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Angelica Lane in 'and Danny Wylde in Housewife 1 on 1'

Angelica Lane - Housewife 1 on 1

Angelica Lane is thinking of what to prepare her husband for a morning meal when he sneaks up behind her and starts playin'! She wants to be the best wifey she can be and conjure up a fantastic feast for him, but she knows him quite well and thinks she can stir up his appetite by giving him something else to snack on in the kitchen first -- her wet pussy! The hot blonde wife kneels down and sucks her husband's dick and then takes his big cock in her pussy for a fast and furious sex session. There's no better way to make a man hungry!

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Angelica Lane in 'fucking in the kitchen with her small tits'

Angelica Lane - fucking in the kitchen with her small tits

Angelica Lane likes to keep it interesting, so she dresses up in a black micro-minidress and fishnet stockings and tells her husband she has a job interview. For a job as what?!? But from the looks of it, she might be hired as wife-of-the-year because damn, this girl is wild.

Angelica Lane in 'Wife's friend Angelica Lane fucking in the couch with her'

Angelica Lane - Wife's friend Angelica Lane fucking in the couch with her

Charles is having trouble in his marriage. So much so that his wife has been staying at her friend Angelica's house until things cool out. Two sides of the coin: Charles loves being alone, and his wife is sad and lonely. Being a good friend, Angelica decides to play Cupid, and stops by to see Charles to try and convince him to smooth things over. Problem is that he's realizing that being a bachelor is awesome! He explains to her that he's living the life of Riley, and may never want to get back with his old lady! To top it off, he's thinking it's about time he started working on some new pussy, and starts putting the moves on his unexpected guest. Of course at first she's shocked, and tells Charles there's no way she's going to fuck him. Ah, but never say never. A relaxed man with new found freedom and hot ass in front of him, it isn't

Angelica Lane in 'Scream XXX: A Porn Parody - Scene 3'

Angelica Lane - Scream XXX: A Porn Parody - Scene 3

Do not answer the phone, do not open the door, do not forget the lube. Making porn parodies can be MURDER