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Jade Kimiko in 'Neighbor Affair'

Jade Kimiko - Neighbor Affair

Jade Kimiko asks her neighbor for a huge favor, if she could stay over until she gets her AC fixed. The neighbor has set up a guest bedroom for her, but she has a way better idea -- she's been wanting to get under the sheets with him for some time and what better time than now.

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Jade Kimiko in 'Sex Swing Stepdaughter'

Jade Kimiko - Sex Swing Stepdaughter

Stepdaughter gets stuck on her parent's sex swing and needs to call her stepdad for help. While helping her out, he can't resist her tight, wet pussy.

Jade Kimiko in 'Sparkling Jade'

Jade Kimiko - Sparkling Jade

Jade gets drenched in oil and enjoys a fat cock!

Jade Kimiko in 'Sexy Cards'

Jade Kimiko - Sexy Cards

Jade wears a sexy, red outfit to her date and they play a sexy game of cards.

Jade Kimiko in 'Easter Dick For Stepsis And Friend - S31:E10'

Jade Kimiko - Easter Dick For Stepsis And Friend - S31:E10

Jade Kimiko and Jade Maris are busy making Easter decorations. Although the girls are excited about the upcoming holiday, they're also horny and want a good dicking down. Jade Maris suggests that they should tease Jade Kimiko's stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, until he fucks them. They start by making dicks instead of Easter appropriate crafts, opening up the perfect opportunity to for the girls to tease him.The girls leave Parker alone, but only so they can go change into super sexy Easter themed lingerie. Dressed in sheer bras and thongs with little poof tails, they definitely look good enough to eat out. Returning to the living room, they beg Parker for his carrot. It's no secret what they want, and Parker is happy enough to let both Jades get on their knees to share his cock in a double blowjob.The girls hop onto the couch to present Parker with a pussy buffet to enjoy. He gives a good tonguing to Jade Maris first and then to his stepsis. Jade Kimiko gets to her feet and turns around so she can take a pussy pounding from behind as she eats her BFF out. Then Jade Maris takes her turn on her knees in the middle. The girls sit parker down so that Jade Kimiko can ride him in reverse cowgirl. They tag out one last time so Jade Maris can enjoy Parker's attention as she lays on her back, letting him pound her until he pulls out to nut on her belly. Leaning forward, Jade Kimiko helps Jade Maris enjoy the treat between kisses.

Jade Kimiko in 'You Know What I Want'

Jade Kimiko - You Know What I Want

Always horny, pocket sized coed Jade Kimiko is as fun and as flirty as it gets, even as she's taking her clothes off. If you're lucky enough to be invited to explore the puffy delight of her freshly shaved pussy, definitely take a taste before you shove inside and make her moan.

Jade Kimiko in 'Tight'

Jade Kimiko - Tight

Petite Jade Kimiko is so short and small that there's no question this exotic coed is as tight as it gets. When she dresses in short skirts and crop tops it's practically an invitation to come touch her until she's moaning. She's such a scrumptious sight in the nude, it may be hard to decide what to taste first.

Jade Kimiko in 'Petite Pleasure'

Jade Kimiko - Petite Pleasure

Petite Jade Kimiko is a little bit exotic with her tilted eyes and her short figure, which she knows only piques the interest of her potential lovers. She spends plenty of time primping and preening, ensuring that all her sexual conquests get to enjoy a slim toned body and a nicely shaved pussy.

Jade Kimiko in 'Gem'

Jade Kimiko - Gem

Erotic and exotic Jade Kimiko is as sweet and sensual as it gets, but she's also way too horny to keep her hands to herself. This hotblooded coed is short and sweet, with perfect handful titties and hard nipples that are almost as alluring as her puffy shaved fuck hole.

Jade Kimiko in 'Stepsis Needs Some Extra Cash - S30:E2'

Jade Kimiko - Stepsis Needs Some Extra Cash - S30:E2

Jade Kimiko and Jade Maris need some extra cash. The girls decide to start a business. After discussing what they're really good at, they decide to dress as handywomen and start their own bratty bitch repair business.Just as they've finished fixing the sink in Jade Kimiko's kitchen, her stepbrother Jaxxon Bold asks what they're doing. After a bit of back and forth, Jade Maris declares that Jaxxon's cock has a leak and that they need to fix it. Before Jaxxon can react, the girls have both popped their tits out and dropped to a crouch so they can tag team his fuck stick in a double blowjob.It's time for some double Jade fun as Jade Maris leans forward for Jaxxon to pound her in doggy while she eats her BFF out. Then it's Jade Kimiko's turn to enjoy Jaxxon's fuck stick as she lays on the kitchen island with him between her thighs. Jaxxon climbs onto the counter next, letting his stepsis ride his cock in cowgirl. Jade Kimiko finishes Jaxxon in cowgirl, riding until he pops out and nuts on her smooth twat.

Jade Kimiko in 'The Professor'

Jade Kimiko - The Professor

Jade is trying to convince her professor to change her grades. Hesitant at first, he gives in when she shows him her soaking wet pussy.

Jade Kimiko in 'Petite Asian'

Jade Kimiko - Petite Asian

Jade shows off her hot body in the tub. She gets wet and sudsy before joining Kyle in bed for a hot fuck.

