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Gia OhMy in 'gives her friend's dad a sexy Daddy's Day surprise'

Gia OhMy - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Peter's wife and daughter areaway on a trip, on Father's Day of all days. Well his daughter's friend, Gia OhMy, hears about this and decides to stop by with a little gift for Peter. So Peter reads the card that Gia gave him which leads him to the bedroom where Gia has another present for him...her sweet pussy and big ass.

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Gia Ohmy in 'Bubble Butt Blonde Gets Kinky'

Gia Ohmy - Bubble Butt Blonde Gets Kinky

Gia Ohmy is a big-butt Barbie with blonde hair and blue eyes. This bubble-ass beauty loves to take a deep drilling from behind, but only after she gets the dick nice and wet with a sloppy blowjob. Her bright smile and smooth juicy ass make her an absolute pleasure to fuck all night. Her perky tits get put to use as she titfucks before hopping on top and slamming her ass back for a deep pounding. This girl is truly kinky and has a foot fetish. When it's time to bust a load she uses her soft soles to give a footjob that ends with a load of cum covering her feet.

Gia OhMy in 'Tall Sorority Sluts Corrupt The Nerd'

Gia OhMy - Tall Sorority Sluts Corrupt The Nerd

Blond cutie Gia OhMy is new to the sorority and having a tough time fitting in with some of her more aggressive roommates, namely the power couple of August Skye and Queenie Sateen. When Gia walks in on August after a shower, August decides to put Gia's tongue to work, getting the shorter girl to eat her pussy. This leads to some sneaky swapping, with August fucking both Gia and her girlfriend Queenie. When Queenie figures out what's going on, she has her own fun with Gia, before Queenie and August decide to double tram Gia in an aggressive lesbian threesome v(including some strap-on action!).

Gia Ohmy in 'Stepsis Just Needs The Real Thing'

Gia Ohmy - Stepsis Just Needs The Real Thing

Blonde babe Gia Ohmy wants to watch porn. When the TV doesn't work, she goes for her phone. Pulling her shorts down and sliding her hand into her sheer thong to rub the D, Gia gets comfortable. Things are just getting good when Gia's stepbrother Johnny Love walks in on her. Freaking out, Gia tells him to go away. He catches her again in the bathroom, and then again as Gia is riding a dildo in her bedroom.The third time Johnny walks in on Gia, she decides that maybe he should stay. She's been watching a lot of stepbrother porn, and she's getting some ideas about how much fun the stepsiblings could have. When Gia offers to suck Johnny's dick, he puts up some token resistance before letting her have her way. It turns out that Gia knows how to deliver one hell of a blow job, which just makes Johnny open to her suggestion that they take things all the way.Getting into bed together, Gia lays on her side and lifts her thigh so Johnny can fuck her from behind as they spoon. She rolls onto her back to change up the angle of penetration, but that's still not enough to satisfy her. Getting Johnny onto his back, Gia climbs aboard for a bouncing titty stiffie ride in cowgirl. Johnny gives it right back to Gia as he bangs her on her back, then has her get on her knees to take a doggy style pussy pounding. When Johnny can't hold back another moment, he pulls out to nut on his stepsister's big booty as she reflects that stepsibling porn is just as hot as the real deal.

Gia OhMy in 'Precious Pussy, Open Throat'

Gia OhMy - Precious Pussy, Open Throat

Gia Ohmy and Johnny Love act like horny teens when they have to sneakily fuck in her bedroom at her dad's house. Her overly endearing father won't stop ruining her good time by knocking to offer her snacks and drinks. Johnny hides but is eager to get back to fucking before the next interruption.

Gia OhMy in 'Gia Gets the Biggest Dick'

Gia OhMy - Gia Gets the Biggest Dick

Gia decides to trespass in your yard, but you catch her in the act. You ask her why she does it can she says she was looking for a giant dick. Luckily youre the biggest dick around. She pulls it out of your shorts and is impressed. The dick is longer than her face and more prominent than her forearm. She takes your large girthy member and stuffs it in her mouth. She loves sucking your dick. You decide it's time to fuck. You take her and ravage her hole. You take the lead and fuck her hole so well. You can't wait anymore and give her a thick layer of cum all over her slutty face.

Gia OhMy in 'Work it Out'

Gia OhMy - Work it Out

Gia OhMy walked into the living room as her sister was working out with her personal trainer, Peter Green. She decided to lure him in to her room with her perfectly plump booty. From there, she showed him all her wonderful attributes before almost getting caught by her sister. Eventually they fucked in secrecy. Her tight pussy was penetrated in several different positions until he sprayed jizz all over her face. Finally after getting his nut, Peter ran back to continue training Gia's sister all without her finding out.

Gia OhMy in 'Gorgeous Blonde Gia OhMy Creampied In POV'

Gia OhMy - Gorgeous Blonde Gia OhMy Creampied In POV

Alluring blonde babe, Gia OhMy, looks astonishingly eye-catchy in pink lingerie. The beautiful bombshell with big tits pleases herself with a vibrator while teasing the man behind the camera with her naughty words. Gia gives the lucky stud a sensual footjob until he can't control his lust any longer. The horny bloke teasingly slides his cock in and out of the busty blonde until her coochie is wet. Gia can't help but moan in delight while fucking her hard in missionary. The naughty lady then gives him a blowjob before riding his cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The horny lad keeps on fucking Gia's hairy pussy until he unloads his cum inside her. Gia then scoops the jizz and lets it flow out of her hole.

