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Amber Moore in 'American Daydreams'

Amber Moore - American Daydreams

Super sexy cam girl Amber Moore is giving Tyler a private channel where they can chat and she can show off her amazing bubble butt and sexy body. But as soon as the tokens stop coming in, the show is over. Tyler starts to imagine what it'd be like in real life. His wet dream comes to fruition and he pounds her pussy every which way!

Amber Moore in 'My Daughter's Hot Friend'

Amber Moore - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Amber Moore is hanging out at her friend's house when she catches her friend's dad playing with himself. Aroused by his big cock, she follows him to the shower where she watches him play with his dick some more. He eventually asks her to join him and she does more than jack him off. She takes his cock every way she can before he jizzes on her pretty face.

Amber Moore in 'Big Cock Bully'

Amber Moore - Big Cock Bully

Amber Moore finds out that her brother is being picked on by a bully on his own team. Amber won't stand for that, so she marches to the bully's home to confront him. The bully thinks they can work a deal out, if Amber follows him to his room and milks his cock of jizz then he will leave her wimpy brother alone. Amber would do anything to protect her bro, so she does what that big bad bully tells her.

Amber Moore in 'loves older men and their cocks'

Amber Moore - My Daughter's Hot Friend

Amber Moore is over a friend's house using her school books to study. Her friend's dad is curious why she doesn't have her own books to use. Come to find out Amber is unable to pay for them and is looking for a better job. Her friend's dad has a great idea, if she's willing, he can help her out if she helps him out. If you know what I mean.

Amber Moore in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Amber Moore - My Sister's Hot Friend

Amber Moore is waiting for her friend in her friend's room when she catches her friend's brother, Tony, jacking off. Amber is surprised by the size of his cock and takes a pic. Tony realizes he's being photographed and asks Amber to delete the photo. Amber agrees to delete it as long as Tony eats her pussy and pounds it good.

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Amber Moore in 'Hungry Blonde gets a super sized BBC treat'

Amber Moore - Hungry Blonde gets a super sized BBC treat

Bailed on in the big city, Amber has a hotel room all to herself and only one person she wants to call over. A doe-eyed blonde in a little black dress is hard for any man to refuse...

Amber Moore in 'Professional Conduct'

Amber Moore - Professional Conduct

Amber is a model and has eyes for the art director on her latest shoot. Of course, she can't stay professional for like 3 seconds. Cmon Amber!

Kenna James in 'Lawless Part 3'

Kenna James - Lawless Part 3

Lawless Part 3

Brittany Andrews in 'Anal Obsessed Teacher Schools Young Couple'

Brittany Andrews - Anal Obsessed Teacher Schools Young Couple

A hands-on professor teaches two students that her more philosophical ideas have practical applications beyond the classroom.

Amber Moore in 'Schoolmaster'

Amber Moore - Schoolmaster

A maid uncovers the secret training regimes of a girls' school.

Cory Chase in 'Super Hot Therapist Fucks Young Couple'

Cory Chase - Super Hot Therapist Fucks Young Couple

A couples' therapy session takes an unbelievable turn when Cory discovers Amber's mommy complex runs much deeper than she's been letting on to her boyfriend.

Allie Nicole in 'Blonde on Blonde'

Allie Nicole - Blonde on Blonde

Two pristine Vixens, one powerful vibrator. When Amber and Allie get together, sparks will fly.

Amber Moore in 'Amber Would Never'

Amber Moore - Amber Would Never

Amber Would Never

Amber Moore in 'Soaked Pussy - 12 Orgasms'

Amber Moore - Soaked Pussy - 12 Orgasms

Amber mounts a vibrator until her pussy is dripping wet and ready for a big cock.

Amber Moore in 'Cum Stuffed Maid'

Amber Moore - Cum Stuffed Maid

Sexy blonde maid cleans the house wearing a sexy outfit. After her work is done she gets her pussy stuffed with cock and cum.

Amber Moore in 'Longtime Crush'

Amber Moore - Longtime Crush

Amber tolerates her old friend because she likes older men, and his dad is a hard-bodied hardass. Will this cute blonde get him to let his guard down?

Kali Roses in 'Missing Out'

Kali Roses - Missing Out

Amber's boyfriend is playing games, so her friend Kali is inviting Amber along to play tonsil hockey. Amber deserves so much better... and so much bigger.

Amber Moore in 'Deluxe Service'

Amber Moore - Deluxe Service

Anna. Ivy. Lika. Amber. How many beautiful blondes does it take to screw our man Anton until he's satisfied? If you can multiply 4 times 11, then you'll get the idea.

Amber Moore in 'Non Traditional'

Amber Moore - Non Traditional

A young paralegal's first day on the job at a nontraditional law firm leaves her confused about the way she's responding to her new boss.

Amber Moore in 'Piqued'

Amber Moore - Piqued

After her more experienced friend Freya makes a pass, Amber comes to terms with feelings she didn't expect to ever experience.

