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Andi Avalon,Parker Sims in 'Naughty America' - Perfect Fucking Strangers (Perfect Fucking Strangers)

Andi Avalon has made up her mind, she wants to fuck without any strings attached. She's planning on taking a trip to a sperm bank but when discussing it with a friend on the phone, a strangers ball rolls into her yard. Lucky for him he walks in meeting her for the first time and all she wants to do is fuck.

Released : May 31st, 2024
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Pictures from Andi Avalon,Parker Sims in 'Naughty America' Perfect Fucking Strangers

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Kelsey Kane in 'stops by to shower and to fuck her friend's brother'

Kelsey Kane - My Sister's Hot Friend

Kelsey Kane is back from a softball game to shower up at her friend's house. Parker, her friend's brother, can't resist taking a look at Kelsey's sexy body all lathered up in soap. Kelsey makes sure her body is all clean so she can fuck him real good.

Serena Santos in 'My Dad's Hot Girlfriend'

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Serena Santos gets home late one night after partying, when her boyfriend's son confronts her. He knows that Serena was at the club, making out with guys, while his dad is out of town on work. He knows this because he was there and took video of her doing it as proof. Serena convinces her boyfriend's son to delete the video by offering to fuck him while his dad is out of town.

Carly Rae in 'My Sister's Hot Friend'

Carly Rae - My Sister's Hot Friend

Parker just got kicked out of his house and he had to hear it from his sister's friend, Carly Rae. It all stems from an argument that Parker had with his sister. His sister used that argument to convince their parent's to kick Parker out. With Parker out, his sister took over his room. He is so upset and ready to do something big to get back at his sister. That's when Carly suggest that Parker should fuck Carly on his sister's bed. It's a great idea as Parker's sister always told him to stay away from her friends. It turns out to be a win-win situation as Parker fucks to get back at his sister and Carly gets that cock she's been craving.

Andi Avalon in 'Neighbor Affair'

Andi Avalon - Neighbor Affair

Andi Avalon is new in the neighborhood and she already has a new cock to fuck. While her neighbor's wife is out, Andi stops by his house in sexy lingerie to get her pussy stuffed. But her neighbor has a naughty game he likes to play. He has her call her husband and carry on a conversation while she's getting dicked down. Her neighbor does the same and rings up his wife as Andi sucks and fucks his cock. Her neighbor loses the game though as he moans with pleasure while busting a nut in Andi's mouth. Good Game.

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Jojo Austin in 'Undercover Creampies'

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Jojo bribes an undercover detective with her pussy and let's him cum inside her as much as he wants.

Lauren Phillips in 'Fun In The Sun With Step Mom'

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Lauren and her step son Parker are enjoying a day out by the pool. She thinks it would be the perfect time for them to bond by putting sun oil on each other. I mean they don't want sun burn. While applying oil Lauren notices Parker checking her out and decides to make her move. She tells him she doesn't want tan lines so she is going to sun bath. She gets naked and gets him to oil her body. Parker still not getting the hint, she tells him maybe he needs some protection on his dick from the son. She applies oil to his dick, but really gives him a hand job. Then she just goes for it and asks to suck his dick. While taking him down her throat, Parker makes a move himself and fucks his step mom. He makes her promise not to tell his dad. After a proper fucking he cums all over her face and the day couldn't be any more perfect.

Jojo Austin in 'Stepsis Knows I Want It - S32:E2'

Jojo Austin - Stepsis Knows I Want It - S32:E2

Jojo Austin thinks her stepbrother's bed is more comfortable than hers. She takes every opportunity to lay in it. Parker Sims doesn't like it, and he doesn’t like sharing with his scantily dressed stepsister. When Parker gets at her about how short her skirt is, Jojo points out that she can see his boner.When Jojo offers to help Parker out with that big dick, he doesn't stop her. Putting his phone down, he watches as his hot teen stepsis takes his cock out to stroke and admire. When she has gotten her fill of licking and sucking, Jojo hikes up her miniskirt to move on to something even more pleasurable.Straddling Parker's hips, she sinks down onto his hardon until her tight little pussy is nice and full. Cowgirl leads to reverse cowgirl, and then Jojo lays on her belly on the bed so Parker can dick her down from behind in doggy. When Jojo gets on her back, Parker gives her one last bare pussy pounding and then pulls out to nut on her belly as they both come down from the hot pleasure.

Jojo Austin in 'Marshmallow Princess'

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Jojo does a tease with marshmallows before getting fucked by a big dick.

Andi Avalon in 'Seductive Mob Wife Andi Toys With Young Detective'

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Andi's in her mob wife era, and when she gets hauled in for questioning she doesn't sing like a canary. But if the cops play her game, one of them might find out she's a real squealer in the bedroom.

