show off her new blue lingerie to the lucky stud. The horny duo shares a deep passionate kiss before going down on each other. Natalia moans in delight as her man showers her body with kisses. She then returns the pleasure by giving Jessy a sloppy blowjob. Natalia's moans fill the room as she rides him in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her all-natural ass and tits bounce around while getting banged hard in missionary, spoon, and doggystyle. Jessy continues to slide his dick in and out of Natalia's bald pussy before cumming on her tits.

Natalia Nix in 'Freespirits'

Natalia Nix - Freespirits

New ager Eliza is open to offbeat ideas, so she is consulting her new friend Natalia to help her cleanse the bad energy. Natalia knows a way Eliza can purge the attitudes holding her back and free her spirit, but it will take a radical romp with a guide who knows how to push past taboos.

Minxx Marii in 'Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better - S21:E6'

Minxx Marii - Anything She Can Do I Can Do Better - S21:E6

Cole Church has an extra wristband to a sold out music festival, and both an adopted sister and a stepsister who really want to be the one to go with him. Minxx Marii asks first, but Natalia Nix is right behind her. Cole claims that neither girl is his favorite because they're in the way of the television, so Minxx and Natalia both take off. Minxx returns a short while later wearing a thong that really highlights her ass. She gives Cole a lapdance to prove he should take that ass to the festival. When Natalia sees what Minxx is doing, she peels off her shorts to give Cole a much better lapdance. Cole vaguely agrees to give the ticket to whichever sister can get his rocks off better, which means the competition kicks into high gear.Natalia graciously allows Minxx the first go at sucking Cole off. Minxx is pretty good at it, sucking her steprbro nice and deep and adding some nice tongue swirling action to sweeten the deal. It's a high bar for Natalia to match when it's her turn to blow Cole, but she starts with her tits out and her hot little mouth all ready to go. Minxx gives Natalia some time on her own before leaning in and sucking Cole's balls to double down on Cole's pleasure. Next, the girls turn around and present their bottoms for Cole to enjoy as they each peel off their undies. Nude, they shift their taunts to who can fuck their stepbro better. Cole gets to enjoy it as first Minxx and then Natalia slides down to give him a brief reverse cowgirl ride. Minxx's hands are all over her tits and twat as Natalia puts on quite a show. Now that Cole has had a bit of a preview, he offers to put money down on a third ticket so they can all go as long as they learn to place nice together. The girls agree, and the trio heads to the bedroom to prove how nice they can be.Cole finds himself on his back with Minxx giving him another stiffie ride as Natalia laps at Minxx's titties. Then Natalia gets on her back with Cole thrusting away between her thighs and Minxx riding her face. Minxx and Natalia swap spots as Cole continues to play stud to the tune of their moans. Since Natalia is on her hands and knees anyway, it's simple for her to back that up so Cole can give it to her in doggy as Minxx kneels in front of Natalia to get her pussy eaten out in doggy as well. Once again, the girls switch so that Minxx gets a doggy style pussy pounding with her mewls of delight buried in Natalia's snatch as her adopted sis lays on her back in perfect pussy eating position. The girls each take one last round of pussy domination on their backs before Cole has reached the point of no return. Natalia and Minxx prove they can share by getting on their knees side by side. Natalia takes a facial, then sucks Cole's cock dry so she can snowball her treat with Minxx. The girls enjoy a deep kiss to really prove that they're one big happy family now.

Natalia Nix in 'Got Fired'

Natalia Nix - Got Fired

Natalia and Mick's chemistry is good. Too good. For that reason, Mick has to fire her. When they're together they can't keep their hands off each other and this has cost Mick more than a few clients.

Natalia Nix in 'Shower Threeway'

Natalia Nix - Shower Threeway

Two guys join Natalia in the shower. They move over to bedroom for an orgy ending with massive facials.

Gianna Dior in 'Close Up'

Gianna Dior - Close Up

Some pledges will do anything to fit in with the fun girls. Jill and Gianna aren't sure if Natalia is sorority material, but will a makeover bring this shy beauty out of her shell?

Natalia Nix in 'Blanket Thief Stepbro'

Natalia Nix - Blanket Thief Stepbro

Stepbro steals his stepsis' blanket while she's sleeping. She wakes up cold and joins him in his bed.

Natalia Nix in 'Wet Summer'

Natalia Nix - Wet Summer

Natalia enjoys a hot, summer day in the pool and has oily sex.

