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Brianna Bourbon in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Brianna Bourbon - My Friend's Hot Mom

Johnny's friend owes him money. He is so fed up that he goes to Kevin's house looking for him. He's not home but his hot mom Brianna Bourbon is. Johnny is determined to get his money back so he sneaks off to the MILF's room and attempts to take money out of her purse. Brianna catches him red-handed! Even though he was in the wrong, Brianna figures they can make an arrangement that satisfies both their needs.

Teal Conrad in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Teal Conrad - My Sister's Hot Friend

Johnny has a very embarrassing situation; he needs to use a big boy diaper because he pees when he sleeps, and just about when he is going to nap, his sister's friend, Teal Conrad, comes in looking for her friend. Still, she is nowhere to be found and strikes up a conversation with Johnny, he gets very nervous because of his diaper until Teal yanks the sheets and sees that he is wearing one, but she finds out what is going on under that diaper, a massive cock emerges, and Teal won't leave him hard.

Bianca Burke in 'Mrs. Creampie'

Bianca Burke - Mrs. Creampie

Johnny's ride overheated and his cell phone had no juice. He knocks on a house in hopes that someone will help him charge it. As the door opens, the sexy MILF Bianca Burke in hot lingerie answers the door. Her pussy is dripping and needs a big cock with enough cum to fill up her pussy.

Bobbi Shay in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Bobbi Shay - Seduced By A Cougar

Bobbi Shay is tired of someone sneaking into her backyard and using her pool while she's away. She finally got around to setting up cameras to see who the culprits were. Sure enough, she catches Johnny in her pool and heads home fast. She grabs Johnny by the ear, takes him inside, and gives him the spanking of his life. But apparently, he enjoys the spanking because he gets hard quickly. Being the cougar the Bobbi is, she won't let a hard cock go to waste. She'll happily take his big dick in her wet MILF pussy.

Khloe Kapri in 'is the ultimate poolside fuck fantasy'

Khloe Kapri - American Daydreams

Khloe Kapri is kicking back enjoying a tanning session by her pool and guess who stops by? Johnny the neighborhood nerd who had a crush on Khloe because she's so damn cute. Johnny can only daydream of a chance to hit that tight lil pussy, especially poolside.

Skyla Sun in 'prefers a big cock over doing homework'

Skyla Sun - My Sister's Hot Friend

Skyla Sun is over at her friend's house doing her friend's physics homework because she owes her a favor. Her friend's brother Johnny shows up and offers to lend a helping hand. She declines so he insists on helping her relieve stress by giving her a foot massage and Skyla agrees to that. Truth be told, he's had the hots for Skyla for so long and he's pulling out all the moves to get some pussy. His plan works flawlessly. Skyla notices Johnny's hard cock through his pants and can tell its mouthful. The two of them can't help but get it on right there on his sister's bed.

Elana Bunnz in 'gets her big natural tits oiled up and her pussy stuffed by friend's boyfriend'

Elana Bunnz - My Girlfriend's Busty Friend

Elana Bunnz stops by her friend's house to get a tan on her hot bod and her titties! Little does Elana know that her friend's boyfriend, Johnny, is home and walks in on a topless Elana. Elana figures since Johnny is around he might as well give her a hand and oil up her big breasts. Johnny is hesitant as Elana is his girl's best friend, but Elana convinces him that she won't tell. So while Johnny oils Elana up, Elana notices his boner and decides to give him a hand by having him pump her pussy with his massive member.

Melody Mynx in 'takes her son's best friend's cock deep inside her wet MILF pussy'

Melody Mynx - My Friend's Hot Mom

After a long day at work Melody Mynx comes home to a messy kitchen with her son's friend Johnny helping himself to a sandwich. She sees that he's also in his underwear and notices his bulge. To relieve her stress she whips out that cock of his and sucks and fucks all her stress away.

Riley Jacobs in 'Naughty Athletics'

Riley Jacobs - Naughty Athletics

Riley Jacobs is a personal trainer and has a private session after hours. She finds out that Johnny, her son's best friend, is the person that shes training. She realizes he's not there to workout. He can't focus on the excercises shes teaching because her big juicy boobs are so nice. Riley wants that boner that Johnny can't keep from popping out of his shorts.

Valentina Bellucci in 'American Daydreams'

Valentina Bellucci - American Daydreams

Valentina Bellucci is trying to do her job and tutor Johnny, but Johnny is too busy playing video games. Valentina refuses to wait for Johnny to finish his game so she walks out on their session. That's too bad, because Johnny loves spending their sessions examining Valentina's bod. Since he won't be able to admire Valentina today, he doses off and Valentina shows up in his day dream ready to suck and fuck. Best wet dream of Johnny's life!

Alyssia Vera in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Alyssia Vera - Seduced By A Cougar

sexy MILF Alyssia Vera shares a giant mango tree with the neighborhood. No one told Johnny that mangos have to be picked when they are mature, so she makes sure that he grabs the best ones in the place. And Alyssia happens to have the juiciest and most delicious ones that he'll definitely enjoy!

Vivianne DeSilva in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Vivianne DeSilva - My Friend's Hot Mom

Vivianne DeSilva is out by the pool and is in need of some lathering of some sun tan lotion all over her sexy body. Johnny, her son's friend, is there to help and she notices his cock getting hard. She takes over and rub's her juicy wet pussy all over it.

Karen Fisher in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Karen Fisher - My Friend's Hot Mom

Karen Fisher is in need of some financial help and gets some great advice from her daughter's friend Johnny. He tells her to make a profile on a fan account to make some good money. He helps her setting it up and she helps him getting it up! While taking profile pics she notices his cock is super hard and wants his cock in her mouth.

Armani Black in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Armani Black - My Friend's Hot Mom

Johnny is over at his friend's house because his friend's mom, Armani Black, is a doctor and he needs some advice. Johnny hurt his dick having sex with his girlfriend and was hoping that Armani could help him figure out if he broke it. Armani has him pull his pants down and she inspects his dick and she finds nothing wrong with it, but just to make sure it can still perform well, Armani sucks and fucks that dick. Looks like Johnny's dick is still in tip top shape.

Lila Love in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Lila Love - My Sister's Hot Friend

Lila Love is over doing some laundry and her friend's brother, Johnny, is really into sniffing panties. Lila catches him and it really makes her pussy wet. Johnny realizes she's more kinky than he is.

Lolly Dames in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Lolly Dames - My Friend's Hot Mom

Johnny is renting a room with his friend from his hot mom Lolly Dames. Last night they partied so hard that the trashed the house and now Lolly wants some answers. She goes up to Johnny's room and finds his phone just as he is getting ready to go to town watching some porn. She gets turned on because Johnny loves to watch MILFs. Lolly figures she could make her son's friend's dreams come true while getting some good dick in her.

Mandy Rhea in 'Naughty Office'

Mandy Rhea - Naughty Office

Sexy boss Mandy Rhea is furious at her assistant, Johnny, because he didn't clean up the office. He notices that she is stressed out and suggests a massage but what she really wants and needs in her life right now is a big dick. Luckily Johnny has just what she needs and is more than happy to please his boss this way!

Cassidy Luxe in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Cassidy Luxe - My Friend's Hot Mom

Cassidy Luxe comes home at the end of another boring evening to find her son's friend Johnny snoozing on the couch. She notices he's using her nice new throw and wants it back. She suddenly realizes that Johnny's pitchin' a tent with his big hard cock. Cassidy now knows that her boring evening is going to be filled with cock, big cock.

Chloe Cooper in 'Naughty America'

Chloe Cooper - Naughty America

Chloe Cooper is staying over and has some concern that her friend is fucking her ex. The problem is she's with Johnny and is now crushed watching some footage of his babe fucking this other dude. Chloe has the perfect idea, instead of confronting her friend and calling her out. Why not make a video of their own and show how fucking and sucking is really done.

Juliette Mint in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Juliette Mint - My Sister's Hot Friend

Juliette Mint is watching her show on the TV but her friend's obnoxious brother is there and he needs to practice his pool shots because he has a competition coming up. The noise doesn't sit well with Juliette so she asks him to hand over the stick. But Johnny giver her his dick instead. Realizing the size, Juliette can't help but put it inside her wet teen pussy.

Kenzi Foxx in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Kenzi Foxx - Seduced By A Cougar

Kenzi Foxx gets a visit from Johnny who wants to make some extra cash. Kenzi has plenty of things needed done around the house. One being her wet throbbing pussy that needs filling.

Sweet Sophia in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Sweet Sophia - My Sister's Hot Friend

Horny babe, Sweet Sophia, has a special sweet treat for her friend's brother when she catches him sneaking a peak at her while showering.

Harper Red in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Harper Red - My Sister's Hot Friend

Harper Red hooked up with her best friend's brother Johnny once and now she wants to fuck him all the time. He's closing up the coffee shop and there is a customer that just won't leave, but that won't stop Harper from getting what she craves.

Madison Lust in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Madison Lust - My Friend's Hot Mom

Madison Lust has been so busy lately that she hardly has any time for sex. Her son's friend, Johnny, is over and is ready to help with all her sexual tension. Watch Madison Lust take Johnny's big cock in between her tight MILF pussy lips!

Karen Fisher in 'Seduced By A Cougar'

Karen Fisher - Seduced By A Cougar

Karen Fisher comes home to see her friend's son napping on the job. She takes a peek under the covers and sees some big juicy cock that she has to have.

Anissa Kate in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Anissa Kate - My Friend's Hot Mom

Anissa Kate was supposed to be out of town, so her son and his friend, Johnny, were setting up a huge party at Anissa's house. She walks in on Johnny about to text a dick pic to a girl and Anissa can't believe that it's not that big. Her interest is too much because she loves big cock and has to have in her mouth.

Joslyn James in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Joslyn James - My Friend's Hot Mom

Johnny is over at his friend's house trying to find his friend's lucky controller before the video game tournament. As he is searching through drawers he comes upon his friend's mom's, Joslyn James', panty drawer. So Johnny does what any horny dude would do and sniffs her panties as he touches himself. As he is touching himself he fades into a wonderful dream where he actually gets to fuck and cum inside Joslyn James. With dreams like that, who would want to ever wake up?

Richelle Ryan in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Richelle Ryan - My Friend's Hot Mom

Richelle Ryan is home and catches her son's friend sneaking into the backyard. She also sees his big cock poking out of his shorts and can't let a hard cock go to waste.

Abby Somers in 'My Friend's Hot Mom'

Abby Somers - My Friend's Hot Mom

Johnny showed up to his friend's house to drop off a chair his friend's mom, Abby Somers, wanted. Abby is so thankful and wants to repay Johnny for his generosity. Johnny won't take cash though, so Abby pays him in grade 'A' wet MILF pussy.