Jojo Austin in 'Pulse Pounding Pleasure - S46:E14'

Jojo Austin - Pulse Pounding Pleasure - S46:E14

Jojo Austin is stunning, and she knows it. She also knows that to keep her figure she needs to spend time working out. There's just one problem today: no matter what stretches and yoga poses this hottie tries, she can't seem to get her heart rate up.Jojo is still stretching when her boyfriend, Parker Sims, joins her. He offers to help her get that heart pumping. Although Jojo knows Parker just wants to fuck, nothing else she tries is working. After finishing her last exercise with no success, Jojo decides to take Parker up on his offer.Parker was born ready for this! He begins slow, easing Jojo onto the yoga mat and kissing his way down her body. Her tits are soft beneath his tongue as he works her nips to hard peaks. Peeling Jojo's shorts off her legs, Parker dips his head for a nice pussy feast.Unwilling to resist the temptation, Camryn turns the tables on Parker. She gets him on his back and then frees his fuck stick so she can take the root in hand and suck him down. She goes a step further, sidling up Parker's body until she's straddling his hips and then sinking down until she's fully impaled on his cock.After indulging in a cowgirl stiffie ride, Jojo lets Parker guide her from the yoga mat to the couch so they can fuck in comfort. He urges Jojo onto her knees and shoves into her from behind. Rocking back to meet Parker stroke for stroke, Jojo enjoys the cardio from the doggy style dicking down.After licking Jojo's pussy clean of their combined juices, Parker joins her on the couch. Spooning behind Jojo, he reenters her velvet glove and gives nice and deep as Jojo lifts one thigh nice and high to accommodate him. She rolls onto her back remains splayed out for Parker to continue pounding her snatch until he can't hold back from cumming. Sated, Jojo checks her watch and sees that her heart rate did indeed hit the desired numbers.

Jojo Austin in 'The Plumber'

Jojo Austin - The Plumber

Jojo masturbates while watching the plumber work under the sink. She gets so horny that she straddles him while he's working and fucks him right then and there.

Jojo Austin in 'Giving Stepbro The Pussy - S25:E10'

Jojo Austin - Giving Stepbro The Pussy - S25:E10

Parker Sims is trying to make his bed when his stepsister Jojo Austin jumps onto it and begins wrinkling the sheets. They argue, with Jojo insisting that she wants to mess the bed and she needs Parker's help. When Parker finally gets the hint, Jojo has already stormed off.Fortunately for Parker, he gets another go at his stepsister a few days later when Jojo invites herself into his bed and gets naked. Jojo is impatient, so by the time Parker finds his stepsis, she's already begun to masturbate. This time, Parker doesn’t hesitate; striding to the bed, he sinks his tongue into Jojo's cooch. In return for his trouble, Parker gets to enjoy Jojo's hot lips wrapped around his fuck stick in a lusty BJ.Climbing on top of Parker, Jojo keeps her promise to help mess the sheets up by riding him. She turns around for reverse cowgirl, throwing her head back in pleasure. When Jojo drops to her side, Parker spoons behind her to keep their pussy party going. He rolls his stepsister onto her knees to dick her down in doggy, finally making her moan and squeal. Jojo turns to face Parker so she can open her mouth to catch some of the facial he delivers.

Jojo Austin in 'Jojo The Sailor'

Jojo Austin - Jojo The Sailor

Jojo the sailer shows off her sexy outfit then gets wet and wild as she strips off her clothes. She teases her wet pussy until she's ready for a big cock.

Jojo Austin in 'March 2024 Flavor Of The Month Jojo Austin - S10:E9'

Jojo Austin - March 2024 Flavor Of The Month Jojo Austin - S10:E9

Jojo Austin has been lusting over her stepbrother Parker Sims since their parents got together. She wanders into the room where Parker is studying and gives him a pinch because he's not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day. He responds that he's hidden a surprise for her somewhere in the house. When Jojo finds a four leaf clover, she decides it's her day to get lucky instead of her lucky day.After changing into lingerie, Jojo goes to Parker's room for seduction. Parker agrees, although he wants her to blow him first. Jojo is cool with that. Dropping to her knees, she tugs Parker's pants down so she can wrap her hands and mouth around his nice cock. Moving to the bed, she lays Parker down and straddles him in a teasing motion that promises so much more.As soon as Jojo has slid down onto Parker's hardon, she begins riding with absolute delight. She rolls onto her knees to take him nice and deep in doggy. When Jojo gets on her back and spreads herself wide open, Parker goes as deep as he can. At Jojo's begging, he keeps it up until he pops deep in her pussy, leaving her filled with cum from her lucky fuck fest.

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Perky cheerleader shows off her smooth pussy when she does her cheer routine with no panties!

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Jojo teases her pussy with a powerful vibrator before getting fucked to multiple orgasms.

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Kieran Lee is about to have the best spa experience ever! Andi Avalon is a massage therapist who likes to push the limits of her clients. Her newest clients Lee and Blake Blossom are expecting a traditional, relaxing massage but instead, they are in for a surprise when she uses untraditional body parts to massage the couple.

Leo Valentino in 'Blonde Pussy Joyride'

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Jojo Austin is a fresh face ready to show off what she can do. We have a new guy Parker Sims also eager to show us how he can fuck. We find Jojo walking down the street and with our boy in the bus, we knew we would have some fun. After showing off some of our cash, Jojo climbed in the back of the Bang Bus. She shows off her perky tits and takes off her underwater so we can take a good look at her tight pussy.