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Ellie Nova,Ken Feels in 'Naughty America' - My Daughter's Hot Friend (My Daughter's Hot Friend)

Ellie Nova is over her friend's side hustling for some extra cash to get her through college. While her friend is out she takes advantage of the alone time and gets online to show off her big natural tits and nice round ass for that cash. Her friend's Dad walks in on her and she's really embarrassed, but also finds out that he knows all about her side hustle and wants to make a deal. He'll support what she's doing and in return, she'll treat him to all of his sexual fantasies; a win-win for them both.

Released : March 6th, 2024
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Pictures from Ellie Nova,Ken Feels in 'Naughty America' My Daughter's Hot Friend

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Ken Feels and Myra Moans are getting ready for date night. Once Myra has finished getting dressed, she approaches her boyfriend and asks about their dinner. Ken tries to come on to Myra then and there, but she puts him off, telling him that they don't have time before their reservations.Still feeling playful, Ken comes back at Myra to play wrestle with her. He winds up picking up his pocket sized girlfriend and carrying her to bed. When Ken spreads Myra's thighs and tugs her panties aside so he can run his tongue up her slit, Myra lets her head fall back on a moan and gives in to the sensual energy thrumming between them.Now that Ken has gotten Myra right where he wants her, he takes his time eating her out. Pulling Myra's top down, he even gets his hands involved. Myra barely has time to do some playing of her own with Ken's hardon before he has rolled her onto her side so he can spoon behind her as he shoves nice and deep.Myra gets on her knees next so that Ken can finally relieve her of her dress. When he takes her from behind in that position, Myra can't help her mewl of delight. Her hips are in constant motion, rocking back to meet her boyfriend stroke for stroke.Ken gets on his back next, letting Myra take the reins. She responds by sliding down on his fuck stick until she is fully impaled in cowgirl. After riding until her moans are breathy, Myra falls onto her back to let Ken plunge back into her. He pulls out at the exact moment he cums, giving Myra a salty dessert to enjoy before their dinner reservation.

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Get ready for brand new beauty Ellie Nova. This perfect brunette beauty is curvy in all the right places and tight where it counts. Her stunning big brown eyes and bright smile make her an absolutely incredible sight to see. Her soft natural tits and jiggly ass bounce as this 20-year-old nympho takes cock like a true kinky sex fiend. Girls like her don't cum around too often, but when they do it's important to enjoy the moment. And with a babe like her, there is no moment more enjoyable than busting a load deep in her pussy for a creampie.

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Ken Feels - My Teacher And I Make History - S45:E20

Molly Little is getting history tutoring from Ken Feels. She's not really paying attention since she's super into her tutor, but before that can come to a head Ken's phone buzzes with a severe thunderstorm warning. That's Molly's opportunity, and she doesn't hesitate to make her move.Crawling her pint sized body into Ken's lap, Molly grinds against him while also delivering a nice kiss. She can feel how hard he is, so despite his weak protest that they should be studying she knows that they're going to take their time fucking instead. Slithering down Ken's body, Molly tugs his pants off and his cock out of his boxers.Sucking Mr. Feels off is just the first thing on Molly's to-do list. As the thunder keeps on crashing outside, she goes back to straddling Ken's lap and grinding against him as she flaunts her little titties with their hard nips. With such a tease bumping up against him, Ken can't deny his need to peel Molly out of the rest of her clothes and eat her bare snatch.Molly takes things even further as she sits Ken down and impales herself on his hardon. Ken can keep on mouthing those nippies as Molly rides his dick, but he needs something harder and deeper. Molly can oblige! She rolls onto her side so Ken can take her in his arms and spoon her from behind.Rolling Molly onto her back, Ken lifts one of her legs until her foot rests on his pec. That lets him go to town pounding her creamy cooch. He keeps it up until Molly is pulsing around him, and then pulls out so she can stroke him off all over her stomach.