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Naughty America 'My Sister's Hot Friend' starring River Lynn (Photo 22)

River Lynn in 'Naughty America' - My Sister's Hot Friend (My Sister's Hot Friend)

River Lynn is over her friend's house but hasn't seen her much because of work. Now it's time to leave and River needs a ride to the airport. Ryan, her brother is around to give her a ride, a ride on his cock.

Released : August 6th, 2022
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River Lynn in 'Naughty America' My Sister's Hot Friend (Thumbnail 22)
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River Lynn in 'American Daydreams'

River Lynn - American Daydreams

Blonde cutie River Lynn is studying for her exam with her best friend. Her friend went out to get some sandwiches and then Ken arrives to find River all by herself. They start chatting and he asks River if she would have a drink with him sometime. yeah right, the only way she gets his big cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy is in his dreams.

River Lynn in 'is horny for older cock'

River Lynn - My Daughter's Hot Friend

River Lynn is over her friend's studying and bumps into her friend's dad. She notices him sneaking some photos of her and is curious as of why. When she finds him, to her suprise she sees him tugging on his huge cock and can't help herself finish him off.

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River Lynn in 'Cute Blonde River Gets Piped Down By Huge BBC'

River Lynn - Cute Blonde River Gets Piped Down By Huge BBC

Cute blonde River has butterflies about meeting her date for her very first hookup. How far do shy girls go when they finally let loose?

River Lynn in 'Likes It Raw'

River Lynn - Blacks On Blondes

Damion Dayski is relaxing on the couch chatting to his buddy about going out tonight when his girlfriend, River Lynn, came in all dressed up and ready to go out. River saw that Damion forgot it was date night and got bit upset. Damion wanting to make it up to her offered her up some dick which she gladly was all about. River pulled out Damion's dick and started sucking on it until he blew his load all over her face.

River Lynn in 'Smiling from Brutal Pain'

River Lynn - Smiling from Brutal Pain

River Lynn is a hungry submissive little slut with curves in all the right places. The Pope loves this sort of fresh meat. His dominant and sadistic brain salivates at the opportunity to restrain this sort of girl in cold metallic inescapable bondage. He starts River off in the Scavenger?s Daughter which contorts her body into a painful forward bend. The Pope punishes his captive sex slave with brutal impact play, first with his giant hands and then with a heavy leather flogger. River grows increasingly aroused each time her body thumps from the punishment. Once her endorphins have been ignited, The Pope jams a vibrator onto Rivers wet pussy and coaxes several orgasms out of her little fuck hole. Next River is perched on top of a fuck bench and her legs and arms are restrained with cold steel pipes. With her ass on full display, The Pope has a field day spanking and flogging it until it is glowing a perfect shade of pink. But the searing pain only makes Rivers teeny pink pussy drip with desire. Every time The Pope probes his fingers into her cunt, he finds it wet and juicy. He begins to finger fuck his captive toy and deprives her of repeated orgasms. To end the day, River finds herself on her back with her legs bound to side with thick leather belts. The Pope applies cruel clover clamps to her nipples and pussy lips. He yanks and pulls on them until they tear off leaving the most sensitive parts of her body raw and tender. Breathless and panting from the pain, River is helpless when The Pope jams a Hitachi onto her sensitive clit and rips several continuous orgasms from her willing hole. River Lynn submits fully and is rewarded with the cruel intentions of a strict dom.

River Lynn in 'Stepsister Is A Dirty Slut - S10:E4'

River Lynn - Stepsister Is A Dirty Slut - S10:E4

River Lynn is obsessed with cum. When her stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, asks her on a date, River sees an opportunity. She tells him that she doesn't think he can handle her. After talking dirty, River offers to let Ricky handle her at her best and give her what she wants. She leaves the room to let Ricky think on that for a while.Later, while Ricky is doing his homework, River corners him in his room. She tells him that if he still thinks he can handle her, to pull his cock out. A little bit flustered at his stepsister's naughty demands, Ricky is slow to comply at first. River struts towards him slowly, peeling off her miniskirt dress along the way to reveal some stunning red lingerie. When Ricky finally gets his hardon out of his pants, River comes down on him with a deep throat BJ that leaves him gasping.After peeling off her thong and bra, River crawls on top of Ricky and rubs her cooch along his dick before sliding him home while shoving his head into her tits to suck her nips. Then she gets on her knees so Ricky can prove to her that he can be large and in charge. Ricky puts his pussy eating skills on display next, then goes for another dicking down as he fucks his stepsis in missionary. When he's about to cum, Ricky tries to pull out only for River to wrap herself around him and keep him in for a creampie just like the bad slutty girl she is.

