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Carmen Hayes in 'and Michael Vegas in My First Sex Teacher'

Carmen Hayes - My First Sex Teacher

Michael is making up a test that he missed in Prof. Hayes class. While attempting to concentrate on the test, Prof. Hayes boobs are too big, too nice, and too out there for him. He keeps calling her over to his desk with inane and random questions, and finally after the third time, he just sticks his face in her massive cleavage. She is shocked, but is intrigued with this student's brash and bold nature. What's the harm in a little motor-boating in the classroom?

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Carmen Hayes in 'Three's Cumpany'

Carmen Hayes - Three's Cumpany

Carmen Hayes is black 'n' stacked and Christy Marks is white 'n' stacked, but they have a lot in common, stacked being the first thing. They're both very flexible and can get their feet behind their heads while a stud is drilling their sweet cunts. They both love cock. They both love pussy, too. Here, they come together in one of the most-intriguing scenes I've seen.

Carmen Hayes in 'What goes on in strip clubs gets on SCORELAND'

Carmen Hayes - What goes on in strip clubs gets on SCORELAND

Let me count the ways that Carmen Hayes gives me deep thoughts.

Carmen Hayes in 'There's never a dry seat in the house with Carmen Hayes'

Carmen Hayes - There's never a dry seat in the house with Carmen Hayes

Carmen Hayes, Kylee Nash and Christy Marks are the most-flexible big-bust models on the planet, and if there's anyone more flexible, I challenge that girl to reveal herself. Carmen's show-stopping move is to put her ankles behind her neck while she's being fucked, using a toy or spreading her labia with her fingers. I never get tired of seeing that. Her blow jobs are also special. She deep throats (not just dryly sucks the head), and she drools enough to win a sloppy blow job contest.

Carmen Hayes in 'In A Titty Daze!!!'

Carmen Hayes - In A Titty Daze!!!

Carmen Hayes is a fine ass black woman with TRIPLE, TRIPLE, TRIPLE EEEEEEE's!!! How often do you get to see big ass tits like this? God bless Carmen for being such a horny chick and loving to shake what her mama gave her. Besides the GIGORMOUS tits she has she's blessed with a plump ass and the fucking skills of a Jack Rabbit! I kinda feel bad for the guy fucking Carmen. It almost seems like it's an uneven match. Like David & Goliath except Goliath is a beautiful woman and her weapons are Gigantor tatas while David just has a small, tiny slingshot. Can David bring down the powerhouse that is CARMEN HAYES??!! Watch & find out for thy self. Enjoy!

Carmen Hayes in 'Carmen and Her Luscious Chocolate Tits!'

Carmen Hayes - Carmen and Her Luscious Chocolate Tits!

in this week brown bunnies update we have the beautiful carmen hayes and with her she brings the nicest set of TITS i have ever SEEN!!..i mean i do know this girl from way back but man has she GROWN! lol my boy Gonz went gaga when he saw her in all her glory lol..she slurped this dude down like no otha and loved every second of this dude thought he needed to even out the playing fields but this girls a vet and put it on him big time..let's just say she makes him MOAN ROFL..STAY TUNED!