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Kodi Gamble in 'and Michael Vegas in My Friend's Hot Girl'

Kodi Gamble - My Friend's Hot Girl

Michael is tired of motherfucking freeloaders! His buddy and his buddy's girlfriend Kodi Gamble have been crashing at his pad, but they aren't contributing shit to the household. Not replacing toilet paper? Using all the hot water? Squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?! Fuck that! It's time for them help out, or get the fuck out. Kodi's broke ass can't give him any money, but she says she can pay him in another way ... by giving him a blowjob! Michael isn't down with banging his buddy's chick, until she pulls out her nice naturals and starts sucking his cock, and allowing him to bang her and give her a creampie Payment accepted!

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Angela Attison in 'Small guy, Tall order. Tall guy, Tiny situation'

Angela Attison - Small guy, Tall order. Tall guy, Tiny situation

So I'm with the girls this week, Talking about girl stuff, taking silly pictures and taking a ride down to the local Coffee Shop for some more girl time.

Kodi Gamble in 'Kodi Gamble's Load'

Kodi Gamble - Kodi Gamble's Load

Hey people we got an awesome bigmouthfuls update today. We brought in this dope show baby named kodi Gamble. Kodi is a bubbly little broad with perfect natural tits and a nice round booty. We here at bangbros strive to bring you ladies that can suck and fuck dick like pros. It is a guarantee your gonna love watching Kodi drink a hot salty load here on Peace!

Kodi Gamble in 'Latin Heat'

Kodi Gamble - Latin Heat

So today I'm at with my friend Cody and there is a big music festival going on right outside her place, we decided to check it out. We got outside and realized we weren't going to be able to get in because the line was ridiculous, but I think it was all for the better, because we saw the most gorgeous latin girl! She was all by herself waiting for her boyfriend, but we talked her into coming back upstairs with us! This chick was hot as hell, she has an awesome juicy ass and a just all around gorgeous body. She said this was her first time ever doing anything with another girl, and I believe her because she was pretty shy at first, but she loosened up nice! We ate her little pussy, fucked her with a dildo, and even fucked her in the ass as well! Damn I love Miami!

Kodi Gamble in 'Trailer trash girls can make boys come'

Kodi Gamble - Trailer trash girls can make boys come

Yo. I got a cute little back woods girl on my couch this week. Her name is Kodi and she likes to give random men the ol' Tugg-a-Roo. She wanted to whack me off and I didn't even have the camera rolling. After I beat her off with my stick I told her to show me what she was working with. Kodi is very very cute for a white girl. She has a fantastic ass and a very nice rack. I introduced Kodi to our new Stud and she got straight to work. It didn't take long to see how fast she can squeeze the white stuff out and ooze it all over her hands. Kodi sure did prove one thing. Trailer trash girls can make boys come. Enjoy!

Kodi Gamble in 'has got it ALL!'

Kodi Gamble - has got it ALL!

Hey peeps. I no you hear us say chicks are hot all the time... But I really feel this broad Kodi Gamble is fucking amazing. Shes got a big ass, cute face, giant natural tits and no gag reflex! I think we got one to wifey or just fuck her til the sun comes up. Kodi sucks dick perfect, rides it like a bike and eats cum like it's a $5 Jumbo Buffet! Trust me shes a good time!

Kodi Gamble in 'Perfect 20 Year Old Tits'

Kodi Gamble - Perfect 20 Year Old Tits

Codi Gamble is a hot little blonde chick with a kick ass body. She's cool and she's funny, but what will grab your attention is her perfect D tatas that seem to be some sort of miracle sent from tit heaven. Once you take a look at these beauties you'll want to get in to the porn biz for your self just to see if one you too can be paired up with this pair. Codi can suck dick, fuck and wiggle her assets. I know I say this all the time, but Preston is a lucky mo fo fo sho! When I was watching this flick for the first time I was tempted to go back to my apartment for lunch if you catch my drift. You'll want to to rewind this movie a couple of times just so you can slow mo her ass bouncing up and down over and over again. Enjoy cuz I did!!