River Lynn in 'River Lynn: Newbie Gets Her First Taste of Bondage and Domination'

River Lynn - River Lynn: Newbie Gets Her First Taste of Bondage and Domination

River Lynn has wanted to have a real BDSM experience and understand what it was like tobe tied and tormented. Today she will find out what all of the fuss is about at the at the hands ofThe Pope. She begins bound in the middle of the dungeon with her arms pulled to an up line. Shewaits patiently as he enters and begins to inspect her body. She pushes back into him as to say?take me?, and he does just that. His hands are strong, and River has been waiting for this longenough, and she wants everything he is going to give her. The pain comes and River motions thatshe wants more. One of her legs are pulled up and out of the way for better access to her cunt sothat he can make her cum after hurting her. Next she is is put into a brutal partial suspension withher feet tied together and her everything else pulled away from her body. This leaves her veryhelpless and she smiles as The Pope enters the room. She seems pleased with herself that she hasmade it this far, but she wasn?t anticipating what comes next. The Pope uses a crop to tenderizeher flesh in a way that she was not expecting, which fills the dungeon with loud screams. Nippleclamps are added and suddenly shit gets real for River, but when the vibe is pressed against her cliteverything changes. In the final scene, River is bent backwards in a spread eagle that stretches herout and makes her helpless. Her flesh is tenderized with a cat-o-ninetails before The Pope usesmetal claws to overwhelm her with sensory overload. The day is coming to an end, and the bestway to finish off a slut is to give her mind-bending orgasms that make her cum uncontrollably.

River Lynn in 'Pornstar River Lynn knows how to take proper care of your big, thick dick'

River Lynn - Pornstar River Lynn knows how to take proper care of your big, thick dick

River Lynn is getting ready for you in the bathroom but you can't wait any longer. You head straight in and she understands. You're a man with needs and want to have fun exploring every inch of her body. River Lynn gives you the porn star experience you've been craving and delivers it flawlessly.

River Lynn in 'Full Service'

River Lynn - Full Service

River is an up and coming sports massage therapist and today is her first appointment with a celebrity client. Turned on by his physique, she can't help but strip naked while giving him an oily massage and getting fucked.

River Lynn in 'Fucking My Pervy Stepdad'

River Lynn - Fucking My Pervy Stepdad

River Lynn went to the pool to get a tan. Her step father Peter Fitzwell insisted that he would put some oil on her to prevent a sunburn. Strangely he was focusing in running the oil on her tits and ass. What was wrong with him? River decided to just sit down to make him stop. Next she realized that she had to go to town and decided to take a quick shower before she would go. So she stepped in the shower. Was soaping her beautiful young tits, when she realized her stepdad was watching with his hand down his pants. She called him out. He admitted that mom was in menopause and his balls were all blue. River Lynn decided to help him. They took out his giant cock and she started to suck it. Then he ate her ass. And finally they fucked. First in the shower. Then in the living room. She was riding him, they did the doggy, the mish. And in the end Pervy stepdad came in River's face.

River Lynn in 'Pink On Pink'

River Lynn - Pink On Pink

A pink miniskirt really highlights River Lynn's small waist and bubble butt while also making it easy to show off her thong and pussy. Watch this cutie peel her clothes off to display her stunning tan lines and certified nubile body that will keep you staring as she uses a vibrator to cum.

River Lynn in 'Perfect Blonde'

River Lynn - Perfect Blonde

Blonde and beautiful, River Lynn is a former cheerleader who has shifted her high energy to getting her shaved pussy off whenever she can. There's nothing shy about this horny cutie as she gets naked. Watch her flaunt her tits and spread her thighs to show off her long legs and dripping fuck hole.

River Lynn in 'Inside Blue Eyes'

River Lynn - Inside Blue Eyes

Perky all natural coed River Lynn could still be mistaken for the cheerleader she was in high school with her bubbly persona and fit fuckable figure. Stripping down to show off her tan lines is just the warmup act for spreading her thighs and shoving a dildo into her greedy shaved twat.

River Lynn in 'Beach Babe'

River Lynn - Beach Babe

We just love 21 year old River Lynn in her hot lingerie that highlights her boobs and gives tantalizing peeks at the rest of her tan lined body. This chick has serious curves for days from the roundness of her tits to the flare of her hips leading down to her meaty twat.

River Lynn in 'Introverted Pussy'

River Lynn - Introverted Pussy

River Lynn claims she is an introvert but gets in a van with a bunch of strangers. She claims to be shy but gets naked and starts touching the first dick she sees. She spreads her legs open wide and gets finger fucked. She gets to sucking the rock hard cock all sloppy like. She sits on the dick and bounces on it. She gets on all fours and throws her ass back. Her tits jump around everywhere and she gets a load of cum in her face.