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Mandy Rhea in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Mandy Rhea - My Friend's Hot Mom

Mandy Rhea is is getting ready for her St. Patrick's Day party at her house. As she is decorating, she comes by a remembrance of how she got her green beads by flashing her tits out. As she is pulling out her tits, her son's friend Kai, walks in looking for her son. Kai notices that she is not wearing any green and pinches Mandy in the ass but that won't be the end of the situation. Mandy is so horny on this naughty day that she ends up taking a warm creampie in her magical pussy!

Renee Rose in 'Is horny and her new toy is not as satisfactory as her friends brother's cock'

Renee Rose - My Sister's Hot Friend

Horny and ready to use her new vibrator Renee Rose had just arrived at her friend's house, but no one was home, so she went to the bathroom and started masturbating, but because the vibrator was too damn loud, she couldn't hear her cell ringing. Her friend was calling her, but since she didn't pick up, she sent her brother to see if Renee was at their house, and surprise, he walked into her playing with her pussy; Renee hadn't had a dick in so long that she needed to feel something inside her but what better than a real dick.

Victoria Zdrok in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Victoria Zdrok - Seduced By A Cougar

Kai Jaxon is madly in love with the daughter of Victoria Zdrok, but there is a big problem, her daughter has a boyfriend, and Victoria won't let her terminate that relationship, but she has an ace up her sleeve. Victoria is willing to give Kai the best sex he's ever had if he agrees to leave her daughter alone. Of course, Kai can't turn down a horny cougar as hot as Victoria.

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Bella Rolland in 'First Cum First Served'

Bella Rolland - First Cum First Served

Bella just wants to shower in peace, but her step brother Kai is making it impossible. He walks in on her declaring it's his right, cause his mom said he can use it. Bella tells him he can have his jerk off station when she is done. Kai not taking that as a resolution decides if she won't get out, he will just get in. Bella shocked at first with his brazenness, notices his dick is solid as rock. She teases him, asking him if he has a crush on her; and that is why he is acting this way. She rubs her body against his. Kai warns her she is making him super horny and if she doesn't stop, he is going to fuck the shit out of her. Bella calls him too chicken and he would never. Kai slides in and begins to pound her like a school bully wanting lunch money. Not sure if Bella could believe he actually is doing it, or the fact that he is fucking her like he has something to prove. Kai pounds her out so good and paints her face. Then he races back into the shower first, since Bella is now weighed down with cum. They are probably just going to shower together from now on.

Andie Anderson in 'Handy Andie Worlds Best StepMom'

Andie Anderson - Handy Andie Worlds Best StepMom

Andie decides it's a great day for a hot tub. When she goes outside and see her step son Kai had the same idea. Kai lets her know its room for the both of them and Andie agrees. She gets naked, Kai shockingly asks her what she is doing. She says naked is the best way to enjoy a hot tub and that he should stop worrying, she is just his step mom. She gets in waving her big tits and ass around and it's about as much as Kai can take. He declares she can have the hot tub. As he stood up to get out his swim trucks were a lot smaller due to his massive erection. Andie feeling bad she caused it, asks him if he wants help with it. She doesn't want him to get blue balls. Kai takes her up on the offer and she begins to stroke his rock hard. But it seems to be taking too long. So, Andie comes up with the brilliant idea that they should just fuck. They begin fucking in the hot tub, and it is better than Andie imagined, so she requested they take it to the bed. The two go inside and fuck like it's the last day on earth. Kai finishes on her face. Andie is definitely getting step mom of the year award.

Luna Luxe in 'Laundromat Loads'

Luna Luxe - Laundromat Loads

Petite Luna Luxe is working her boring cleaning job at the laundromat, but fantasizing about getting fucked. Horny Luna could really go for some dick, so when Sheem The Dream comes in with his girlfriend, it's ON! Luna steals Sheem right from under his girlfriend's nose, until Luna is almost caught with a pussy full of cum. While Sheem is dragged away by his jealous GF, Luna turns her attention to another man in the mat, Kai Jaxon. But the fun doesn't end there! When the entire laundromat catches Luna and Kai fucking, Luna grabs Sheem and pulls him in for a shameless, public threesome. Bored, gorgeous, and horny, nothing will stand in Luna's way of taking double-the-dick right there in the laundromat!

Chanel Camryn in 'Gorgeous Chanel Gets Her Tight Hole Stretched Out'

Chanel Camryn - Gorgeous Chanel Gets Her Tight Hole Stretched Out

Chanel looks pretty in pink, but even prettier when she's getting her tight holes stretched!

QueenRogueXXX in 'Threesome With My Stepmom'

QueenRogueXXX - Threesome With My Stepmom

Ethan and Kai are in the backyard playing video games. Step Mom Queen Rogue comes in and starts cleaning. She's visibly attracted to Kai and shakes a little ass near him so he gets it. She asks to take him inside and upon entering she's all over him. He's definitely been eyeing her ass as he starts to rub and shake it. She loves getting her ass wet so Kai drenches oil all over it and rubs it everywhere. He loves it so much he's eating her ass and before you know it, Ethan finds out. But one thing lead to another and Ethan has his cock out waiting for his step mom to deep throat it. Queen Rogue definitely know hows to throw a cock threesome party because she can gag on one dick and throw her ass back into another. There's lots of ass shaking and Queen Rogue screaming in pleasure, so make sure you don't cum too early!