Gia Ohmy in 'Why Is Your Pussy Out Stepsis - S7:E5'

Gia Ohmy - Why Is Your Pussy Out Stepsis - S7:E5

Gia Ohmy is lying in bed reading with her vag and ass hanging out of her miniskirt when her stepbrother, Apollo Banks, walks past her open door. Apollo debates whether to say anything, but when he comes back past Gia's door he sees that she's now on her back, skirt hiked up to expose it all. He goes into Gia's room to ask what's going on. That's when Gia informs Apollo that she's been reading an article about how airing out her pussy before sex is very important. Gia has a date tonight, so she thought she'd try it out right away.Apollo is as understanding as he can be, but he also points out that Gia has some bed fuzz on her pussy lips. She asks him to take it off for her, which prompts her to suggest that maybe she has really exposed herself because she secretly wants to fuck her stepbrother. Gia goes on to tell Apollo that he has 30 seconds to finger her pussy or she's putting it away. How could Apollo say no? He goes right to work finger banging his stepsis as she moans her delight. Sine Gia can feel that Apollo is nice and hard, she unzips his jeans to get at his hardon. Her handie quickly turns into a blowjob as her horniness overcomes her.When Gia rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs, Apollo just goes ahead and shoves it right in. It turns out that Apollo's stepsis is a wildcat in bed! She wants it on her hands and knees in doggy, which is the perfect opportunity for Apollo to worship her big ass with his hand. Gia rolls onto her side for some deep spooning sex next, but despite her orgasms she's not finished with Apollo yet. Pushing her stepbrother onto his back, Gia climbs on top and sinks her hairy pussy down onto his fuck stick for a stiffie ride. She winds up on her back with Apollo going to town as he tries to peak. When he's ready to cum, Apollo tries to pull out. Wrapping her legs and arms around him, Gia holds her stepbrother in for a creampie. Dripping with Apollo's cum, Gia is all satisfied smiles.

Gia Ohmy in 'How To Please My Stepsister - S22:E4'

Gia Ohmy - How To Please My Stepsister - S22:E4

Gia Ohmy has a new apartment, so she has been working to get set up. She has her stepbrother, Tony, over helping her install electronics. Just as they're wrapping up, Gia gets a call from her soon to be ex boyfriend. Right in front of her stepbrother, Gia tells her boyfriend that she thinks they should see other people. Tony asks her what's going on, and Gia tells him that her boyfriend has been really bad and selfish in the bedroom lately.Tony tries to tell Gia that he doesn't think it's appropriate for them to talk about this, but Gia really needs someone to talk to. He tries to be a listening ear, so Gia spills the tea about all the things her boyfriend does that are selfish in the bedroom. Gia tries to get Tony talking about what he's like in bed. Pushing the envelope further, Gia starts attempting to get Tony to watch porn with her. She finally comes out and says she wants her stepbrother to fuck her. Showing off her big tits and big ass is enough to get Tony to finally agree. She keeps on stripping, peeling off her dress and g-string, so she can do a little turnaround for her stepbrother's approval.Once Tony has seen those goods, how can he say no to getting his little stepsister's mouth wrapped around his cock? Gia loves sucking dick, and she delivers a sloppy deep throat BJ to prove it. When Gia gets on her hands and knees and wiggles that booty for Tony to take her, Tony can't say no! He taps his big booty stepsis in doggy, then flips her on her back so he can squeeze those titties and nipples as he fucks her. Laying down, Tony gets Gia on top of him to go for a stiffie ride in her trimmed twat as he spanks and squeezes that ass. As a reward for her crazy fuck, Gia earns herself a mouthful of he stepbrother's cum to enjoy and swallow.

Gia OhMy in 'A Modern Romance - Bad Boy Meets GILF'

Gia OhMy - A Modern Romance - Bad Boy Meets GILF

Gia brings her new boyfriend Ace over to visit her stylish new step-grandmother Seka, for the weekend. Ace's introduction to Seka doesn't go very well, but that doesn't stop a burning passion from growing between the odd couple. As Gia tries to please her man with sexual favors, Seka can't stop thinking about Ace – leading to some sneaky anal sex & a very jaded young Gia!

Gia OhMy in 'All Grown up'

Gia OhMy - All Grown up

Gia OhMy was away at college for some time. When she returned, her step brother, Damion, was surprised at how much she had changed while away. Her ass is huge now. Shacked by his step sister's amazing ass, he decided to spy on her while she was in the shower. However that wasn't enough, he started masturbating to her as she showered. Eventually, she got out of the shower and caught him as he was enjoying himself too much and forgot to hide. This is when Gia got a surprised of her own. Her younger step brother, has a huge fucking cock. She decided to drag him over to the couch and she started sucking his big ol' dick. From there, things escalated quickly. Gia was soon getting her tight little pussy stretched by her step brother's giant cock. She took dick in several different positions as she begged him to cum all over her face.

Apollo Banks in 'Gia OhMy's Cute Ass'

Apollo Banks - Gia OhMy's Cute Ass

Gia OhMy was hanging out at the pool showing off her amazing body, tits and ass. Apollo Banks joined and spread some oil on her. Then they went inside and Apollo first ate Gia's pussy. She returned the favor and gave him an amazing bj. Then they fucked. Apollo's dick was really big, yet managed to fit perfectly into Gia's little pussy. They fucked in all the classic positions like doggie, riding, spooning, mish and in the end Gia got on her knees and Apollo s**t his godly load straight into her face.