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Jennie Rose in 'Perfect Fucking Strangers'

Jennie Rose - Perfect Fucking Strangers

Jennie Rose is recording her workout routine for her members when the new gym manager, Kyle, walks in. Apparently, it's against gym policy to film there, but Jennie thinks she can convince Kyle to let her continue. She has Kyle whip out his big cock and she sucks and fucks it all over the gym equipment. Needless to say, Kyle decides to make an exception and let Jennie continue recording her videos.

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Queenie Sateen in '040623 Qe Sa'

Queenie Sateen - 040623 Qe Sa

All it takes is a little inspiration to open up a woman's sexuality. When Jennie and Queenie happen to catch some girl on girl action, an experiment leads to them becoming something more than friends.

Jennie Rose in 'Instincts'

Jennie Rose - Instincts

Jennie Rose

Natasha Nice in 'Holiday Hotwife Hustle'

Natasha Nice - Holiday Hotwife Hustle

Married couple Brad & Natasha are on a vacation road trip to spice up their love life as things have been a little too predictable as of late. They stop at the in-laws, hunky Joey & his lusty trophy wife Jennie. The get-together encourages the bored couple to inject some much-needed passion into their lives with a little help from their friends!

Jennie Rose in 'Portrait'

Jennie Rose - Portrait

Jeannie, a shy, conservative 'young married' sits in the dark in her robe, bathed in the television's glow. She watches with her knees drawn up to her torso, idly twisting her engagement ring and wedding band. Something is putting her on edge.

Lulu Chu in '10622 LC'

Lulu Chu - 10622 LC

10/26/22 - Lulu Chu