Scenes from other sites featuring Johnny Love

Xwife Karen in 'I Know Where This Goes'

Xwife Karen - I Know Where This Goes

Johnny is cleaning the pool of his hottest client, Wife Karen. He stands there as he watches her by the pool, while at the same time picturing his perfect fantasy. She'll start rubbing oil and sooner or later she'll ask for his help. That's just the way it always goes. From there she'll ask how much the pool service will be and once he tells her, she'll be struggling to pay such amount so she'll ask is there are any other methods of payment. At that point he's in and all his wishes will come true. Or will they? Tune in to find out how his fantasy turns out.

Danae Mari in 'Step Mom Is An Easy A'

Danae Mari - Step Mom Is An Easy A

Johnny is studying hard by the pool. He hopes to get into a good med school this year. He is hitting the books pretty hard when his step mom Danae comes outside to enjoy the pool. She tries to get him to join her, but this is too important to Johnny. Danae realizes that this is not healthy for him to be so stressed, so she comes up with a plan only the best of step mothers can concoct. She asks him to help her oil up. It was a no go. So, she ups the stakes and throws her top at him exposing her huge tits. Johnny is now paying attention, and worried about what his dad would think. She tells him that his dad would be mad at her for not helping him enjoy himself. Johnny agrees to oil her breast, but can't help but get hard. It does not go unnoticed as Danae points out the huge bulge now in his shorts. Johnny quicky tries to run and says he need to get back to studying. Danae is not having it and pulls him into the house, and wraps her mouth around his cock. It was exactly what Johnny needed as his took the stress of college out on her pussy. He beat her pussy like beating the odds of getting into an ivy league. He pounded her pussy like a bully on the yard. After emptying his balls on her face, Johnny proclaimed it was just the break he needed. Danae assured him she is always here for him we he needs another.

Jewelz Blu in 'Gamer Girl Takes Dick'

Jewelz Blu - Gamer Girl Takes Dick

Jewelz is busy playing her favorite video game. Her boyfriend wants to use the tv and console because he has a buddy over. But Jewelz is in too deep, she's not gonna let go of the game that easy. frustrated, her boyfriend heads out to go grab some pizza, leaving his friend behind to chill. His friend however, has other ideas. He takes one look at Jewelz and is instantly stunned by her. As she plays her videos game he slowly gets his way in there. Soon enough, she agrees to fuck him. Jewelz chokes on his cock for some time before begging for him to slide it in her tight hole. From there, she gets fucked in several different positions making her squirt several times.

Hayley Davies in 'StepSis Loves A Party'

Hayley Davies - StepSis Loves A Party

The parents are out of town, so the step siblings fuck around. Hayley is over the moon that her parents have gone out of town, cause now she can go to a party. Only thing is that they left her step brother Johnny in charge. He tells her she can just forget about going to that party. Not on his watch. Hayley can't believe Johnny is being such a prude, so she tries to seduce him into letting her go. She flashes him with her big tits, but Johnny remains strong. Then she bends over and rubs her big ass up against him, but nothing going. Defeated she walks away and goes to the fridge for some water. While bent over in the fridge Johnny losses it. The view of her ass became too much to handle. He loses control, pulls her shorts down and fucks the shit out of her. Hayley lets him know if he wants t to keep fucking her, he better let her go to that party. Johnny agrees and proceeds pound her phat ass like a drum. He cums all over her face and tells her she can go to as many parties as she likes.

Kaden Kole in 'You Ruined Everything!!'

Kaden Kole - You Ruined Everything!!

Johnny was trying to make a documentary for his upcoming rap album. However, his stepmom, Kaden Kole kept interrupting. She even eventually kicked out his friend that was filming the whole thing. Since he was failing classes at his college she decided to be bit stern on him. However, things took a turn when they made a deal. He would get a chance of a life time to have sex with his step mom in order to then concentrate and get better grades and only after that could he attempt to become a famous rapper. So Kaden took cock from her stepson in several different positions making her cum several times. Leaving her begging to get her face painted by his cum.

dirtydanii_69 in 'Getting Dirty on the Bus'

dirtydanii_69 - Getting Dirty on the Bus

Dirtydanii_69 was just coming from the beach when the famous white van stopped next to her. $50 here and $50 there got her attention. But she didn't wanna flash for $200. $1000 that is a completely different story. She got in the van, flashed us all. Then another $1000 for her underwear. While Johnny Love ate it we all enjoyed the view of her pussy. She got curious about Johnny's dick. Size doesn't matter after all. Yet she sucked it to make it even bigger. Then they fucked. While van was running over bumpy roads those two fuckers managed to keep their balance and entertain us with a handful of positions until Johnny came in her face. Let's hope we will see more of this girl.

Connie Perignon in 'Boy Toy For Connie Perignon'

Connie Perignon - Boy Toy For Connie Perignon

Connie Perignon has an amazing body. Johnny Love was the lucky guy who would fuck her in this update. But first she showed off her big tits and big ass. She spread some oil on it to make it shiny and us horny. When Johnny entered he politely shook her hand. Then he licked her pussy and she titty fucked him and gave him a bj. They fucked like there is no tomorrow. Johnny knows how to use his instruments and he made Connie scream in delight. They fucked until he came all over her tits and face.

Khloe Kapri in 'Sexual Chemistry Lesson'

Khloe Kapri - Sexual Chemistry Lesson

Xwife Karen and her boyfriend Johnny Love are enjoying time together until Khloe comes knocking on their door to tutor Xwife Karen on chemistry. Xwife Karen doesn't want to but Johnny convinces her. After a little bit of attitude, Xwife Karen couldn't help but notice how nice Khloe's ass looks. Drowning out the chemistry lesson, Xwife Karen gets so horny that she pounces on the table and shows Khloe how to have fun. They go on for a new study session: Ass and Pussy 101. The two chicks start to have fun and fuck each other until Johnny comes by. But it doesn't take long for Johnny to turn upside down and get his ass eaten. There is so much energy here you wouldn't be able to keep up. Try not to cum before it ends!

Casca Akashova in 'I love College boys'

Casca Akashova - I love College boys

Casca Akashova is enjoying her day home when Johnny her sons college study buddy arrives for their appointed study day. Her son isn't home so Johnny studies alone today as Casca begins her shower for the day, but oh no Casca has mistakenly left he body wash outside the shower! You cant wash yourself without any soap! Luckily Johnny a yell away and can help her retrieve her body wash for her cleanly duties but wait.....why wash herself when she can have a fine strapping college boy do it?! Tune in the adventures that lie in wait as Johnny washes Casca from the shower to the bedroom.

Willow Ryder in 'ASStounding Anniversary Gift'

Willow Ryder - ASStounding Anniversary Gift

Kelsey was making plans for her approaching anniversary with Johnny. However, he had other things in mind. Johnny's other girl, Willow, showed up unannounced. He quickly snuck her over to the room to have some fun. Eventually he put a pause on that to go back to handle business with Kelsey but he ended up fucking her and that's when Willow walked in on them. They all decided that having a threesome would definitely be the funner option. Kelsey and Willow teamed up to give Johnny a night to remember. From double BJ to each of them riding individually. Both of these girl's asses are incredible and more so seeing them together. They suck and fuck all over the place before they extract some cum from Johnny's cock.

Kat Marie in 'You Keep Catching Me'

Kat Marie - You Keep Catching Me

Kat Marie needs her privacy to get off but she just cant seem to get enough me time to get to the point where she can cum she gets close and johnny walks in catching her each time until she's had enough and decides to utilize johnny to get her climax rather than stop and find a new location.

Jessica Marie in 'Petite Seductress'

Jessica Marie - Petite Seductress

Sexy, petite babe seduces Johnny and gets her pussy creampied.

Jessica Marie in 'School Daze'

Jessica Marie - School Daze

Jessica brings Johnny home to study, but what she really wants is a lesson in riding his cock! She strips and gives Johnny an anatomy lesson with her body and all the places that turn her on. Soon Johnny can't resist and Jessica gets a crash course in sex!

Justine Jakobs in 'You Could've Just Asked'

Justine Jakobs - You Could've Just Asked

Ms.Justine is the stepmom of johnny and johnny has an obsessioin with watching justine shower and masturbating to it normally he's pretty good at keeping this obsession under wraps but today he got caught and the outcome was nowhere near what he expected. Her response was simple if thats what you wanted you couldve just asked.

Clara Trinity in 'We Should All Just Fuck'

Clara Trinity - We Should All Just Fuck

Johnny was just trying to spend his day watching TV. However, his stepsister, Violet Gems, had a friend over and kicked him out of the living room. From there, Violet and her friend, Clara trinity needed up getting it on. Some time after that, Clara snuck into Johnny's room to have some fun with him too. Eventually, Violet discovered what was going and was offered to join in on the fun. She agreed and the three of them started fucking each other. Johnny penetrated their tight pussies in several different positions making them orgasm several times. All of this before he dropped a huge load all over their faces.

Remy Woods in 'The 1000 Dollar Lap Dance'

Remy Woods - The 1000 Dollar Lap Dance

Remy Woods was doing her morning walk when the guys in the white van pulled up next to her. The usual luring with $100 bills worked and in no time Remy was hooked in the more money loop. She twerked with Johnny. But the price for a lap dance kept goin h**her and h**her. Until at $1000 Remy finally got into the van. Here things went fast. Obviously for $1000 it must be a naked lap dance. And in no time Johnny's dick was out and by accident it slipped during the lap dance into her vagina and the big butt fucking started and was only paused to give him a blowjob. Then they fucked and more and her butt was shaking like there was an earth quake in San Francisco. In the end Johnny aimed at her face but some cum s**t too h**ht and missed but luckily most of it landed in her face and mouth.

Anna Claire Clouds in 'Double Booked'

Anna Claire Clouds - Double Booked

Anna Claire Clouds and Johnny Love find themselves in a predicament. They both booked the same rental and because of some glitch it went through for both of them. At first Johnny is not cool with this and tells Anna to figure it out herself and go to a hotel. However, he quickly changes his mind once he takes a peek at her perfect booty. From there, he persuades her that they should both just share the rental for the entire week instead. They go on to spend a few days together, as time passes the sexual tension gets thicker and thicker. Eventually, it was inevitable and soon they get it it on. Anna took Johnny's cock in several different positions making her orgasm several times before he blows a giant load all over her face.

Kat Marie in 'Fucked By The Book'

Kat Marie - Fucked By The Book

Kat Marie welcomed her new massage therapist Johnny Love. This was Johnny Love's very first massage job and he was extremely nervous to do everything by the book. Kat said she would have some special requests for an extra tip. Johnny ignored that and tried to start a regular massage but Kat's nudeness and giant breasts made it tricky. He kept avoiding her private parts even though she asked him to massage them. Kat grabbed Johnny and started to motorboat him. Finally he got it. He spread some oil on her enormous breasts and gave them a sensual massage. Kat took his dick out and started to blow him. They fucked on the massage table. Her big tits were bouncing. They fucked until Johnny couldn't hold it any more and he came right in her pussy.