Jade Kimiko in 'JADE KIMIKO Spread-Eagled In Fishnets'

Jade Kimiko - JADE KIMIKO Spread-Eagled In Fishnets

Fit, slender hottie Jade Kimiko models skimpy lingerie with fishnet stockings, stripping and strutting to start. The sheer garments perfectly accentuate her long legs as she teases. When the young, soft-spoken sweetheart meets up with top director/performer Mick Blue, they chat about her experience in porn. Jade soon stands to show off her perky booty. She lies spread-eagle on the couch, masturbating for the camera, prepping her tight twat for a thorough drilling. Mick slides his big cock into Jade's pussy, and he steadily slam-fucks her wet slit. She whimpers while wildly riding his rod, passionately kissing Mick through a steamy sex session. Jade fondles Mick's balls while she gives a sloppy blowjob. Finally, she opens wide for her creamy reward. When Mick splashes the bubbly girl with a messy cum facial, she smiles adorably, hot sperm dripping down her chin.

Jade Kimiko in 'Erotic Card Game'

Jade Kimiko - Erotic Card Game

Jade shows up to her date and plays a sexy game of cards that leads to sex.

Glenn King in 'Obedient Math Tutor'

Glenn King - Obedient Math Tutor

Bratty Jade Kimiko is a terrible student? she is failing her math class so her parents hire a math tutor for her? she rolls her eyes at him and decides to mess with him. As he tries to teach her about math, she puts her feet on him and rubs up against him? he becomes more and more distracted? she tells him to make it a game: she will get an answer right if he kisses her shoes. She laughs at him when he does it and tells him she wants him to do more things for her amusement.. next she makes him kiss her ass. He soon finds himself on the floor obeying her every command? she tells him he is going to take all her classes for her and do all of her homework and he obediently agrees? she has him right where she wants him: wrapped around her bratty little finger! HOT ASS WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, ARMPIT WORSHIP, FACESITTING, AND MORE!!

Jade Kimiko in 'Raver Girl'

Jade Kimiko - Raver Girl

Jade dances in a skimpy outfit and gets fucked by a big dick.

Bridgette B in 'MILF Gets A Pony Ride'

Bridgette B - MILF Gets A Pony Ride

Total cutie Jade Kimiko goes over to her BF's place only to be judged and harangued by BF's stepmom, Bridgette B. More drawn to the dominant Bridgette than to her actual date, Jade goes off searching for Bridgette and catches her playing with a dildo. Bridgette takes full control of Jade and fucks her all around the house in the most dominant fashion. In Bridgette's house, you play by Bridgette's rules.

Jade Kimiko in 'Did I Get Your Dick Hard'

Jade Kimiko - Did I Get Your Dick Hard

Today we have Jade Kimiko Jay needs a massage and Jade is one of the very best. Her small smooth hands makes for a very smooth lovely massage so good in fact your dick may respond in kind as Jay's did. Ms. Kimiko is dedicated to her job and dicks need massages too so she takes Jay to completion.

Jade Kimiko in 'Stepsis Needs Big Cock - S27:E6'

Jade Kimiko - Stepsis Needs Big Cock - S27:E6

Jade Kimiko is on the phone while her new stepbrother, Parker Ambrose, is trying to watch TV. Dressed in just a skimpy shirt and panties, Jade flops down on the couch beside Parker. He tries to scold her for her slutty conversation and clothes, but Jade insists that it's her house and she'll do whatever she wants.In response to Jade mocking him, Parker pulls his clothes down to prove that his dick isn't tiny like she claims. She tells him to just go ahead and jerk himself off, but watching her stepbro stroke that meat is too much; soon Jade finds herself masturbating alongside Parker. When she can't stand the heat another moment, Jade decides to touch it. That of course leads to a deep throat BJ and then a pussy licking in kind thanks to Parker.Jade is too far gone to do anything but spread herself wide open for Parker to fuck her on her back. Then she rides the fuck stick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. That's not enough for this horny coed; she gets on her knees so Parker can palm her big booty as he bangs her in doggy. Jade winds up on her knees, stroking Parker off until he nuts all over her face. When Jade's friend calls to say she's here, Jade says that something else came up and she'll have to cancel her plans.

Jade Kimiko in 'Tiny Pussy Gets Fucked'

Jade Kimiko - Tiny Pussy Gets Fucked

Jade Kimiko is waiting on the cock of her dreams. We got the biggest one we can get. The dick is almost as big as her forearm. Can she handle all that meat? She barely stuff the tip in, but Jade perceivers. She sucks the cock so well that she wants more. She gets it in her tiny pussy. It stretches her to the extreme. It looks like I cant fit but she makes it fit. her pussy wet with joy. He cums all over her pretty little face.

Mandy Rhea in 'Stepmom Soccer - Girl Cup Shootout'

Mandy Rhea - Stepmom Soccer - Girl Cup Shootout

Parker is stoked for the upcoming US Cup soccer match! As he enjoys the game with some snacks, his girlfriend Jade tries to tempt him away for some foul play – but Parker is just too focused on the finals. When Jade's new stepmom - Mandy - uses some soccer-themed tease to tempt Parker, his attention is totally redirected - leading to some red-card worthy sneaky sex! Jade eventually catches on but decides to join in like a team player – resulting in some hot triple plays & tons of scoring!

Jade Kimiko in 'Innovative Massage Techniques'

Jade Kimiko - Innovative Massage Techniques

Jade has to give a family member a massage as part of her homework assignment. Her stepdad is down for a hot and warm massage. Jade's massage is so good that it causes her stepdad Peter to get aroused. Peter wants to end the massage right away. Mom might be home soon and she can't find out. Jade explains that it's very normal and that she's willing to give him a happy ending. it will be all professional and mom will not find out. Jade massages her stepdads penis by giving slow strokes with her pussy, she promises she won't put it all the way in. Eventually, she gives in and put it all inside her tight pussy. Stepdad fucks her on all positions and busts hot cum all over her face.