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Jazmyn in 'and Kyle Mason in My First Sex Teacher'

Jazmyn - My First Sex Teacher

Kyle visits his teacher, Jazmyn, after class to let her know exactly why he's been failing. Apparantly, one of Kyle's classmates has been flirting with him and it's been distracting him from his studies. Jazmyn decides the best way to deal with this is to fuck Kyle to get his mind off of it and back onto his studies.

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Jazmyn in 'Gets A Deep Tissue Massage'

Jazmyn - Gets A Deep Tissue Massage

Jazmyn the big tit beauty finally gets her massage today. She tells the masseur how she really needs this because she's had a stressful time at work. He offers her a special massage that he's certain it will help. She gets undressed and we get to see her natural big tits. She gets oiled up from her toes to her neck and this guy does a great job massaging her body. He inserts his cock inside her to help out with the stress and at first she was confused but she liked the 'deep tissue treatment'. She gets fucked from multiple positions where we see her big tits bounce until she got to cum all over them

Jazmyn in 'Cummin All Over Juicy Big Tits Is Great'

Jazmyn - Cummin All Over Juicy Big Tits Is Great

Jazmyn and her big tits tease us from the beginning. She plays around with ice cubes before the audio guy gets caught with his junk out. As he's being fired Jazmyn tell the camera man not to let him so so quickly because she's more interested into getting fucked than doing a solo. She's impressed with his cock sized and lets him play with her tits before she gives a blowjob and gets tit fucked. We get to see her big tits bounce like crazy as she gets fucked on multiple positions until the guy cums al over her tits

Jazmyn in 'Big Tit Jasmyn Gets Fucked Poolside'

Jazmyn - Big Tit Jasmyn Gets Fucked Poolside

This week we catch up with Jazmyn. She has one of the best pair of tits in the business. We take her and her big tits in the pool for some fun, there we managed to get some underwater shots of that perfect pair. After a bit of fetish it was time to get her properly fucked. Peter Green was the one in charged of stretching her pussy. He fucked her poolside in several different positions before delivering her a giant load on her giant tits.

Jazmyn in 'A Big Surprise for Big Tits Jazmyn'

Jazmyn - A Big Surprise for Big Tits Jazmyn

We ran into Jazmyn who is out on the beach riding a bike in a tiny bikini. The top can barely hold Jamyn's massive melons in place. She decides to go topless and we get to see those beautiful titties bouncing all around. Only in Miami boy! We tell her we got one of Miami's best studs as a surprise for her and she can hardly wait to see who it is. When we get back to the apartment she is extremely happy that it is the one and only Jmac. Once these two get going they put on a hell of a show with Jazmyn's bouncing titties being the main attraction of course.

Jazmyn in 'fucks the security'

Jazmyn - fucks the security

You know when you're jerking it all alone and you wish you had some there to help you with that - chicks never have this problem.  Jazmyn proves that here today. She's supposed to be shooting a solo scene today - just her and the hands - but Jazmyn gets worked up.  She becomes determined to get some dick come hell, high water, or handcuffs. Jazmyn has her eyes all over the hunky security guard when coming in. The cameraman cries a little inside when he realizes it's not going to be his lucky day. All he's getting to do is film Jazmyn ride that security guards dick and watching her big tits bounce.

Jazmyn in 'Fucking is more fun than cleaning'

Jazmyn - Fucking is more fun than cleaning

Big Lou and Maxx are super bummed out. The girl they were going to film with is a no-show. These things happen and now it's just the two of them hanging around. One of the unwritten benefits of working in porn is that there is never a shortage of hot women. Lou and Maxx aren't completely screwed over it seems. Tonight, though, it's slim pickings. The halls are a ghost town….except for Jazmyn. Jazmyn hasn't been around much because she got a real job cleaning the halls around the office. Jazmyn knew there were shenanigans afoot when Lou and Maxx approached her. She still listened to what they had to say anyway. It's been a while since her pussy got a good cleaning out and she figured why not. She had to finish her real job first, though. Jazmyn got naked to finish her cleaning. She was just going to end up naked anyway so she got it out-of-the-way. Now that's a good employee. With her job responsibilities complete, Jazmyn put her real skills to good use. Her tits look way more fantastic with a big cock nestled in-between them compared to when she's mopping floors with them. Jazmyn bounces all over Maxx's dick and lets him leave one more mess to clean up all over her face.