Addis Fouche in 'StepSister's Anal Request'

Addis Fouche - StepSister's Anal Request

Johnny just wants to fap in peace and then take a shower. His step sister Addis has different plans. You snooze you lose as she runs in the bathroom 1st. Johnny doesn't mind, as he will just use the time to finish jacking it. While in the bath Addis gets beyond horny and starts to flick her bean. Then she comes to an epiphany, why is she masterbating when she has a perfectly good step brother to fuck her. She calls Johnny in the bathroom and demands he fucks her. He tells her he just got done masterbating, and he is not interested. She assures him he would be interested if she wants it in her ass. Johnny agrees as they take it to the living room and he pounds her tight ass like a bass drum. He fucks her till she cant absolutely take it anymore, and unloads a massive load on her face. She is so happy she is willing to share the bathroom with him now.

Gigi Dior in 'Johnny Helps His Best Friend's Mom'

Gigi Dior - Johnny Helps His Best Friend's Mom

Johnny is visiting his best friend's place for a study session but his friend is out for the day doing speech therapy. Ms Dior was experiencing a dilemma in which she couldn't get her masseuse to come service her aches and pains. She notices Johnny's strong big hands and thinks maybe I can have him massage me however Ms, Dior wants. More than just a massage, now she wants a happy ending and Johnny is soon to find out that his obligation to completing the objective at hand is mandatory. Johnny stuffs her with straight dick and Ms. Dior's aches and pains of yesterday slowly fade away in the bliss of her cumming all over Johnny.

Lola Rose in 'I May Lose My Job but Fuck Me'

Lola Rose - I May Lose My Job but Fuck Me

Lola Rose has come to clean! Johnny Loves to watch women clean naked ever since his girl and him parted ways. Lola is reluctant at first but you know money talks! Johnny offers a hefty some to see titties bounce while she wipes away all the germs from the existence of the planet. Before Long Johnny and Lola have tickled the erotic fantasy of hired maid fucks employer and instead of holding off the inevitable they embrace and can you say plot twist? this wont be your typical rodeo AT ALL.

Madison Wilde in 'Tiny Latina'

Madison Wilde - Tiny Latina

Madison shows off her body body in sexy lingerie and shows off her cocksucking skills.

Briana Banderas in 'Maid You Cum'

Briana Banderas - Maid You Cum

Sexy MILF shows off her huge tits and hot body before getting passionately fucked.

Addison Vodka in 'Addison's Perfect Gift For Johnny'

Addison Vodka - Addison's Perfect Gift For Johnny

So we are cruising around for Johnnys birthday, trying to find something to get into. We pull up on this gorgeous Blonde Addison, with such a tight body. After we get the initial creepiness out of the way, we get down to business. We offer her $1000 dollars for her panties. Reluctant at first she gets on the bus and gives them to Johnny who we offer 500 to put them on. Johnny always the clown makes everyone laugh at his awkwardness.

Alyssia Vera in 'Stepmom's Anal Reward'

Alyssia Vera - Stepmom's Anal Reward

Johnny is worried about his upcoming test. Stepmom promised she would let him fuck her in the ass if he passes the test. She notices how upset he is about it, she re-assures him that he will pass the test. Once he comes back from school he shows stepmom that he ace the test. She is so proud of him! As promised she gives Johnny her butthole for him to stick his dick in. First, she grabs some oil to prepare her little hole. Johnny comes in and starts eating her out and from there he bangs her inside the butthole from all positions until he busts his huge load all over stepmoms face.

Elana Bunnz in 'Let's Play'

Elana Bunnz - Let's Play

Elana Checks into her airbnb, but a crazed masked game master is trying to make sure she doesn't check out. He locks her in a room and gives her a choice, play with a dildo or else. She runs and fights off the masked man for dear life. But just like a white girl in a scary movie she falls, and he catches her. She removes his mask in a struggle, and it is revealed he is Johnny her ex boyfriend. She asks him why he would go to such lengths. He expresses to her that he misses her and just wanted to see her naked again. Elana is so turned on, she tells him all he had to do was ask. She gets completely naked and Johnny can't help but worship her huge tits and phat ass. She tells him he better fuck her like he missed her, and Johnny does just that. Pounding her like bongos and enjoying her voluptuous body. He unloads on her face and will always remember this as the best halloween he has ever had.

Kitana Montana in 'Angel's Knockout Pussy'

Kitana Montana - Angel's Knockout Pussy

Stepmom Kitana is dressed as a naughty angel and Johnny is in a hurry to get to the Halloween party. stepmom wants to take pictures before leaving. Johnny is not having it, he's been waiting for too long. Stepmom convinces him and takes pictures of her and then selfies. While taking selfies Johnny gets hard and stepmom notices. This leads to stepmom asking for a trade! She shows her the enormous and perfect big tits and he shows his huge dick. Quickly it goes into a wild sex session. Starting with stepmom gagging on his dick and then Johnny bangs stepmom from all positions leading to him cumming all over her pretty face.

Mayara Lopes in 'Step Mothers Are Always Helpful'

Mayara Lopes - Step Mothers Are Always Helpful

Johnny tries to hurry out the house before his step mother Mayara notices his massive erection. But she is not blind and can see it from a mile away. She can't in good conscience let him go to class like that. She demands he go masturbate before leaving. He assures her he tried, but it won't go away. So she decides to be a good stepmother and help him out by giving him a handjob. Once she realizes that this method is going to take forever, she offers to just fuck him if it's going to be faster. Johnny quickly obliges and fucks his stepmother with his rock hard cock until he cums all over her. Only problem he is still hard. So Mayara not the one to give up. tells him to just call in sick and fuck her for the rest of the day until it does.

Natalia Queen in 'Splash Fight'

Natalia Queen - Splash Fight

Natalia gets wet and wild outdoors in a super wet water fight. She strips out of her wet bikini and shows off her hot body before getting fucked.

Luna Luxe in 'Zodiac Fuck'

Luna Luxe - Zodiac Fuck

Why did a hottie like Luna Luxe cross the road? To get fucked on the bus! First she ignored the guys but they pulled out cash. They gave her $200 if Johnny Love would lick her feet. Another $200 if he could lick her underarms. $200 to flash them, $1000 to get naked. That was easier on the bus. She got naked. Johnny got naked, too. More money led to her licking his dick. And in no time they were fucking. She looked so hot. She knew all the zodiac signs. She was only 21, Cuban, Chinese, Hungarian! Very hot and horny mix. She moaned load as Johnny fucked her. They fucked in any imaginable positions. They were humping to the rhythm of the bus until Johnny came in her mouth and on her face.

Venus Vixen in 'Splash Tease'

Venus Vixen - Splash Tease

Venus gives a sexy tease as she splashes around the pool. She then comes inside to get her pussy stuff with cum.

Brooke Ivory in 'Too Old to be a Virgin'

Brooke Ivory - Too Old to be a Virgin

Brooke Ivory was taking a long hot shower. She deserved it. She had a tough day. And the best way to relax was with pink toy. It slipped in and out of her pussy. Actually more in than out. It felt like her pussy just wanted to keep it. Johnny came running home. He needed to pee urgently. His bathroom was too far upstairs. He would just use his stepmom's bathroom. He busted through the door and froze at the sight of the big pink dildo up his stepmom's pussy. He quickly ran out and tried to unsee. His stepmom went to check on him. Turns out he has never ever been with a girl. He was a virgin. That is something a good stepmother should be able to fix. She led him back to the bedroom. She dropped her towel, undressed him. Made him slowly explore her pussy and then her ass. Then she gave him a blowjob and started to teach him how to fuck. Amazing how he lasted on his very first time. They fucked in missionary, spoon, doggy and countless other positions until Johnny came in Brooke's face.

Nicole Aria in 'Stepmom's Important Lesson'

Nicole Aria - Stepmom's Important Lesson

Stepmom Nicole notices that Johnny is very stressed sitting by himself studying. She decides to sit next to him and ask what is going on. He explains that he is worried about trying new things with his girlfriend. By new, he explains that he has never tried anal. Stepmom steps in and takes all his worries out of the way. She explains how much she loves anal and how she wants to teach him so he can be ready for his girlfriend. With no time to waste, they go to the bedroom and stepmom takes Johnny's huge cock up her butthole. At first slow and then at full f***e from all positions. All leading to him cumming all over her pretty face.

Suki Sin in 'Hot Asian Stepmom'

Suki Sin - Hot Asian Stepmom

Johnny's Asian step mom Suki is too hot. Johnny catches her naked in the bathroom and sneaks a video to goon to. While mid fap she busts him in her closet. She is flattered but lets him know, this is not how a real man behaves. A real man would not jerk it in her closet. A real man would fuck her. Johnny is taken aback, for he doesn't have much experience in that department. Suki is more than willing to be a good stepmom and show him the ways of love making. Johnny the quick learner fucks her better than his father ever did. Suki then tells him to be a good boy and cum all over her. Johnny happily obliged leaving her covered in cum. East for sure met west.

Spencer Scott in 'Using Her Fuck Toy'

Spencer Scott - Using Her Fuck Toy

Spencer Scott was horny. Her step son Johnny Love was at the pool so she decided to use him as her boy toy. She went out and asked him to spread some oil over her body. All over her body. Over her big voluptuous breasts. Over her big, cute ass. The second he touched her skin she had him. There was no way back. Now spread the oil inside the pussy she she wouldn't burn there. This made both of them so horny that they went into the bedroom and fucked. Johnny fucked her in doggy, mish, spoon, he face fucked her. She was riding him until he came into her face.

Claire Black in 'Sexy Chica'

Claire Black - Sexy Chica

Sexy Latina girl gets oiled up and fucked by a big dick.

Harley Dean in 'Rubbing Oil Over Big Booty'

Harley Dean - Rubbing Oil Over Big Booty

Johnny is really hungry, he wants some eggs but he has no oil to cook them. He goes over Harley's house to see if she has any. He knocks on her door but she wont answer. He knows she's home, he sees her car parked outside. Thing is, she is busy rubbing her clit and doesn't want anyone to interrupt her. Johnny's hunger knows no bounds, he keeps on knocking. Eventually, Harley comes to the door just to shut it back down on Johnny's face. Again, he insists and keeps knocking on the door. She comes in and is about to give him the bottle of oil only to reconsider it and brings him in to rub oil all over her big and perfect ass. He begins to rub it and makes his way into her wet pussy. After a little session of oiling her up, she goes right down on his dick and gives him the blowjob of a lifetime. Johnny wastes no time and starts fucking her like there's no tomorrow. She jumps on his dick and makes her big ass bounce on his big dick. All leading to Johnny shooting his load all over her pretty face.

Kailani Kai in 'Mommy Needs a Massage'

Kailani Kai - Mommy Needs a Massage

Today on Bang Bros Kailani Kiai is in severe need of back and shoulder pain relief and cant schedule a appointment with a masseuse luckily johnny as nice pair of strong yet gentle hands and offers one where this leads is anybodys guess but momma needs a full body massage.