Natalia Nix in 'Petite Babe Natalia Nix Messy Facial After Intense Banging'

Natalia Nix - Petite Babe Natalia Nix Messy Facial After Intense Banging

The beautiful babe, Natalia Nix, is all wet and ready to have her tight pussy filled up by a huge cock. She shows off her newly-bought laced lingerie to Alex Jett. Her perky tits and round ass look amazing as she seductively sways her hips. Watching Natalia play with her pussy made Alex hard and horny in an instant. Not able to resist the urge any longer, he bends Natalia over on the couch and starts banging her from behind. Natalia licks her pussy juice off Alex's big cock before lying down on the couch. She lets the horny stud pound her pussy hard. Natalia keeps banging Alex in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before a huge load is dumped all over pretty face.

Natalia Nix in 'Play In The Pool'

Natalia Nix - Play In The Pool

Natalia invites you to come play in the pool with her.

Natalia Nix in 'Playful Brunette'

Natalia Nix - Playful Brunette

Petite brunette does a playful tease and gets fucked by a big dick.

Natalia Nix in 'The Best Part Of Waking Up'

Natalia Nix - The Best Part Of Waking Up

Natalia enjoys her morning getting pleasured by Johnny.

Natalia Nix in 'Natalia Nix'

Natalia Nix - Natalia Nix

Natalia Nix gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Natalia Nix in 'Euphoric Satisfaction - 14 Orgasms'

Natalia Nix - Euphoric Satisfaction - 14 Orgasms

Natalia rides a powerful vibrator and gets fucked to orgasm 14 times.

Natalia Nix in 'Sexy Swim'

Natalia Nix - Sexy Swim

Natalia goes in the pool for a sexy swim.

Natalia Nix in 'Cum Flood'

Natalia Nix - Cum Flood

Natalia gets her pussy flooded with Tommy's cum

Natalia Nix in 'Patience Leads To Pussy'

Natalia Nix - Patience Leads To Pussy

Natalia Nix has drawn herself a luxurious bubble bath, and she's also laid out some lingerie for what promises to be a steamy evening to follow. As Natalia lounges in her bath and starts to masturbate, her lover, Keiran Lee, can't contain his anticipation and enters the bathroom, worshiping Natalia's perfect body as she sits on the edge of the bathtub. However, Natalia decides that Keiran needs to be made to wait, if only for a bit, especially because she has some special lingerie to show off. After Natalia enters the bedroom with all her assets on full display, she gives Keiran exactly what he wants.

Natalia Nix in 'Hookup Hotshot: Sex Dollz'

Natalia Nix - Hookup Hotshot: Sex Dollz

Young Natalia Nix visits a sketchy dating site in search of a dominant fuck buddy. Without much persuasion, the skinny brunette decides to meet director Bryan Gozzling. On the doorstep, Natalia shows him her bald gash. She whimpers as the deviant stud fondles her body and strips her down. Bryan rims her asshole and feasts on her tight cunt, soon fingering Naomi to an intense, squirting orgasm! Naomi slobbers as she gives a messy blowjob. Savage pussy pounding comes with hard, throat-reaming fellatio and a sloppy cum facial finish.

Natalia Nix in 'Quadruple CP in 5K'

Natalia Nix - Quadruple CP in 5K

Four Creampies! Natalia is a skinny teen that knows exactly what she wants. This cute little cumslut won't stop working Ryan's cock until she's absolutely stuffed with jizz. Her tight pussy milks load after load from that hard dick.

Natalia Nix in 'Cum Clicker - 5 Orgasms'

Natalia Nix - Cum Clicker - 5 Orgasms

Natalia Nix cums over and over with different vibrator and while getting fucked,

Natalia Nix in 'Soaked Summer Sex'

Natalia Nix - Soaked Summer Sex

Natalia Nix enjoys a summer day getting soaked and fucked.

Natalia Nix in 'Home Run Hottie'

Natalia Nix - Home Run Hottie

Natalia Nix plays some baseball before getting fucked and creampied by a huge cock.

Natalia Nix in 'Jizz Filled'

Natalia Nix - Jizz Filled

Natalia Nix warms up with a vibrator before getting her pussy repeatedly filled with cum.

Natalia Nix in 'Stepsister Walks In On Stepbro Jerkin It'

Natalia Nix - Stepsister Walks In On Stepbro Jerkin It

Stepsister walks in on her stepbro masturbating and decides to help him out.

Natalia Nix in 'Warm Welcome'

Natalia Nix - Warm Welcome

Natalia Nix waits on the balcony for her boyfriend to come home.

Natalia Nix in 'Waiting From Above'

Natalia Nix - Waiting From Above

Natalia Nix waits on the balcony for her boyfriend to come home.