Jazmyn in 'Playing With Jazmyn's Fun Bags By The Pool'

Jazmyn - Playing With Jazmyn's Fun Bags By The Pool

As soon as I laid my eyes on Jazmyn's amazing rack I knew I had to show them to the world.This sexy Latina has a sweet pair of big jiggly tits. She loves to show them there's nothing shy about her. After giving us a show for a bit, the action got real. Bruno Dickens came over played with her big natural tits, poured oiled all over them and tit fucked her right. She got pounded, you can't miss this one feels, ENJOY!

Jazmyn in 'Finally getting my Fantasy Girl'

Jazmyn - Finally getting my Fantasy Girl

So things have been rough and i wanted to unwind. I been following a particular girl for a long time and am a huge fan of hers. The day i found out she did house calls I was so fucking excited. I called her up and arranged a meet up and she was more than obliged to do so. So the day comes and she is at the door the boobacious Jazmyn this girl i tell you i have been wanting for so long this girl is so fucking gorgeous perfect body and all amazing natural tits and a luscious fats and she latin and I'm really into latin chicks. We head up to the bedroom and she wants to freshen up so she does and next thing i see is Jazmyn in her underwear and sexy ones at that. I can't take it anymore but know not to go savage on her. I take my time and play with her breasts and feel her lips then its just too much and i put my dick right in her pussy. Wow i tell you the minute i stuck my dick in her i was in heaven this girl is so tight and warm inside its crazy hell i almost came after sticking it in. I would go as far as to say its better than my wife's. So she starts giving me a boobj ob and man they are soft as fuck and we get back to grinding oh it was the best sex i have had in so long Jazzmen was great and i can't wait to have her again.

Jazmyn in 'Stepmom Gets a Fuck Lesson'

Jazmyn - Stepmom Gets a Fuck Lesson

Paris Lincoln has a crush on her cello instructor. Her stepmom, brings this to light upon finding her diary, and fires the instructor on the spot. Only to have Paris sneak him upstairs for a little action. The stepmom discovers them in the act. However, her curiosity gets the better of her. Being that she has never been with a black man, she decides to join them in the fun.

Jazmyn in 'Horny stepmom shares stepdaughter and boyfriend.'

Jazmyn - Horny stepmom shares stepdaughter and boyfriend.

Sebastian and Stephani are hanging out watching television on the couch. In comes Stephani's room-mate, Jazmyn. Just returning from the gym looking sexy as ever. She was in a rush and needed help with boxes. Sebastian lends a helping hand with the boxes to the room, only to find a sexy Latin Goddess naked starring at her natural big tits in the mirror. Embarrassed and horny, Sebastian returned to his girl, ready to fuck. There's one thing. Jazmyn wanted to join in on the fun. There's no way he was going to turn this opportunity down. Now that sound like a grand time. Fucking each of them until he busted a good load on their face. Enjoy!

Jazmyn in 'Latina big natural tits take some black dick'

Jazmyn - Latina big natural tits take some black dick

This has to be one of the baddest Latinas to walk through these doors here at Bangbros headquarters! Jazmyn is all natural and we love it. Huge tits, a fat pussy and a juicy ass that's insanely delicious. She gives a tease that will leave you dick dripping. Believe me! Stallion get a chance to experience great sex with a very sexy Latina. Enjoy!

