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Ava Sparxxx in 'and Kurt Lockwood in Naughty Bookworms'

Ava Sparxxx - Naughty Bookworms

Ava Sparxxx is one of the best student's in her class. She has great grades, she's been recommended to tutor other students, she's the president of the purity club, and she also loves giving blowjobs to the school mascot behind the bleachers. Her professor catches her in the act and she confesses that she just loves sex! He is ready to call her parents and let them know what their daughter has been up to in college, but Ava promises to give him more than just a blowjob if he promises not to tell. Let's just hope the mascot doesn't get jealous.

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Ava Sparxxx in 'Redheads Are Sexy 4'

Ava Sparxxx - Redheads Are Sexy 4

We have been given a nice Teen redhead gift and very pink pussy, Ava Sparxxx,this cold holiday season. She let us peel those honey soaked panties to the side and slip in our swollen cock, all the way in that hot young love hole. Ava just dripped pussy juice every time we thrust into her and came clean down her face and mouth full of cream.

Ava Sparxxx in 'School Girl POV 10'

Ava Sparxxx - School Girl POV 10

18 year old Redhead Ava Sparxxx is waiting around the library hoping to find some thick cock hanging around too. We found Ava rubbing her aching wet pussy and she grabbed our cock and started sucking hard. We had her sit on our hard cock and give us all the pleasure of fucking her tight, pink, young and very wet pussy balls deep and leaving a nice hot load on her red hair.

Ava Sparxxx in 'Loving Every Minute'

Ava Sparxxx - Loving Every Minute

Redhead coed Ava Sparxxx has never done a hardcore film before, but now that she's on camera she's super eager to try something new and please her man at the same time! They take things slow, peeling off one piece of clothes at a time until even Ava's bra and sheer panties are gone and her sweet pussy is dripping with excitement.After rubbing her beau's hard cock through his pants with her feet, Ava turns around and pulls his dick out so she can wrap her eager lips around its girth and deliver a blowjob. She may not have a lot of experience but she is very enthusiastic as she sucks him to total hardness.Now the moment of truth! Lying back and spreading her legs, Ava welcomes her guy into her cock hungry fuck hole. They take things slow at first, but as the sweet spinner's moans fills the room her man pumps harder and faster until she's thrusting her hips and cumming! After a few more seconds her beau pulls out and showers her back with his jizz while Ava smiles and enjoys the afterglow.

Ava Sparxxx in 'Mom Knows Best'

Ava Sparxxx - Mom Knows Best

Ava, her boyfriend Jake, and her stepmom Syren all return after winning her away soccer game. They are all so proud of Ava's talent and success. Syren takes a quick shower to clean up so they can all go out and celebrate. However Jake has other plans, he wants to celebrate by having a quick fuck with Ava while her stepmom is in the shower. They start to makeout and Ava is in the middle of sucking cock when her stepmom comes out catching them in the act. Syren gives a scolding but then goes on to teach Ava the proper way to arouse a boy. She caresses Jake's cock explaining to Ava the proper technique which leads into a double blowjob. Syren jumps on the cock and rides it like a boss then instructing Ava to take it doggy style. After fucking both Ava and her stepmom Jake blows his load all over Ava's fire red pussy hair. The warm cum drips down over her pussy.

Ava Sparxxx in 'Working The Earth'

Ava Sparxxx - Working The Earth

Veronica has been working hard in the garden all day tilling the earth to add new plants to the jungle she's already created. Ava Sparxxx is inside. Ava notices that Veronika is busy outside in the heat of the sun and pours Veronika a tall glass of ice water and delivers it to the hot brunette in the garden. Veronika thanks Ava for the water with a kiss before showing her how to wet the earth to get it ready for the new plants. Ava thinks of wetting other places but, on Veronika's body!The two cute girls kiss passionately. They bring a blanket to the open space and open it and continue their hot embrace. Veronika cannot resist Ava's small natural tits. Ava's ethereal red hair blows wildly in the wind as she helps Veronika remove her white jean shorts and panties and invites her to kiss her before touching her soft body and kissing her soft tits. Ava re-positions herself to allow access to her shaved pussy from behind. Veronika lunges forward licking Ava with her soft tongue and sucking her clit. Ava is enjoying every moment of Veronika's furious tongue. Turning back to face one another the two make out and continue to undress. Veronika's shorts are off now and Ava doesn't hesitate to dive down on her. Her shaved pussy is pleased to have another set of lips sucking it's clit. Ava licks Veronika's pussy deeply making Veronika's experience better with every moment and Ava adds her fingers to the equasion and rubs Veronika's soft breasts.Veronika positions herself beneath Ava and the two are entwined in sixty-nine and they continue to lick one another's pussy. The moans and cries of pleasure released by the girls indicate that they are both getting hornier with every lick. Ava continues to eat out Veronika until she cums, yelling out loud at the top of her lungs. Veronika has Ava sit on her face to finish her off. Veronika pulls out all the stops while licking Ava's sweet wet pussy. Ava is catapulted into bliss and she begins to cum as she lets free cries of pleasure. The two hot girls fall together kissing passionately in the sensual post-coital bliss.

Prestley Dawson in 'Catching Rays'

Prestley Dawson - Catching Rays

Ava Sparxxx and Presley Dawson are out catching some rays today. It's so nice out they couldn't resist. The tanning oil is such a delicious smell that while rubbing it all over Ava's chest, Presley gets an idea. Ava flips over for Presley to get her back. Presley rips off Ava's bottoms while she takes care of her own bikini top. Ava is up now, she takes off Presley's top too and begins to oil up her entire front including her young shaved pussy. Ava leans down to kiss Presley who meets her halfway. The girls continue to make out passionately by the pool. As Presley leans back she wraps a leg around Ava's body bringing her closer. Ava whips out her glass dildo and begins to gently coax it inside Presley's shaved pussy. The glass dildo is twisted and thrust deep inside the teen girl and her moans of pleasure indicate Ava's hitting the right spots. Presley begins to breathe quicker and deeper as Ava quickly increases the amount of dildo within her, kissing her softly tanned inner thigh. Presley moves behind Ava this time penetrating Ava with another handy glass dildo.Ava is made happier with every single thrust of the toy deep inside her tight pussy. Presley shoves it deeper inside her each time she thrusts it forward. Ava is in bliss and releases moan after moan of pleasure until finally, the moaning turns to cries and Ava cums yelling at the top of her lungs. Presley takes her glass dildo for a second ride. Ava shoves it deep inside her just as Presley did for her. This time the orgasm is even more intense. Presley is in such bliss that she can hardly breathe. Dusk is falling quickly, as the girls have been at it all day, making their long lazy day one to remember!

Ava Sparxxx in 'Huge ass on a white girl getting fucked'

Ava Sparxxx - Huge ass on a white girl getting fucked

Ava Sparxxx is sexy and here with James Deen getting fucked! She has nice tits, a thick pussy and a juicy ass. Ava Sparxxx is perfect for today's update of PAWG. This is one sweet white girl with a big booty that knows how to get fucked by James Deen. You're going to see Ava Sparxxx get her tight pussy banged. James Deen knows what to do! Enjoy!