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Blake Lovely in 'in Naughty Bookworms'

Blake Lovely - Naughty Bookworms

Blake takes her boyfriend Preston back to her dorm so that he can help her study. It's an all girls school so he's not not suppose to be there. Although, studying is the last thing on Preston's mind, he just got done with a test himself and wants to unwind with the help of Blake's pussy. They strike a deal with a quick blow job than back to studying but, Preston comes away with fucking her and cumming all over her tits.

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Blake Lovely in 'Young and Lovely'

Blake Lovely - Young and Lovely

Pornfidelity is proud to announce that we are popping Blake Lovely's cherry! Ryan takes picks her up in the middle of nowhere and convinces her to fuck right out the open, before taking her back home to finish her off in her first Boy/Girl scene ever! p.s. If you see her boyfriend don't tell him, we don't know if she has yet but w...