Tommy King in 'Content With Step Mom'

Tommy King - Content With Step Mom

Tommy King just wants to make her content in peace. Her step son Johnny wants to give her a piece. See what I did there? Johnny comes home from school and catches Tommy fapping for her fans. When she busts him for creeping, she tells him to come fuck her for content. I mean that's what he wanted anyway. Johnny quickly obliges her. All that ass she got, he definitely enjoys the ride. The back s***s with Tommy go crazy! In the end, he paints her face pretty well. Stepmom Tommy might have a new content partner.

Matti Mars in 'Matti Fucks Johnny Straight'

Matti Mars - Matti Fucks Johnny Straight

The boys met Matti at the Boardwalk. They asked her if she knew some hot dudes for Johnny as Johnny was finally coming out of the closet. She looked at Johnny. Yeah he looked like he would suck dick. So she went with them for a ride to pick up dudes. But the boys dropped some money on her to drop her clothes and then they wondered if Johnny would get hard for a girl. Matti was interested, too. She let him touch her breasts. She jerked his dick and then she sucked. A miracle! It got hard. So maybe Johnny wasn't gay after all. They gave her $2000 to fuck him. So she did! They fucked while the van was bumping and sightseeing through Miami. They fucked in several positions until formerly gay Johnny came on her tits. They lured Matti and Johnny out of them and left them stranded.

Crystal Chase in 'Jumping Breasts'

Crystal Chase - Jumping Breasts

Crystal Chase wanted to look super slim and fit so she could impress her ex boyfriend. Her step brother Johnny Love was working out all the time and would be the perfect trainer. She asked him for help. He refused. But she was wearing this white top which was barely hiding her enormous breasts and she made sure the wiggled every time she said a sentence. Soon Johnny was h********d and obeyed her wishes. But he had his own agenda. He came up with exercises that would make her breasts jump out of her shirt. Jumping jacks, jumprope. Soon Johnny did nothing but staring at her breasts. He even got a boner. Crystal got upset with him. How could he train her when all his b***d was in his dick. She would take care of it and massage it out. So she took out his dick. He took out some oil. She oiled him and jerked. He spread some oil on her breasts and rubbed it in. He just wouldn't come from jerking off so they fucked. He fucked her hard, her breasts were jumping all over the frame until Johnny s**t his cum

Bella Scorpion in 'MILF Wants To Be Fucked!'

Bella Scorpion - MILF Wants To Be Fucked!

Johnny comes over to give a massage to Bella. Thing is she not only wants to be given a simple massage. She is horny and wants to fucked hard! Johnny at first is taken back by the request. He just proceeds to do his normal job. He gives her a massage and she keeps insisting. Eventually Johnny gives in and gets his dick sucked! From there he fucks her on top of the massage table from all positions. All leading to him cumming inside her mouth.

Joanna Angel in 'Cool Anal Stepmom'

Joanna Angel - Cool Anal Stepmom

Johnny arrives home from college to find that his step mom, Joanna Angel has a whole new look. She now has a bunch of tattoos and is blasting rock music. Later that day he accidentally walks in on her as she's fingering her asshole. He's shocked by this. However, she takes this opportunity to convince Johnny to fuck her in the ass. Apparently his dad doesn't want to fuck her in the ass. It takes some convincing but eventually Johnny is down. Joanna takes her step son's cock deep in her asshole in several different positions making her scream with pleasure until he delivers a huge load all over her.

Jill Taylor in 'Nice Girl Meets Trouser Snake'

Jill Taylor - Nice Girl Meets Trouser Snake

Jill Has to be the nicest girl we have had on the bus. A shame you know how its ends; and after she was even willing to give us gas money. She thinks Johnny is cute so a little cash wasn't even a factor in getting her to suck him.She asked him would he be comfortable putting it in her ass. Johnny enthusiastically says yes. He fucks her in the ass or should I say pounds out her ass all over the bus. After he shoots cum all over her, she sucks the rest out like a veteran freak. It's always the nice ones.

Natasha Nice in 'Milfs Take Miami - Part 2'

Natasha Nice - Milfs Take Miami - Part 2

In the second part of our MILF adventure in Miami, it is curvy natural bouncy Natasha Nice's turn to pursue her desires in style - taking not one but two men to satiate her need for throbbing, pumping, full cocks ready to burst over her big juicy tits! But where to find them? After some nudity and fucking on jet skis out over the water with the seductive Alexis Fawx and spinner CJ Miles, the MILF trio finds themselves caught up in another party - this time interrupted by buff bicycle cops. Well, two cocks with one mouth! Natasha can save the day by snatching their souls, bouncing her juicy ass, and licking up every single drop of their hot loads. Because Miami isn't ready for MILFs like these... Are you?

Richh Des in 'The House Sitter'

Richh Des - The House Sitter

Johnny was ready to spend an entire weekend all by himself. His parents were out of town leaving him all the freedom to do as he pleased. However, what he wasn't aware of was the fact his parents didn't trust him enough to be alone so they hired Richh Des as a house sitter to stay with him for the weekend. He wasn't happy at first until he noticed something very particular about the house sitter. She has a huge fucking ass. Upon noticing her gigantic booty, Johnny though of a plan. When she wasn't paying attention he covered the chairs in oil so that when she would sit down, her booty would be covered in oil. Richh started quickly undressing to get rid of the oil. This is when Johnny took his chance to watch her and masturbate to her phat ass. Eventually she caught him and decided to throw him a bone. She dragged him over to the living room and made him worship her booty. From there, things escalated quickly and soon he slipped his cock deep inside her tight pussy. Proceeding to fuck her in several different positions making her scream with joy until it was time to paint her face with cum.

Valerica Steele in 'Naughty Threesome'

Valerica Steele - Naughty Threesome

Valerica Steele and Brandy Renee were enjoying a pleasant afternoon with one another. Eating each other out and endlessly satisfying each other. When all of the sudden a missionary knocked on their door. Valerica answered the door and decided to have some fun with him instead. While talking in the kitchen she decided to slide under the table and start sucking him off. After some time, her girlfriend Brandy Renee came out of the bedroom. Valerica hid away and once noticing that their visitor had a pretty big cock Brandy decided to have some fun with him too. She bent over the table and had him fuck her from behind. eventually, Valerica returned to turn this into an unforgettable threesome.

Victoria Vale in 'For the Love of Tiddies'

Victoria Vale - For the Love of Tiddies

Johnny can not wait until he hears the shower running. That means he gets a chance to sneak another look at his step mother Victoria's massive tits. Got to jerk to those big fucking tiddies. This is just another occasion she busts him creeping out.. Tired of Johnny and his antics she needs to know what is it going to take to cure his obsession. The answer is that she is going to have to fuck him. She gives him a titty fuck of course. Rides him so they can bounce in his face. And to make sure the obsession is really over, she lets him shoot his cum all over them.

Jenna Starr in 'In Need of a Big Ass'

Jenna Starr - In Need of a Big Ass

Johnny and Jenna are neighbors and sometimes run the same path. Today Johnny realizes he needs some big ass in his life and decides to follow Jenna and watch her, she catches him and shows him how she deals punishment to peepers.

Leana Lovings in 'Booty Content for XVideos'

Leana Lovings - Booty Content for XVideos

Leana Lovings was in bed when Johnny Love entered her house through a window. But he had a good excuse for that. He was so excited that he had a channel on XVideos, now all he needed was content. Leana was interested how much money they could make. It was a lot. So she got excited about that idea as well. First she shook her butt into the camera. Then slowly she decided to offer more. She took off her panties and let Johnny finger her. They went to the shower to shoot more naked butt footage. The hotter the video the happier the XVideos clients. So Leona sucked Johnny's dick in the shower. Then they went to the bedroom to fuck. He fucked her left, right, up down and then he s**t his cum onto her face.

Evie Ling in 'Please Don't Go'

Evie Ling - Please Don't Go

Evie Ling is fed up with her husband and leaving the house. Her stepson Johnny doesn't want that all he finds out that his stepmom is leaving because she's not being sexually satisfied so Johnny decides to take matters into his own hands or well his own dick to fill that empty pussy of hers.

XWife Karen in 'Hot Neighbor Obsession'

XWife Karen - Hot Neighbor Obsession

Johnny has been obsessed with his neighbor, Wife Karen. All his plans to get her to fuck him have failed. He's at the end of his rope. However, all of the sudden he remembers his last plan left. This one has to work. He heads over to her house to give it one last try. At first she sees through his bs but soon she can't help but fall for it. Karen finally let him fuck her. And that he does. She takes cock in several different positions making her cum countless times before finally receiving a huge load all over her face.

Emma Bugg in 'Stepbro Caught!'

Emma Bugg - Stepbro Caught!

Emma busts her wild stepbro sneaking in after being out all night. She threatens to wake up their parents and get him kicked out if he doesn't make it worth her while to keep quiet. Tired of being a good girl, she wants nasty sex with stepbro as payment.

QueenRogueXXX in 'Maid Does More Than Cleaning'

QueenRogueXXX - Maid Does More Than Cleaning

I called up the maid service and they happened to send me a baddie this time around. This Latina with a huge ass and giant tits. Things started off normal. She cleaned my crib for a bit but I couldn't help myself and I asked her to clean naked for a bit more money. With some hesitation she eventually agreed and soon her giant rockers were bouncing around as she cleaned. From there, it didn't take much to take things little further. These girls would do anything for some extra money. I got her to suck my cock and eventually she let me penetrate her tight hole. My maid took my cock in several different positions making cum several times and eventually I rewarded her with a huge load to the face.

Shay Sights in 'Fuck Me Like Your Dad Doesn't'

Shay Sights - Fuck Me Like Your Dad Doesn't

Shay Sights went to relax at the pool. Her plan was to relax all the way! She brought her big dildo. First she oiled her body then the dildo. Then it was time for the fun. Very slowly she slid it in her ass. She moved it back and forth and moaned. Meanwhile Johnny Love came home from school and saw his step mom doing the nasty. He hid and was jerking off while watching her. His hiding place wasn't too good and she spotted him. She threatened to tell his dad unless Johnny wouldn't help her analy. She sucked his dick to get him going. Then he put his dick in her ass and they fucked in riding, doggy, spoon and mish until Johnny came in her face.

Misty Meaner in 'Milf's Party Too'

Misty Meaner - Milf's Party Too

Johnny Love is getting ready to go to a college party. However, his stepmom, Misty Meaner wants to go with him. Johnny thinks she's too old and won't be able to keep up with college students. So Misty decides to show him some of her moves. She starts dancing and going wild but she got a little carried away and ended up accidentally flashing her step son. Johnny loved it, it was the first time he had seen his step mom that way and now he can't keep her eyes of her. Misty decided to show him a little bit more. She carried him over to the room to have some fun. Misty's pussy was penetrated in several different positions, making her squirt uncontrollably all over her bedroom. Once fully satisfied, she requested a huge load from her precious step son.