Jazmyn in 'Big natural tits handjob in public'

Jazmyn - Big natural tits handjob in public

The best thing about being in Miami are the babes and there are plenty for the picking,

Jazmyn in 'Hot Latina with big tits naked outdoors'

Jazmyn - Hot Latina with big tits naked outdoors

Jazmyn is a sexy mama who hails from Puerto Rico and is in town looking for a good time. She's not so much the party type except when it counts. She prefers to have a nice day on the beach getting in some sun and enjoying the weather. She likes to come home and take a shower to then get fucked on the kitchen counter top. You know, a relaxing day after the beach. We love when she comes by cuz it's always a good time. Her tits are spectacular and just looking at her pictures will get the blood flowing. The thing is to get the complete feel for Jazmyn you have to watch all her movies. Start with this one and you wont be sorry.

Jazmyn in 'Sexy Latina With Huge Natural Tits Gets a Facial'

Jazmyn - Sexy Latina With Huge Natural Tits Gets a Facial

This week we have the ultimate pair of boobs for you to enjoy. Jazmyn is such a horny girl she loves to show off her boobs, because it makes men hard just viewing those delicious size F tits. You cant resist them, its almost hypnotic who wonderful her twins are. You just want to slide you dick between those things and fucking go crazy. Check it out!

Jazmyn in 'Sucks Dick So Good!'

Jazmyn - Sucks Dick So Good!

Jazmyn is insanely hot! She wants to suck some dick and play with them between her huge tits. You will love to see those huge size F tits envelope you dick and get lost in those soft supple mountains. You should see just how hot it is to see her in action, Jazmyn can make a man cum with little effort, especially playing her tits and sucking you off, until you cum hard.

Jazmyn in 'Big Tits and A Creamy Pussy'

Jazmyn - Big Tits and A Creamy Pussy

Jazmin returns! If you don't know who she is, you better get familiar. Jazmin is a sexy Latina with huge natural tits and a juicy ass. Everyting about her is sexy. From her juicy plump lips down to her pretty toes. Brick thought so too. He lick her pussy until that pussy juice dripped out. Then fucked her tight pussy hard. Making Jazmin feel every inch of the dick. Making her cream all over the dick. Brick fucked her good. Check it out!

Jazmyn in 'Latin MILF loves young dick'

Jazmyn - Latin MILF loves young dick

Jazmin is a sexy thick milf with a booty that's more then a handful.

Jazmyn in 'Latina ass and tits, all juicy'

Jazmyn - Latina ass and tits, all juicy

Today we have the pleasure of bringing you the Puerto Rican hotty

Jazmyn in 'The Puerto Rican Queen'

Jazmyn - The Puerto Rican Queen

What a great way to wrap up the week then to watch some huge natural latin tits. Jazmyn is a prefect example of what a puerto rican goddess should look like. This girl is stacked from head to toe, huge natural tits, that are perfectly perky and an ass that is round jiggly and juicy. What more could you want from an update of Big Tits Round Asses, how about watching this girl get her pussy demolished by our good friend Champ. Well hope you enjoy this one cause it definitely will keep you on the urge of popping your top.

Jazmyn in 'Jazmyn's Perfect Natural 34DD Tits'

Jazmyn - Jazmyn's Perfect Natural 34DD Tits

So today we have the pleasure of bringing you Jazmyn, this latina is smoking hot, huge natural tits, with a big juicy ass to match. She is here to shake and bounce her massive natural tits, it's always a amazing to see perky tits oiled up and swinging around. After giving her tits a nice rub and massage Mirko gets down to business and starts pounding this poor girls pussy out. This girl is a pro when it comes to riding dick and backing that ass up. Mirko unleashes a massive load coating all of her tits. Enjoy

Jazmyn in 'Double D's and A Handjob'

Jazmyn - Double D's and A Handjob

Jazmyn, Jazmyn, Jazmyn!! Ladies & gents! What we have here is your typical Puerto Rican mama who's interested in only one thing & that's pleasing. She's so fucking sultry, so fucking hot, so fucking curvy it hurts the eyes if you stare too deep. Imagine for a second Jazmyn at your crib looking at you with those Latina eyes. She flicks her beautiful blonde hair back and licks her lips. Se tells you she want to jack you off. She tells you she wants to put your cock in between her tits & she wants your cum all over them. Put that in your spank bank meng! Jazmy is a treasure in this business cuz she exudes sensuality and plain hornyness. From her lips to her giantly wonderful tits. She's got double D's & she rocks them with pride. She's got no shame and pops them out to set everything off. There's surprises in this one so enjoy!

