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Joclyn Stone in 'and Michael Vegas in My Friends Hot Mom'

Joclyn Stone - My Friends Hot Mom

Jocyln Stone catches her son and his friend Michael peeping the hot neighbor chick with some big ol' binoculars! She shoos her son away to go clean the pool, but keeps Michael behind to teach him a lesson by flashing her big MILF tits in front of the huge specs. Not only that, but she pounces on the youngster, feeding him her big tits and deepthroating his hard dick and riding it cowgirl style until he cums all over her MILF tongue. That should teach the peeping Tom a lesson!

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Joclyn Stone in 'Blonde Joclyn Stone fucking in the table with her big ass'

Joclyn Stone - Blonde Joclyn Stone fucking in the table with her big ass

Joclyn Stone is in Mexico for a wedding. She's the hot mom of a groomsman and knows that the groom is anxious because the airline lost his luggage. She also knows that a massage would do him some good. As she rubs lower and lower, the tent in his pants gets higher and higher until he cums on her face!!!

Joclyn Stone in 'fucking in the couch with her big ass'

Joclyn Stone - fucking in the couch with her big ass

Jocyln Stone needs to move some furniture around. She doesn't want to move them herself, so she hires a local college kid to do it. But this cougar has a hidden agenda. She didn't tell him about her secret box: in her panties. Now he's going to have to fuck his way out of this situation and the vicious claws of a neighborhood cougar!

Joclyn Stone in 'fucking in the desk with her big ass'

Joclyn Stone - fucking in the desk with her big ass

Election Day is coming so Professor Stone is urging all her students to vote, but she doesn't know how to convince Alan. He just doesn't think his voice matters, so maybe she can convince him with a visual of her big tits and tight teacher pussy. Now he feels important.

Joclyn Stone in 'Horny Grannies Love to Fuck 14'

Joclyn Stone - Horny Grannies Love to Fuck 14

Poor Michael Del Ray. His girlfriend has dumped him and he feels the world has come to an end. He finds himself wallowing in misery in the backyard of his neighbor -- old Joclyn Stone. A grandmother and woman of the world, she immediately knows how to cheer up the young man. She has been through a lifetime of break ups and divorces. He just needs to get his dick back in a fresh hole to forget about that last one. And nobody has a fresher hole on the block than old Ms. Stone. Hot and horny granny brandishes that hairy pussy of hers for some hardcore dicking and an orasming good time. Fucked hard and drenched in cum she is happy to help a young man out.

Joclyn Stone in 'We Wanna Gang Bang Your Mom 23'

Joclyn Stone - We Wanna Gang Bang Your Mom 23

When you go off to college, the last thing you want is a phone call from back home telling you that your buddies have been taking turns fucking your mom. But there's one phone call worse than that! The phone call telling you all of your buddies have been gangbanging your mom! Guess What? Joclyn Stone is that mom, the whore next door who fucks all of your friends at the same time. WOW! You sometimes wish you lived next door to a sexy mom like that, right?!

Joclyn Stone in '- Blacks On Cougars'

Joclyn Stone - Blacks On Cougars

What's better than one young black cock? Two big black cocks, as you guessed, are all a raunchy cougar like me needs to keep happy. I was on the prowl for black cock when I came across these two black stallions which got my pussy soaking wet at first glance. I've had interracial sex on the brain all my life and now I was going to act on it. I took these two black studs to my pad and smiled from ear to ear once I got a glimpse at the cocks these two brothas were packing. I was sucking one and the other was taking liberties with my tight with cunt. Their cocks were so big that I thought they would touch as I had my mouth and pussy filled at the same time. I got two nice and thick black bombs sprayed on me and my daily black cock quota was met....two times over!