Anais Amore in 'Anais Amore's Perfect Booty'

Anais Amore - Anais Amore's Perfect Booty

Anais Amore is brand new to the biz. She joins us this week to show us her assets and more importantly parade her amazing booty for us. This chick has a killer body, great tits and an incredible ass that would make everyone drool with excitement. First, we get to know her for a bit. Soon after, comes time for her to get properly fucked. Our boy Johnny Love is the lucky SOB that gets a chance to take this hottie for spin. He penetrates her tight hole in several different positions making her cum multiple times. Finally once she's extremely satisfied, he drops a huge load all over her beautiful face.

Lila Love in 'She'll Take Dick For Money'

Lila Love - She'll Take Dick For Money

Today on Bangbros we have the sexy Lila Love we spot her out in the wild and immediately decide she's our patron for the day, BangBus approved. Lila is waiting for her gf to pick her up but decides to let us pick her up instead for a good amount of money. She see's Johnny and decides that Dick and Money go pretty well together so she wants to get both and boy does she, she even leaves with her purse!

Megan Maiden in 'Absolute Pantymonium'

Megan Maiden - Absolute Pantymonium

Johnny is trying to get it on with his bae, Mars, when he notices her roomie Megan's scrumptious thong panties. Johnny can't seem to get Megan's panties out of his mind and becomes increasingly obsessed with the delicate undergarments. He brings his panty fixation back to Mars and she is down with the kink, but when Megan decides to tease Johnny with her hot little underwear - Johnny finds it near impossible to remain faithful!

Brookie Blair in 'Ass Parade Audition'

Brookie Blair - Ass Parade Audition

Brookie Blair is surfing the net and finds herself on ass parade. Her step brother Johnny Love stops by her room only to find himself helping her audition. She wants to know if her ass is fat enough to fit big cocks, Johnny has a big cock and helps her make a sexy tape to audition. See if she has what it takes to drop ass on ass parade. Her fat white ass jiggles fast on some mystical shit and is primed with soap and oil to take a dicking of biblical proportions. Then she gets the cum sauce sprayed all in her mouth.

Liz Jordan in 'The Next Anal Level'

Liz Jordan - The Next Anal Level

Liz Jordan needed some advice from her step brother Johnny Love. Her boyfriend wanted to take their relationship to the next level. No not marriage! Anal! She tried and tried. She just couldn't get anything up her ass. Johnny suggested to start with a pinky. She convinced him that they should practice with his pinky. So they got some lube and they lubed the pinky. Slowly Johnny tried it squeeze it into her asshole. Moved it slowly back and forth. It worked. He tried a bigger finger. The next level, another finger. After they went through all the fingers Liz wanted the real thing. A dick! It took little convincing for Johnny to show her how to do this. Slowly he poked with the head of his penis, teased her a little. Then stuck it all in. Soon after they fucked anally like pros. He was ramming his dick in, she was moaning like a porn star. She sucked his dick! They buggered more until he s**t is sperm all over her face.

Gigi Dior in 'Mommy Doesn't Like F's But She Like's Ds'

Gigi Dior - Mommy Doesn't Like F's But She Like's Ds

Today we have Gigi Dior. Johnny Love is doing poorly in school and his step mom catches him masturbating in the bathroom! Could this be why he's failing? he needs real pussy? Gigi understands and has a way to motivate johnny to up his grades. Gigi wants johnny to fuck her silly and if he gets A's from here on out Johnny gets stepmom pussy WHENEVER he wants!

Malina Melendez in 'Malina Is Ready and Willing'

Malina Melendez - Malina Is Ready and Willing

Malina is so thirsty for cock she enjoys when she gets followed by the bus. She can't wait to get in. When money becomes involved it's game over. She's sucking and fucking until Johnny starts moaning and cumming. She has a perfect ass and some sexy pierced tits. She wants dick so much that she's willing to start a career as an adult actress once she's through slip and sliding on some raw dick.

Kenzie Love in 'Let Me Fill in Dad's Shoes'

Kenzie Love - Let Me Fill in Dad's Shoes

Kenzie Love is feeling very down today. Johnny's father hasn't been given her dick in a YEAR and she's having withdrawal bad. Johnny says he's up for the challenge of filling in his fathers shoes and boy does he! Kenzie even picks up a phone call from him as she gets satisfied and satisfies herself. Sounds like Kenzie got what she needed when she needed it, you're welcomed.

Roxie Sinner in 'How The Dick Stole Christmas'

Roxie Sinner - How The Dick Stole Christmas

A horny twist of a classic tale. How The Dick Stole Christmas tells the story of a small town called 'Hoeville' on Christmas Day. Living in Hoeville is an unfriendly bum who hates Christmas, they called him 'The Dick'. When the Dick decides to try to score some extra cash by stealing peoples presents, Roxie and Ashlyn decide to show him the true meaning of Christmas, Hoeville style. Beginning with some powerful lesbian sex, turned into a holiday threesome that'll have you beating your meat and nutting faster than baking a Christmas cookie. Happy holidays from Bang Bros.

Numi Zarah in 'Numi's Sensual Full Body Massage'

Numi Zarah - Numi's Sensual Full Body Massage

Numi is getting a full body massage and is getting it from the best! That's right- Johnny Love. He knows how to get her turned on and is not going to waste anytime to service her with not just a regular massage. This is a full body oil massage that get Nomi so turned on that she starts playing with herself. Johnny lets her know that her massage offers a full package. That package being his hard erect cock! Nomi sucks on it and then gets banged all around until he cums on her face.

Sandy Love in 'Dildo or Stepson'

Sandy Love - Dildo or Stepson

Sandy Love just found out her husband wasn't coming home again tonight. She didn't have sex in 3 months!!! Luckily she had this pink dildo that could help out. It had a suction cup which sucked best to the kitchen table. She put some oil on herself and the dildo and started to ride it. Just when she was about to come Johnny came home. Her stepson always had the best timing. When he saw his stepmom, Johnny quickly ran out again. Sandy followed him and pulled him back to the house. She explained she didn't have sex in 3 months. Johnny showed her in pantomime language what he would do if he was his dad. Sandy liked it. She wanted him to show her again. It turned her on. She dragged him back to the kitchen and asked him to spread oil on her butt. Then to play with her pussy. She sucked his dick. Finally they fucked. She was leaning on the kitchen counter while Johnny did her doggy. Then they went down on the floor and she was riding him. In the end Johnny s**t is cum into her face.

Brandy Renee in 'Streamers Gone Wild'

Brandy Renee - Streamers Gone Wild

Johnny Love decided to film a prank on his girlfriend, Brandy Renee. He cut a hole on her yoga pants hoping that they would fully rip in the middle of her yoga live stream. However, things didn't go according to plan and the pants didn't rip. So johnny had to finish his prank either way. He ran out and ripped her pants himself giving all of her live viewers a sight they won't soon forget. From there, he eventually would apologize and since her ass was already out, Brandy decided to give Johnny a closer look. She pressed her ass against his face until he had learnt his lesson. From there, he stretched her tight pussy in several different positions before begging for her creamy treat.

Mandy Waters in 'Hot Stepmom Can't Resist!'

Mandy Waters - Hot Stepmom Can't Resist!

Johnny is trying to watch his favorite show until his stepmom Mandy steps in and reminds him that he still hasn't started his project. She wants him to be on his project by the time she comes back. Johnny doesn't want to hear it., just wants to relax and leave the project for later. While watching his show he gets on his phone and notices that his girl post a new picture on social media. This gets Johnny in the mood. He goes straight to the bathroom and starts filming himself and sends her a video of himself jerking. But not before his stepmom steps in and catches Johnny in the act. He tries to play it off as if he was really working on his project. She doesn't believe him and snatches his cellphone and sees what he was really doing. Now, she is intrigued and wants to see his monster cock. Johnny is a little reluctant, it's his stepmom. But, she promises his dad won't find out. Stepmom wastes no time to give Johnny the longest and craziest blowjob he's ever had. He also wastes no time to fuck her good doggystyle. Which leads to the bedroom. making her squirt and later Johnny give his stepmom a huge load of cum in the face.

KocoChanelxxx in 'Clean This Dick Too'

KocoChanelxxx - Clean This Dick Too

On today's episode of Bangbros meets maid we have the illustrious Koco Chanel. With her slim frame she steps into johnny's house to clean and nothing else but johnny has a different idea in his mind. Johnny is a lonely SOB with a big house and no one to fuck in it....Until today! Johnny generously tips Koco to clean naked and in his arousal decides to reveal his big dick and doubles Koco's pay if she would only clean his dick! What a wild turn of events!

Emma Bugg in 'Gotta Love 18 Year Olds'

Emma Bugg - Gotta Love 18 Year Olds

Today while driving along we came across a girl who for the first time in a long time, actually seemed excited to talk to us. Between her bubbly personality, pretty face, and cute little body, we had a feeling this chick was gonna be perfect for our main mission, getting some pussy. She tells us she's 18, and we know what language 18 year olds speak, Money. We throw a couple hundred at her and then buy her underwear off her for 500. After getting her on the bus to take a ride with us, this out of town chick is horny and in need of some Miami dick. Luckily, she's on the right bus. She gives Johnny an amazing blowjob before he takes control and gives her the dick that pussy is oozing for. He fucks her in multiple positions before letting out a huge load all over her.

Richh Des in 'Big Booty Temptation'

Richh Des - Big Booty Temptation

Richh Des is staying over at her boyfriend's house while he's out work. Her boyfriend's roommate can't seem to keep his eyes off her. So much so that when she wasn't paying attention he snuck a picture of her phat ass and ran to his room to jerk off. Only problem was that he was being too loud about it and she caught him in the act. From there, she decided to make things interesting and tempered him to fuck her while her man was at work. He tried hard but eventually gave in to her perfect booty. Richh Des took cock in several different positions making her cum several times before receiving her reward. A giant load all over her pretty little face.

Paris The Muse in 'Fucking The Creeper'

Paris The Muse - Fucking The Creeper

Paris The Muse fucks a pervert friend of her son. She catches Johnny creeping on her, he even broke into her house and he gets to break into her pussy after she gets him naked in the tub. She takes him in the room and titty fucks his face and dick. Then she rides him and lets him dig his dick deep up inside her for a while until he obviously cums in her face.