Jazmyn in 'Strickly Dickly For Jazmyn'

Jazmyn - Strickly Dickly For Jazmyn

This week on BTRA we bring you this hot puerto rican named Jazmyn. She got a great pair of tits and nice ass to go with it. I get her to show off her body outside as i oil her up. After getting all horny and wet outside and she takes on tony to get some hard fucking. She puts his dick between her tits as she sucks on it. We see her take dick for a while as her tits bounce all over the place. They go from cowgirl to spoon and doggy, ALL with non stop hardcore pounding N'JoY!!

Violet Vasquez in 'Gisselle's Fat Puerto Rican Ass'

Violet Vasquez - Gisselle's Fat Puerto Rican Ass

Hey Assparade stalkers! Here is a video you will love. We brought in two amazing Latin mommies by the name of Gisselle and Jazmyne. The girls bring it all with Gissele's giant ass and Jazmyne's huge natural titties. Shaggy had a full days worth of ass fondling and pussy popping. I must say he is one lucky SOB. On the bright side we caught it all on video and you can see every second of this ass pounding adventure.

Monique Fuentes in 'Ass-O-Rama'

Monique Fuentes - Ass-O-Rama

Hope you all like huge tits and Asses because today on Assparade we have both. We brought Monique Fuentes and Jazmeen in for a late night romp and I'll tell ya boy's these girls meant business today. I'm talkin hardcore cock sucking and pussy pounding for your entertainment. These ladies are fucking stunning and it would be a fucking sac-relige if you missed this update! Watch and enjoy.

Jazmyn in 'Boricua Boobies'

Jazmyn - Boricua Boobies

Jazmyn is a fine ass Puerto Rican woman who has a set of the juiciest tatas I've seen in a while. She's got a booty to match them tits and she knows how to work all of it. Carlo is a lucky man. As soon as he gets there he's immediately greeted by a warm sucking that gets the party started. Jazmyn can suck a mean dick and fucks like all hell has broken loose. Her caramel colored skin even gets Preston in the mix. It's hard to look at her and not want a hand job at least. Enjoy!

Jazmyn in 'tugs with her Tits'

Jazmyn - tugs with her Tits

I found Jazmyn in the waiting area reading a magazine. She told me she was waiting around for her scene and that she was kinda bored. So I asked Jazmyn if she had ten minutes to jerk my cock around. Surprisingly, Jazmyn said yes, she would love to...but with one exception. She wanted to do wit with her huge natural tits. Jazmyn squeezed my cock between those tits and tugged away. It felt so soft and awesome! Jazmyn's tits feel just so great. I was in heaven the whole time until I popped all over them. What a great day. I love when the girls have a little extra time on their hands...or tits!

Jazmyn in 'Puerto Rican Milf'

Jazmyn - Puerto Rican Milf

Welcome back! It's me Joey Ray back at it again ready to fuck another hot milf. The Puerto Rican princess Jazmyn stopped by my office looking for a part-time gig. Being that she had a banging body, there was no way I was turning done this hot milf. She has a nice smile, a juicy ass, and a huge pair of all natural tits. I couldn't wait to shove my cock in between those mountains. Before we went any further I just had to see them tits. She whipped them out and grabbed the lube of the desk and shined them bad boys up. Shoving a dildo between them. My cock was fucking hard as a rock! Next thing you know I was tit fucking this milf. She sucked my cock and then I fucked her on my desk. Fucking amazing! Come and watch me fuck the sexy milf Jazmyn. Enjoy!