Amber Moore in 'Eye To Eye'

Amber Moore - Eye To Eye

Amber's parents have sent her to see a therapist before she moves away to a big bad city teeming with older men, who are just this blonde temptress's type. But if they cared about their precious daughter at all, they wouldn't have sent her to sort out her daddy issues with such a handsome older man...

Amber Moore in 'Facialed By Stepdad'

Amber Moore - Facialed By Stepdad

Amber Moore gets fucked by her stepdad and takes his load all over her face.

Amber Moore in 'Happy Stepdad Day'

Amber Moore - Happy Stepdad Day

Amber takes care of her stepdad on Father's Day when her mom forgets.

Amber Moore in 'Private View'

Amber Moore - Private View

Amber missed the guy she's seeing, and now that she's all dressed up he's out with another girl. Will she find a flimsy excuse to take control of the situation?

Amber Moore in 'Waiting'

Amber Moore - Waiting

Impatient Amber only has to wait five more days for her European boyfriend's L.A. visit. With the whole house to herself, all she has to do is keep occupied and indulge in the occasional shower masturbation session to keep her excitement at a manageable level. But what will happen to this horny homebody if Amber's boyfriend cancels?

Amber Moore in 'Blush'

Amber Moore - Blush

Goddess has big plans for her girlfriend, but Amber hates surprises. Before they can set off for an enchanted evening, Amber will need something to help her relax, and Goddess knows a trick that will exhaust all that nervous energy.

Amber Moore in 'Orgasmic Vibrations'

Amber Moore - Orgasmic Vibrations

Amber has multiple orgasms with a powerful vibrator.

Amber Moore in 'Extreme Eruptions - 12 Orgasms'

Amber Moore - Extreme Eruptions - 12 Orgasms

Amber cums on a powerful vibrator and gets fucked to repeated orgasms.

Amber Moore in 'Creampies and Chill'

Amber Moore - Creampies and Chill

Amber enjoys a night of movies and getting filled with cum.

Amber Moore in 'Stepsis Masturbates In The Car'

Amber Moore - Stepsis Masturbates In The Car

Stepsis gets caught masturbating in the car by her stepbro.

Amber Moore in 'Good Morning'

Amber Moore - Good Morning

Amber gets her day started off right with some pastries, coffee, and a hard cock.

Amber Moore in 'Cum Machine'

Amber Moore - Cum Machine

Amber sits on a powerful vibrator and cums over and over.

Amber Moore in 'Impersonate'

Amber Moore - Impersonate

An attraction builds between a cop and the woman who called him. When he doesn't act on it, she pushes the interaction forward in the clearest terms possible.

Amber Moore in 'Dripping Blonde'

Amber Moore - Dripping Blonde

Amber Moore has her body soaked in oil while she gets her pussy rubbed with a powerful vibrator.

Amber Moore in 'Amber Moore'

Amber Moore - Amber Moore

Amber Moore gets interviewed and fucked on the Casting Couch.

Amber Moore in 'Creampie Therapy'

Amber Moore - Creampie Therapy

Amber Moore meets her therapist to discuss her love for creampies.

Amber Moore in 'Amber's Room'

Amber Moore - Amber's Room

Amber decides to take a little time for herself, pulling her toys out of the nightstand and going to work on her teen pussy. She gets a little loud and even though the sign on the door tells him to keep out, Dante can't resist those big, all-natural teen tits and soaking wet pussy on display. Without saying a word she welcomes his fat cock, making sure he blasts her juicy ass with jizz.

Amber Moore in 'Coming Home'

Amber Moore - Coming Home

Brad has been released from prison, and makes his way back to Amber, who has waited patiently for him. They don't waste a lot of time with small talk, as her big natural teen tits demand his attention. Her body is the best coming home gift he could ever receive, and it doesn't take him long to blast his load all over that juicy ass.

Amber Moore in 'Teen Toy Play'

Amber Moore - Teen Toy Play

Fun and flirty Amber Moore can't get enough of playing with her tender nipples. Nip play always leads to masturbation for this horny teen, so it's not surprising when she flings off her clothes and feels up her ass and puss. When she grabs a vibrating dildo and shoves it deep, it's only a matter of time before she cums!

Amber Moore in 'Her Pleasure'

Amber Moore - Her Pleasure

Amber Moore is the kind of girl who will do whatever it takes to make herself cum. Especially when she's masturbating without a partner to help her out, she spends a ton of time with nipple play and then moves on to a combo of her fingers and a dildo to really get her pussy pulsing.

Amber Moore in 'Ballet Babe'

Amber Moore - Ballet Babe

Wouldn't you enjoy a petite ballerina like Amber Moore, especially when she's peeling off her leotard? By the time she's down to just her leg warmers, her nipples jut proudly up and her bare twat drips with excitement. Her sensual fun has only just begun as she settles in for some lusty masturbation.

Amber Moore in 'All About Amber'

Amber Moore - All About Amber

Look at the way slim babe Amber Moore fills out that sheer top and pencil skirt. She wants you to do more than just look at her hard nipples. Slipping out of her clothes with plenty of time spent feeling herself up in between, she eventually winds up in a chair, thighs spread and pussy wet and ready.