Reagan Lush in 'Coolest Stepmom Ever'

Reagan Lush - Coolest Stepmom Ever

Reagan Lush went through her stepson's bag and fount that he got an F. Johnny Love was all defensive and promised he would do anything if his dad wouldn't find out. Even do chores, even scrub the floor. That was an idea. Reagan dragged him to the bathroom and made him scrub the floors. As Johnny was scrubbing she decided to take a shower. Johnny got nervous as she was undressing next to him. He peeped at her from to time. While showering she decided she needed better cleaning. She asked Johnny to join her in the shower. So Johnny now scrubbed Reagan instead of the tiles. First her breasts, then her ass and pussy until they were sparkling. She decided to thank him with a blowjob. Then they fucked on a sofa chair that was in the bathroom. They did doggy, missionary, she was riding him. Johnny fucked her really hard until he pulled his dick out and came into her face.

Tokyo Lynn in 'Big Booty Tokyo Lynn'

Tokyo Lynn - Big Booty Tokyo Lynn

Tokyo Lynn is desperate for dick. She has been jiggling her big fat ass all over Miami in an attempt to find the dick. But we take her home. She plays with her curves, even more, she gets oiled up and is nice wet and slicked. Johnny Love comes in and makes her happy. She puts her large mouth on his dick. She sucks it up like spaghetti. Her pussy is so wet for him that she hops on and rides the dick. Her ass is out of control and bounces everywhere. Johnny can't take it anymore and gives her a big fat load on her face.

Lani Rails in 'I Thought You Liked Me'

Lani Rails - I Thought You Liked Me

Lani Rails was doing her morning jog when she passed a weird nerd who was staring at his cell phone while walking and said hello to him. Johnny Love was amazed that a girl would talk to him and decided to follow her. He quickly ran after her. When she entered her house he closed the door too quickly for him to follow. So Johnny sneaked around the house until he found the bathroom window and was able to peep in. There was Lani, taking off her clothes going to the shower. Nothing was better than a shower in the morning after a nice jog. Her mind drifted into subconscious sex fantasies and she started to masturbate. The shower hitting her clit was helping to reach the - who was staring at her?? She jumped out grabbed Johnny and pulled him into the bathroom. He stuttered I thought you liked me! At the moment she liked anything that would get her off, so she dragged Johnny all dressed back to the shower. He had to lick her pussy. That didn't do the trick so she used Johnny and the shower head. Johnny got soaked. She had pity on him and sucked his dick hard. Then she dragged him to the bedroom and fucked him. First she did the reverse cowgirl, then she made him doggy her. They spooned and fucked more and more until he s**t his load all over her face. Then she quickly kicked him out as her boyfriend was coming.

Jennifer White in 'Re-Arranging Their Interiors'

Jennifer White - Re-Arranging Their Interiors

Jimmy & his pal Johnny are playing craps like a coupla neighborhood toughs when the interior designer Jimmy's stepsister hired shows up to their house. Jimmy instantly falls in lust with stylish new sexpot Jennifer, which gives Johnny a chance to try his luck with his long-time crush, Harley. They sneak around & press the girls for some intense action and manage to score pretty big. Jimmy pulls the ultimate Chad-move & ends up re-arranging both girls' interiors!

Joey White in 'BJ For The DJ'

Joey White - BJ For The DJ

Joey White, a famous social media influencer, is getting ready for a huge Halloween party she's throwing. Her dad is helping her set up, then the DJ, DJ Lovey Dovey arrives and instantly fanboys over Joey. She flaunts her ass to him before crawling under the DJ Table and secretly sucking his dick while her dad is on the couch. Once the dad leaves them alone, Johnny can finally worship that ass. He oils up that booty and then she gives him the blowjob of his dreams before he fucks her hard in multiple positions and paints her face in jizz for a really good Halloween.

Violet Gems in 'Your Hole's Next'

Violet Gems - Your Hole's Next

Violet and Johnny are getting ready to go to a Halloween party. However, as Violet is still putting her costume on, Johnny decided to make her fantasies come true. He quickly disguises himself and surprises Violet. They soon find themselves in the middle of a little chase. Eventually Johnny pulls out a toy perfect to stretch her tight little pussy. He begins to fuck her with a huge black dildo. Violet loved every single inch of it. From there it was time for the real deal to come out. So Johnny pulled his cock out and she quickly began choking and sucking on it. From there, her tight hole was penetrated in several different positions before receiving a huge load all over her face.

Wendy Raine in 'Step Mommy teaches me a Lesson'

Wendy Raine - Step Mommy teaches me a Lesson

Johnny has been home for a long time and Wendy told him to clean up his mess before she arrives problem is Johnny forgets and doesn't feel like it so his stepmom decides to give hm a lesson he will never forget. You wanna be a dirty boy Johnny, Step mom is gonna clean you right up.

Graycee Baybee in 'Step Mommy Takes Hot Shower'

Graycee Baybee - Step Mommy Takes Hot Shower

Johnny is obsessed with Graycee Baybee, they'd probably make a cute couple except for the fact that she's his step mom. She catches him peeping on her while he was supposed to be at school. She had just enough time before work to help him with his morning wood. He gets to fulfill his fantasy of fucking his step mom and it's amazing. He eats her pussy and booty hole, she rides his cock and deep throats it. He even gets to jizz on her face. Now she's obsessed with his cock.

Advoree in 'The Shiniest Ass In The Land'

Advoree - The Shiniest Ass In The Land

Advoree has Johnny Love staying over at her Mansion. She decides he should be put to work and needs his help oiling her massive tits up. When I say massive it's only because I don't know a better word for the biggest tits I've ever seen. But then things get even more freak of nature when she turns around and her ass is even more massive. Johnny Love quickly goes to the oil store and cleans it out. He has to use all the oil in the land to cover her body. Then she gets in the pool and shakes her ass for the ass parade and makes Johnny's dick really hard. She returns the favor he did by sucking his dick then letting him explore the peaks and valleys on her body. He fucks her with all his might and cums all over her ass.

Ariel Pure Magic in 'Wife Next Door'

Ariel Pure Magic - Wife Next Door

Johnny Love just moved into the neighborhood. He thinks it's a good idea to walk into the neighbors yard to say hello. It was a really good ideal because Mrs. Ariel Pure Magic was tanning outside, naked. She's oiling up her fat jugs and Johnny can't help but

Sandy Love in 'Quick Cash, Quick Clean'

Sandy Love - Quick Cash, Quick Clean

Sandy Love is here to clean Johnny's house, but when he notices her perfect body, he knows he needs more than just a house cleaning. He offers her some money to clean naked for him, at first she's hesitant but she agrees and slowly strips off her clothes, revealing an AMAZING booty and perfect tits. She continues to clean while Johnny watches her beautiful body scrub all the nooks and cranny's around his crib. He starts masturbating and offers her some more money to help him out. She gets on her knees and gives him an amazing blowjob before he fucks her in multiple positions and pops a huge load all over her.

Gia OhMy in 'Precious Pussy, Open Throat'

Gia OhMy - Precious Pussy, Open Throat

Gia Ohmy and Johnny Love act like horny teens when they have to sneakily fuck in her bedroom at her dad's house. Her overly endearing father won't stop ruining her good time by knocking to offer her snacks and drinks. Johnny hides but is eager to get back to fucking before the next interruption.

Madison Brite in 'At Home Gym Sex'

Madison Brite - At Home Gym Sex

Johnny's stepmom has a rockin' body, she loves to workout and get naked directly after. He decides to sneak into her room and spy on her and film a little video of her naked. He goes to the bathroom to jerk off to the video and she catches it. She's not mad, instead she's turned on. She finds it hot and decides to help him get rid of those urges he has. She sucks his dick and takes him to the bedroom to fuck him. They fuck in multiple positions and he leaves a huge load all over her face.

Jennifer White in 'Unexpected Threesome'

Jennifer White - Unexpected Threesome

Johnny Love arrives home with his girlfriend, Camila Cortez. As they walk in the house, they bump into Johnny's step mom, Jenifer White, and this is where everything changes. Camila is instantly attracted to his step mom, so much so that when she goes in for a hug, she decides to squeeze Jennifer's ass. Jennifer is faltered by this, so later that day she goes over to Johnny's bedroom and slowly opens the door. Inside Johnny and Camila are making out. Without him noticing, Jennifer flashes Camila and calls her over. Camila makes a quick excuse and exits the room. Only to head over to Jennifer's bedroom and they start to have some fun. Eventually, Johnny sets out to look for his girlfriend only to find her down in between his step mom legs. He's shocked at first, but that quickly changes when they proposition a threesome. From there, the real fun

Blake Blossom in 'Spy Cam Threesome'

Blake Blossom - Spy Cam Threesome

Blake Blossom hired a private yoga instructor to relax and do some yoga. Her boyfriend, Johnny, is in the room setting up his very own remote control spy cam. Her instructor, Slimthick Vic, has a PERFECT ass, and Blake can't seem to keep her eyes off of it. She pulls down Vics pants and the two girls worship each other for some intense lesbian sex. When Johnny catches them fucking with his new spy cam, he wants in on the action. The girls take Johnny in and they have an intense threesome. They fuck in multiple positions until Johnny lets out a huge load all over both of their faces.

Bonnie Bun in 'Bonnie's Cleavage'

Bonnie Bun - Bonnie's Cleavage

Bonnie Bun was walking in the street when the boys stopped and asked if she ever was in a tube. They offered her $100 for an interview. Obviously she agreed. She was a very funny girl with a very charming laugh. She was 24, worked in customer

Willow Ryder in 'The Perfect Booty'

Willow Ryder - The Perfect Booty

Johnny Love has been looking for the perfect booty. Little did he know, his step sister, Willow Ryder possessed said treasure. After spending weeks trying to draw the most perfect ass, he noticed that in was right in front of him the entire time. He confronted her and let her know what she held in her possession. Willow was a bit shocked by the revelation but her shock soon turned into excitement. From there, they decided to have some fun. First, johnny worshiped her booty. He was glimmering with happiness just by watching her twerk her glorious asset. Eventually, things escalated a bit. Willow's tight pussy was penetrated by her step brother in several different positions making her orgasm several times. Finally it all culminated with a huge load all over her face.

Mandy Rhea in 'Stepmom's Deep Clean'

Mandy Rhea - Stepmom's Deep Clean

Mandy is getting ready for work and needs to hop in the shower, but her stepson Johnny is taking way too long. She has no time to wait, so she barges in there while Johnny is showering and gets in there with him. Johnny is super nervous, it's his stepmom, but her body is perfect. Her perky tits are staring right at him, and he can't keep his eyes off of them. She notices his boner and realizes that he's WAY bigger than his father. She can't let him go with blue balls, so she decides to handle it. She deep throats his dick before begging him to stick it inside of her. They fuck in the shower and then move to the bedroom so she can know what a real dick feels like. They fuck in multiple positions and then he lets out a huge load all over her face.

Natasha Nice in 'The AV Club'

Natasha Nice - The AV Club

It's movie night at Natasha's place & new stepson Johnny & his buddy Donatello are excited because Bunny, his stepmom's super-hot friend is coming over. When the bros spy the MILFs inserting a new Wi-Fi controlled toy into themselves, they just about lose their minds dreaming of the possibilities to come! But when Donatello finds Johnny's dad's boner pills - a whole new problem arises. The horny MILFs fix Donatello's issue & decide they deserve some hard cock in an overwhelming threesome with Johnny!

