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Britney Shannon in 'Naughty America' - I Have A Wife (I Have A Wife)

Britney Shannon hires a pro poker player to teach her a few tricks. She has no chips so they opt to play a game of strip poker instead. Little does her poker teacher know that Britney has a few tricks up her sleeve. She gets him half naked and begs for him to poke her, but he's married. Britney pulls a few more tricks to convince him to fuck her anyway.

Released : June 16th, 2014

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Pictures from Britney Shannon in 'Naughty America' I Have A Wife

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Britney Shannon in ' in My Wife's Hot Friend'

Britney Shannon - My Wife's Hot Friend

Britney Shannon is spending the night with her friend and her friend's husband and she is convinced that her friend's husband is whipped. He begs to differ. Britney wants him to prove that he's not whipped by accepting a blowjob that she's offering. He takes the offer and just to prove his point further he also fucks her.

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Britney Shannon in 'Anything To Get In'

Britney Shannon - Anything To Get In

Britney Shannon can't wait to get inside the hottest new dance club in the city, but when her husband doesn't have enough cash to get them inside, Britney's left with no choice but to try and find a way inside. Luckily for her, she's hot as fuck and seduces the bouncers (Ramon & Tommy Gunn) to not only let her inside, but give her the double dicking she's been craving for ever since she married her husband!

Britney Shannon in 'The Head Mistress'

Britney Shannon - The Head Mistress

Brad Knight is a straight-A student with a bright future ahead of him. So, when he's horny at school one day and calls Britney Shannon's phone number for a good time, he's shocked to learn that he's speaking with his school's Headmistress! Having been asked to report to her office immediately, Brad thinks he's jeopardized his future--but all Ms. Shannon wants to do is suck his dick and ride him till she cums! She is the Head Mistress after all!

Britney Shannon in 'Whatever the Boss Wants'

Britney Shannon - Whatever the Boss Wants

After months of trying to get into the pants of his sexy blonde employee Britney Shannon, Danny D finally got his way. He was shocked to find some private, half-naked pictures of Britney's inked-up body on the internet. But when he went to fire her ass, Britney turned the tables on the boss-man, and pushed him into a chair so she could suck his cock. After deepthroating that man-hammer, Britney jumped on the desk to get penetrated as far as he could go. The office will never be the same now that Britney rode her boss's dick and eagerly took a fat facial.

Britney Shannon in 'Hard Anal Love 02'

Britney Shannon - Hard Anal Love 02

Toned and heavily tattooed, sexy blonde stripper Britney Shannon wants hot anal fun with ass-obsessed director Mike Adriano. The nasty slut bends over and spreads her taut butt cheeks, displaying her already gaping anus. Britney bares her big, round boobs, wraps her hungry lips around the director's prick and takes the throbbing meat to the back of her throat. Gagging and drooling, she gets her pretty face fucked. Mike slides his meaty member inside her tender rump, mangling her wrecked rectum; he stretches Britney's sphincter even more with his trusty speculum. She enjoys a messy mouthful of cum.

Britney Shannon in 'Cum Crossfire'

Britney Shannon - Cum Crossfire

Heavily tattooed blonde bitch Britney Shannon is a busty, cum-craving slut that likes nothing better than practicing her expert blow job techniques on well-hung stud Winston Burbank and pervy director Jonni Darkko. The sultry seductress goes to work on Winston's massive member in a POV-style session of shameless cock worship. Then Britney swallows Jonni's raging tool, bobbing on his shaft and slurping at his ball sack. After she's enjoyed a double dose of man-meat, Britney's pretty face gets coated with dripping sperm as the sexy tart is splattered in a messy crossfire of cum.

Britney Shannon in 'Shes Ready to Cock and Roll'

Britney Shannon - Shes Ready to Cock and Roll

Before rock star Britney Shannon hits the stage, she expects a few simple demands to be met. How on earth is she supposed to perform at her best if she doesn't get hooked up with a big dressing room and a strapping country boy with a cock dangling past his knees? When all the guys her handler bring in turn out to be duds, a roadie steps up and supplies the fat cock Britney needs to really rock the house. James enjoys this chance of a lifetime to play with Britney's huge tits, then pound her juicy asshole until she cums over and over.

Britney Shannon in 'Inked Angels 2'

Britney Shannon - Inked Angels 2

Tattooed blonde bitch Britney Shannon is a sexy biker mama completely festooned with elaborate skin art. Smoking a cigarette, she shows off her collection of crazy tats and bares her huge, round boobs and shaved pussy for the camera. Next, this foxy bombshell strokes her juicy cunt as young stud Jessy Jones worships her body. She kneels, wrapping her lips around Jessy's stiff prick, and sucks him until he's ready to give her a ruthless fucking. After riding his throbbing pole every which way, inked up Britney opens her mouth wide and receives a messy, gooey cum facial.

Britney Shannon in 'Dancing for the D'

Britney Shannon - Dancing for the D

Britney Shannon's such a talented stripper, she gives lessons to housewives all over about how to use pole-dancing to keep their husbands horny. One day, this guy Johnny came in to the studio demanding a refund, because his wife sprained her ankle dancing. Britney offers to show him exactly what her students learn, and says he can have his money back only if he doesn't get stiff watching her peel the clothes off her ass and huge tits.