Rissa May in 'Curvy Cutie Rissa Get Her Tiny Ass Drilled Hard'

Rissa May - Curvy Cutie Rissa Get Her Tiny Ass Drilled Hard

Stacked hottie Rissa's big tits and bubblicious booty are on full display as she gets all her holes filled just the way she likes!

Maria Kazi in 'Stepsisters Sweet And Creamy Easter - S10:E9'

Maria Kazi - Stepsisters Sweet And Creamy Easter - S10:E9

Stepsiblings Maria Kazi and Kai Jaxon are dying Easter eggs. Maria takes a moment to get a lollipop and sucks on it as sexually as possible while eying Kai. She asks Kai what his favorite Easter candy is, then turns that sexual too.Popping out her titties, Maria makes it clear to Kai that she could use some cream filling. She urges him to sample her juices. In turn, Maria sucks Kai's hardon while delivering a slow and steady handie.Getting on her feet and leaning over the counter, Maria wiggles her booty as she invites Kai to cum inside. When Kai lies down on the counter, Maria climbs aboard to ride him in cowgirl. She waits for him to get back on his feet and then scoots forward so he can bang her on the counter until he fills her coochie up with that hot load she's been wanting.

Tigerlilly in 'The Fucking Bet'

Tigerlilly - The Fucking Bet

Jimmy's stepsister, Tigerlilly, stopped by to visit him. The moment she arrived, Jimmy's best friend, Kai, was instantly infatuated with her. From there, Kai made a bet with Jimmy. First one to fuck her would get 50 bucks. Jimmy was reluctant at first but eventually shook hands on the bet. Tigerlilly was approached in several different ways. Eventually, Kai was about to win the bet until Jimmy interrupted. Tigerlilly, tired of all the back and forward, propositioned that they should both fuck her at the same time. And that's just what they did. She took two cocks at once in several different positions. Chocking on dick while getting her pussy blasted. Finally, it all culminated with two huge loads all over her face.

Kira Perez in 'Wet Hot Latina'

Kira Perez - Wet Hot Latina

Kira is wet, hot, and ready to fuck!. She gives an oily sexy tease and plays with a dildo. Soon, it is time to take a real cock and she can't wait.

Scarlett Page in 'Scarlett Rides The Anal Bus'

Scarlett Page - Scarlett Rides The Anal Bus

Scarlett is a wild girl. You can tell she has enough energy to hook up with someone and run a marathon right after. Her spunky attitude did not go unnoticed when we picked her up for the Bang Bus. She was excited to talk to us when we flashed around money and quick to enter the bus once we offered some cash to see her tits. One thing lead to another and she's naked spreading her pussy lips in front of the camera. She's ready to mount our boy Kai and once she does she couldn't believe how fat his cock was. She was so enamored by it that she wanted to go for anal and we were more than ready for it. Scarlett has a nice ass and to see it get fucked is one of my favorite things. Kai is one lucky guy to see her asshole jump up and down his thick dick.

Addison Vodka in 'Handy Man'

Addison Vodka - Handy Man

Addison walks around with her handy man and points out the things she wants remodeled as they flirt. While he's taking measurements, she strips down and gives him a show. Soon, he can't hide his hard dick and Addison unleashed it!

Bianca Burke in 'Step Mom's Busty Creampie'

Bianca Burke - Step Mom's Busty Creampie

Kai and Bianca are always arguing, he can't take his step mom wearing revealing shirts showing all of us her cleavage. She starts to realize he's jealous that they're not dating. Oh well, Bianca tells Kai he could've washed her tits for her and walks away. Bianca takes off her bra in the bathroom and wow, her tits are fucking huge! They might be bigger than my head!! She gets in the shower and gets all wet before Kai knocks and asks if he can still have fun. Bianca was more than happy to let him join. He rubs her tits with soap and water and it gets her so horny she couldn't wait to deep throat Kai's big dick. You gotta catch this one, Bianca shows Kai how a veteran can fuck a hard dick. The way she begs for a creampie got me so hard that I ran away to jack off!

Blaire Johnson in 'No Appointment Needed'

Blaire Johnson - No Appointment Needed

So we pull up on Blaire and she is looking really hot. I try to hit her with a little riz, but she is not biting. So I try the we are shooting a podcast play. She opens up to us a little bit more, especially when I offer her 2 grand to do interview in the van topless. She tells us she was on her way to a dick appointment. Kai the new guy who is in the back with her, can't hold his excitement when he sees her get naked so he quickly joins her. He asks her if her dick appointment dick was as big as his. Blair is loving his brazenness, and already horny lets Kai know she is down to fuck. Kai was already more than willing as he fucks her face, then her tight body. Kai goes deep and hard giving Blaire the exact fucking she was looking for. Blaire was so in love with the craziness of it all she can't wait to come back.