Carmela Clutch in 'This Pussy Clutch'

Carmela Clutch - This Pussy Clutch

Carmela Clutch be sucking and fucking dick. Johnny Love be fucking and busting pussy. It's a beautiful world. Young guys fucking thick ass milfs and nutting in their mouths. She is so fine, if you ever get to fuck an ass that fat you're a lucky guy. She sucks

Yum Thee Boss in 'A Real Ass'

Yum Thee Boss - A Real Ass

Yum the Boss is looking for Johnny everywhere but he's too busy jerking off to big asses on XVideos. Yum Can't deal with his nonsense. Why look at porn when he can have the real thing. Yum offers her gigantic ass to him. She sits on his face suffocating with her butt and pussy. She starts rubbing his meat. She sucks his dick hard, dominates him, and eats his ass! They they finally get to fuck. She presents her hole in the doggy. Then to ridding and then missionary. He finally cums all over her face.

Ariel Pure Magic in 'Big Booty Dominican Maid'

Ariel Pure Magic - Big Booty Dominican Maid

Ariel Pure Magic is back! Don't tell anyone she's a porn star, she's trying to make some side cash as a maid. Johnny Love happens to be the stud to hire her when he needs his house cleaned up. She takes her job seriously as well as the cash she begins

Mila Mars in 'Brown Bunny Step Sister'

Mila Mars - Brown Bunny Step Sister

Mila Mars had a stressful day. It was time to relax all the way. She undressed and went to the shower. She had this cute little pink dildo with a suction cup. She attached it to the shower door and tried to masturbate with it. But it was sort of awkward to move to the door to get the in and out effect. Her step brother Johnny Love walked in on her. He was about to excuse himself and go back out but Mila had an idea. She asked for his help. Johnny was now the one moving the shower door back and forth. Watching the in and out. He got pretty excited watching it. He went fast and faster until Mila came. She looked at his hard on and decided it was his turn to have fun. She gave him a nice long blowjob. Then they went to the bedroom to fuck. They started out with doggy. Then she was riding him, both ways. And next they spooned until he s**t his load into her face.

Blake Blossom in 'MILF Librarian is Secretly Addicted to Eating Cum'

Blake Blossom - MILF Librarian is Secretly Addicted to Eating Cum

Blake Blossom heads to her local library to give her subscribers some public fun. Johnny Love is looking for a book when he scopes Blake flashing her audience. He spies on her until she is alerted by an audience member – crafty Blake uses the opportunity to recruit the voyeur for her livestream. All the commotion tips off Jenna Starr - a lonely, cum-addicted librarian - to the shenanigans that are happening under her professional roof. Jenna inconspicuously tries to consume their leftovers but ends up getting a full dining experience in a wild threesome!

Josie Tucker in 'Ride and Fuck'

Josie Tucker - Ride and Fuck

Josie Tucker and Johnny love where meant to be. So when she asks for a ride in the bus Johnny is very happy and horny. She isn't understanding until she gets her tits out and feels his soft cock. She gets horny and then makes him hard. She deep throats his cock and then rides it hard. He fucks her in the back of the bus and she loves every moment she even squirts. He continues to fuck her until he obviously cums in her face. They ditch her on the side of the road but hope she comes back for more.

Crystal Rush in 'Anal Yoga with Stepmom'

Crystal Rush - Anal Yoga with Stepmom

Johnny stressed out but Crystal Rush knows what to do. She's an avid Yogi. but he's too distracted to focus on the practice. He can't help but to look at her perfect round ass and her beautiful big tits while doing the stretches. She notices that Johnny is not doing the movement and has another idea on how to relieve the stress. She gets down on her knees it sucks on his girthy cock. Johnny is taken a back. But he rolls with the punches. He fucks stepmom vigorously. She said The best way to relieve stress is the fuck her in the butt. Johnny destroys her hole. And give a big fat load on her face. The stress is gone.

Luna Mills in 'Luna Likes it in the Ass'

Luna Mills - Luna Likes it in the Ass

Luna Mills came to clean Johnny Love's house. Johnny was a funny dude, who kept filming her and when she wasn't watching he was talking to the camera. But most of the time he kept filming her. Her beautiful body, her breasts, her ass. He made her

Bailey Brooke in 'Hypernatural Tits'

Bailey Brooke - Hypernatural Tits

Bailey Brooke is back and is ready to get wild and wet. She shakes her voluminous ass. It's so good her tits fall out of her top. Twerking in the pool, her pussy is drenched and drowning in her fluids. Johnny steps in to fuck her nice and hot. She sucks his nice lengthy juicy cock. She takes his hard dick in her pussy and rides it. She loves every minute of sex. He cums all over her pretty face.

Nami Lee in 'Fucking Over Masturbation'

Nami Lee - Fucking Over Masturbation

Nami Lee was horny and went for some private time to the bathroom. She started to play with her nipples then her fingers went down to her pussy and clit. She started to moan slightly. Just in that moment Johnny Love was passing by the door. He stopped and listened. Wow, she is masturbating! He quietly opened the door so he could watch. In no time he got caught. His step mom was so embarrassed. She was sorry. She was missing a human touch. She was missing sex. Well Johnny offered help. Obviously she refused. At first. Then she gave in. Johnny licked her pussy. Really well. She gave him a nice blowjob. Then they moved to the bedroom to fuck. They started out spooning. She was amazed how big her step son's dick was and how hard he could fuck. She was riding him. They did doggy. During missionary Johnny was chocking her. She liked it. He came in her face.

Demi Diveena in 'Divine Bus Bang'

Demi Diveena - Divine Bus Bang

This week we spot the gorgeous Demi. She was running, but we caught up to her. We offered her a ride in the air-conditioned bus. We convinced her to take off all her clothes. She was so horny she started to rub her delicious pussy. Jonny couldn't help himself and started jerking off next to her. She realized what was happening and knew what to do. She started sucking his cock. Then She got on all four to fuck doggy. She loved his stoke game. They changed to cowgirl and then missionary. Jonny couldn't hold back any longer and cums all over her face. We can't wait to see her again.

Zoey Reyes in 'Juicy Booty Gets Pressed'

Zoey Reyes - Juicy Booty Gets Pressed

We got the voluptuous curvaceous babe, Zoey Reyes. She got it all tits, ass, and pussy. She gets her body nice and clean in the shower with a lot of soap on her boobs and butt. After stepping out of the shower, she oils her giant ass. She slips and slides into bed. Jonny is ready to worship and get suffocated by her ass. He gets the best blowjob of his life. She presents her ass to him and he dives right in. They fuck so good she moans in delight. He burst his cum all over her face.

Victoria Lobov in 'I Saw Your Butt Plug'

Victoria Lobov - I Saw Your Butt Plug

Victoria Lobov wasn't really a big fan of cleaning but she found a way how to make it enjoyable. A little butt plug in her ass made her feel every single move she did. Clean left, clean right, pleasure both ways. So she was just cleaning up the sofa, bent

Karma RX in 'Sneaky Perv Gets Fucked'

Karma RX - Sneaky Perv Gets Fucked

Johnny Love can't stop spying on his stepsister Karma RX. She catches him filming her masturbating and decides to get these urges out of him and making his dreams come true. She dominates him and fucks him hard. She titty fucks him and then gives him the best blowjob he's ever gotten. They fuck in multiple positions until she gets a huge load out of him.

Piper Press in 'Stepmom Cures Blue Balls'

Piper Press - Stepmom Cures Blue Balls

Piper Press presses her fat tits on Johnny Loves dick. Johnny love gets caught skipping class to tan. His step mom had the same idea but didn't expect to see him by the pool using her expensive tanning oil. She has him oil her tits as punishment. He's more than happy to rub her down. He gets blue balls and his step mom has no choice but to help him relieve himself. She sucks his cock then lets him pipe her hard so he can drain his balls on her. She rides his cock hard and cums on his dick before he obviously cums on her face.

Artemisia Love in 'Italian Love'

Artemisia Love - Italian Love

Artemisia Love came home from a business trip. The house was a mess. Dirty clothes and dirty dishes everywhere. And Johnny Love was in her shower. He didn't see her coming in as he was just shampooing his hair. As he was rinsing the water off she kept adding shampoo. A wonderful prank that kept going on for a while until Johnny got all stressed out. She stopped adding shampoo, Johnny finished rinsing, opened his eyes and jumped as he saw her. He thought his stepmom would only be back in 2 days. She decided it was time to get payback Italian style. She got undressed next to him. Johnny had no clue what was going on. She told him his punishment was to eat her pussy. So he did. He licked the clit, he licked her lips, he licked her ass. Then she sucked his dick. Her throat embraced it. They fucked. Still in the shower. Leaning against the shower wall. On the floor. Standing up. They fucked the doggy, they fucked the missionary, they did the cowgirl and guess you guessed what happened in the end. He came all over her face.

Alex Coal in 'Naughty Professor'

Alex Coal - Naughty Professor

Johnny Love decides to sneak over to his professors home to egg her house after discovering that she gave him a 'B' on his final exam. His professor, Alex Coal, catches him and drags him inside by the ears. Johnny breaks down and cries, which gives Alex an idea. She'll raise that grade to an 'A', if he gives her that D. Johnny is shocked but once he sees her tits and perfect ass, he's hard as a rock and ready to fuck for that grade. They have powerful sex in multiple positions until he shoots a huge load all over her face.

Khloe Kapri in 'Caught And Kinky'

Khloe Kapri - Caught And Kinky

Carmela Clutch is trying out her new VR headset when she accidentally stubs her toes. Carmela is on the couch, kissing and sucking on her toes to make them feel better when Johnny catches her in the act. Johnny can't resist a pair of gorgeous feet and jumps at the chance to worship Carmela's perfect toes! Carmela and Johnny are going at it when Khloe Kapri busts the two cheaters. Lucky for them, Khloe is feeling kinky and she joins in for some threesome fun. Balloons zip and whirl around their heads as the threesome suck and fuck each other until they can't take anymore!

Joslyn Jane in 'Step Mom Takes Control'

Joslyn Jane - Step Mom Takes Control

Johnny used his step mom's credit card to sign up and watch a bunch of porn. Once Joslyn Jane received her credit card statement, Johnny has some explaining to do. She wasn't happy about it, she confronted him. But Johnny quickly began to apologize. Then, an idea came to her. She asked to be fucked like they do in that porn website he loves so much. Johnny didn't hesitate for a second. Soon, he was stretching his set mom's pussy in several different positions. Making her cum with every stroke. Eventually, it all culminated with a giant load all over her a face and a secret they will share forever.

Bailey Base in 'Step Sister's First Date'

Bailey Base - Step Sister's First Date

Johnny catches his step sister, Bailey Base, masturbating in her room. She explains to him that she's got a first date tonight and really needs his help sexually. He's hesitant at first, but he can't resist her perfect body. He massages her tits before she teases and sucks his dick. They fuck in multiple positions and get her ready to fuck on that date tonight.

Joanna Angel in 'Horny Mom Wants Anal'

Joanna Angel - Horny Mom Wants Anal

Joanna Angel was home alone and her ass was horny. She grabbed her new dildo, attached it to the kitchen counter and started to ride it. Little did she know that Johnny Love was home from school early. He walked in on her. Both startled and jumped. Johnny was embarrassed. Joanna tried to explain what was going on. His dad would not fuck her in the ass. That is why she had to use the dildo. Johnny thought she misspoke. In the ass? You don't fuck girls in the ass! You fuck them straight in the pussy. Joanna saw that being a good step-mom she still had to teach Johnny a few things. She helped him undress, sucked his cock, titty fucked it and slid it in her ass. Then she fucked him good. It was so much tighter than a pussy. So much better. Johnny got fucked a lot more and he learned his lesson. He pulled out of the ass and s**t his cum on Joanna's pussy.

JC Wilds in 'Wild Chick Hops on The Bus'

JC Wilds - Wild Chick Hops on The Bus

This week we pulled up to this chick sitting on an abandoned sofa in the middle of nowhere. She claimed to be waiting for her friends, but none of that interested use. All we cared about is how much money it would to to get her inside the bus. After some talking, and some hesitation from her, we eventually figured out the right amount to get her to take a drive with us. Once inside, it was much easier to get her naked and eager to fuck our boy Johnny. Her eyes would light up every time we flashed money in front of her face. Eventually, she started sucking dick and not long after that she was getting her pussy stretched all over the bus. She loved every single inch of it, this chick seems to love cock. After she was properly fucked, it was time to drop her off in the middle of nowhere.

Blake Blossom in 'Soapy and Horny'

Blake Blossom - Soapy and Horny

Blake Blossom is trying to enjoy a nice bath and masturbation session, but her roommate Johnny barges in because he's gonna be late to work and needs to shower. He gets naked in front of her, which turns her on even more so she decides to have some fun. She pushes her tits against the shower glass and then the real fun begins. She gives him an amazing blowjob before they fuck in the bath tub for multiple positions and he shoots a huge load all over her face.

Kendra Heart in 'Mom Of Your Dreams'

Kendra Heart - Mom Of Your Dreams

Johnny Love is going over to his friend Jacob's house for a night out, but when Jacob is stuck at work, he waits inside with his friends Mom. He instantly finds her sexy, and he can't stop having these sexual fantasies about her. She catches him with a boner and decides to help him out. She strips naked for me before giving him an amazing blowjob, and they fuck for multiple positions until he lets out a huge load all over her face.

Anissa Kate in 'Stepmom's Anal Fantasy'

Anissa Kate - Stepmom's Anal Fantasy

Johnny is creeping on his stepmom Anissa while shes in the tub. He catches her as she's using a dildo to masturbate. She starts to stick the dildo in her ass and then catches Johnny staring at her. After confronting him in the living room, she admits that Johnny's father never does Anal with her, and she fucking LOVES it. She has an idea, and asks Johnny if he'll fuck her in the ass. Her perfect body makes it impossible for Johnny to not get rock hard. He fucks her throat and then sticks it in her ass and makes all her dreams come true. He shoots a huge load all over her face.

Casca Akashova in 'Pay Respect To The MILF'

Casca Akashova - Pay Respect To The MILF

Hardworking MILF Casca Akashova is supposed to have the house all to herself tonight. As soon as her daughter leaves, she lights candles and pours herself a hot milky bath. Casca's going to pleasure herself all night long, and nothing will stop her. She's relaxing and rubbing her pussy, when Johnny the Kid, her daughter's boyfriend, comes in unannounced, looking for his girl. The rose petals and the candles displayed all over the bathroom lead him to think his girlfriend prepared something special for the evening. He's quite surprised when he sees his mother-in-law masturbating with the showerhead. Aroused, voyeur Johnny sneakily jerks off. He's sure he's in trouble when Casca finally catches him. "Whatever," she says, much to his relief. Doesn't she deserve some hanky-panky with her future son-in-law?

Cassie Del Isla in 'I Want It In My Ass'

Cassie Del Isla - I Want It In My Ass

Cassie Del Isla was washing dishes when her step son Johnny Love came home. He went straight for the fridge to d***k something. But he was smelly as fuck. Cassie asked him to go and take a shower. Johnny refused. Cassie grabbed him and pulled him to the bathroom. Johnny was still fighting her until he realized she would shower with him. Now he started to like the idea. She washed is body and then went for his privates. Must be a French custom to wash each other there. Then it was his turn to soap her. Once she was all clean she ordered him to eat her pussy. So he licked it and liked it. She gave him a nice long blowjob and took him to the bedroom. Here they fucked. Obviously. But she had another surprise up her sleeve. Or shall we say up her ass? She told Johnny: I want it in my ass!!! What could the poor boy do? There were no other options. So he fucked her ass until it gaped and then he s**t a huge load into her face.

Lolly Dames in 'Gamer's Milf Fantasy'

Lolly Dames - Gamer's Milf Fantasy

Johnny was chilling just playing video games with his friend. His step mom, Lolly Dames, had other plans. She started having phone sex in her bedroom with Johnny's dad. Slowly she got louder and louder to the point that johnny and his friend went on to investigate. With their hears pressed against his step mom's bedroom door, they realized just what she was up to. Unfortunately for Johnny, the door swung open and he fell into her room. At first, Lolly was shocked and annoyed but it all quickly changed. Lolly was going to use her step son to get off. Johnny penetrated his step mom in several different positions. Making her cum several times. Eventually, she begged for him to drop a huge load all over her face.

Madi Laine in 'Healthcare Student Ready To Fuck'

Madi Laine - Healthcare Student Ready To Fuck

We got lucky today..we found a big booty hottie walking along the street. We stopped her and talked to her for a bit, but it didn't take too long to turn this shy nurses assistant, into a full blown slut. We throw some money at her and get her to show us her tits, then she hops on the bus and the real fun begins. After getting naked and seeing her amazing ass, Johnny Love was rock hard and ready to fuck. He fucks that pussy hard in multiple postions. He lets out a huge load all over her face, and then we get her outta here, on to the next..HA!

Sophia Leone in 'Throw That Ass Back'

Sophia Leone - Throw That Ass Back

Sophia Leone has the fat ass you need. Fuck it's juicy. She is sexy, young and thick as hell. Johnny The Kid is one lucky motherfucker but who better to pound her down than our bro. He fucks her hard, good, and long and makes her cum like a good slut. She sucks his dick fast and sloppy and bounces her fat natural ass all on his cock. Before she goes she obviously takes a huge load of cum on her face.

Quinn Waters in 'Step MILF'

Quinn Waters - Step MILF

Johnny Love lives the dream of fucking his step mom. He gets to play with her big ass jugs and she sucks his hard cock like a lollipop. She gets him in her bed and eats his ass and sucks his dick from the back. He fucks her hard and makes her cum. He makes her titties jiggle when he's inside her and his dick wiggles. He fucks her better than his dad and she loves it. When he's done fucking her he obviously cums in her face.

Abby Somers in 'Be My Buttplug'

Abby Somers - Be My Buttplug

Abby Somers was the hot tub playing with herself when her step son Johnny Love came home unexpectedly early. She asked if he would join her but he was much more eager to play video games. She turned around a bend over with a pretext. There was a big pink buttplug in her ass. Johnny got curious. What was that? She promised she would tell him if he would join her in the tub. Johnny was indeed curious. He stripped down to his briefs and jumped into the water. She asked if would be her buttplug. Johnny's wildest dreams have been surpassed. He played with the buttplug. Pulled it in and out. Out and in. Then he put 2 fingers in her ass, 2 fingers in her pussy. She gave him a bj and they fucked. First in the pussy, still in the hot tub. Then they went inside for anal. Johnny slowly squeezed his big dick into Abby's ass. Then he started to fuck her for real. Then she was riding him. He fucked her again until he s**t his cum all over her face.

SlimThick Vic in 'Super-Hot Neighbor and Big Natural MILF Drain Perverted New Stepson'

SlimThick Vic - Super-Hot Neighbor and Big Natural MILF Drain Perverted New Stepson

Johnny is surprised when his hot neighbor SlimThickVic shows up because she is locked out of her house. Johnny's new stepmom Ashlynn invites Vic in to clean up and have a shower. Johnny can't himself and gets caught spying on Vic by Ashlynn, who promptly tries to beat it out of him using her big naturals. When Ashlynn catches Johnny up to no good with the neighbor AGAIN, only a horny threesome will do!

Sarai Minx in 'At Home Testing'

Sarai Minx - At Home Testing

Sarai Minx welcomed nurse Johnny into her house hoping to get a simple covid test. However, Johnny had other things in mind. Upon seeing her perfect tits, he decided to take a closer look. Eventually, he even persuaded her to take off her top. Fed up with his obvious attempt to hit on her she demanded her covid test. Sarai was told to close her eyes and open wide. This is when Johnny took the opportunity to shove his cock in her mouth. At first she was shocked and taken a back. However, her frown quickly turned into a smile when she saw his cock. She decided to take him to her bedroom for the real fun to begin. Her tight pussy took cock in several different positions making her cum multiple times. Finally she got what she most wanted, a huge load all over her face.

Armani Black in 'Bum, Fun, Love'

Armani Black - Bum, Fun, Love

Armani Black is concerned for her stepson, Johnny Love. Who ironically has no one to love on Valentine's Day. She has a big idea; she tells Johnny to get ready. She quickly changes and gets the gift. She sees him in the living room and presents the gift, her body. Johnny is shocked and aroused. Armani presses her tits against his face. He loves it. She commands him to eat her pussy. He goes to town. She begs him to fuck her up the ass. He impales his dick in her hole. She screams in delight. He cums all over her face. Happy Valentine's Day.

Slimthick Vic in 'Anniver…Sorry'

Slimthick Vic - Anniver…Sorry

Slimthick Vic had everything ready to spend her anniversary with her husband. However, her step son, Johnny, was trying to do anything to ruin it. She told him to please get out of the house for the night and he refused to it. On top of that, when she was cleaning around the house, he decided to lift up her skirt and slapped her ass. Fed up with him, she decided to ignore him and go along with her plans. She changed into a sexy outfit as she waited for her husband to arrive home. However, she received a call that her husband got held up at work and won't make it in time for their anniversary plans. Disappointed by the news, she decided that she still wanted to get fucked. So dressed in her sexy lingerie, she went back to the living room and dragged him into the bedroom to give him a night that he'll never forget. She took her step son's cock in several different positions. Stretching her tight pussy with every single stroke. She enjoyed every second of before receiving a huge load all over her pretty little face.